Tensions Rise Between RPF And LT; War Ensues

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – What started out as just a simple raid by the Light Troops, has escalated into a huge conflict between the two, with both sides waging war, and one battle already in the books.

On April 9th, the Rebel Penguin Federation held a huge “Operation: Full Tuxedo” event on their capital server. Little did they know the Light Troops would roll up at full force ready to battle.

RPF, who had found out hours before the event that LT was going to show up, hyped as much as they could, and prepared to fight the #1 army.

Both LT and RPF reached sizes of 50, and despite never actually meeting in the same room to battle, both army’s leaders were proud with the results.

Here is what Waterkid had to say about his army’s performance against RPF:

“Today we battled the RPF and performed amazingly. We got good sizes on Club Penguin, despite the fact that armies keep spamming 500 bots at the Town. I’ll make another post about that later on. The RPF put up a good fight, but of course, they were no match for the glorious Yellow Reich. Only 5 owners and 2 moderators attended this event. One of the owners was DrMatt, and he was pretty much afk during the whole battle. Despite the RPF having a lot of helpers and moderators we still succeeded. Good job to all the Light Troops who attended.”

Waterkid strongly emphasizes how LT continues to dominate their opponents despite other armies bombarding CP with bots, and how they continue to pull through even with a small amount of owners present at every event. He also points out that RPF used a lot of helpers from outside armies, hence the title of his post, “Light Troops vs. RPF + The Community”.

RPF Leader, Silverburg, responded in RPF’s result post by saying that LT had entered every room early during the battle, and later released a youtube video to help back up those claims. Nonetheless, he was also proud with how his army held their own against LT, and feels a new golden age is on the horizon for RPF.

The following day, LT decided to raid RPF’s capital server yet again which marked an unofficial start of the war. Here is what Elmikey had to say about LT raiding Tuxedo:

“When we logged into Tuxedo there happened to be a full room of Light Troops on the Ice Berg. RPF moved to the town and had to detonate the Ice Berg with nuclear devices. Unfortunately it didn’t work proving that LT are all radioactive zombies. In the end, RPF logged off early. I remember when LT begged DW not to attack them because they were “rebuilding”. RPF is rebuilding and we are not going to back down. We will fight the good fight and go to war with LT.”

Elmikey first explains what happened when RPF logged on to train, and that they were forced to log off early because of LT. He then recalls an instance where LT begged DW for empathy when they wanted to go to war during LT’s rebuilding stages, and how RPF is now in the same position. He finishes off with saying even though RPF may not be ready, they will not back down, nor be afraid to face LT in a full-scale war.

Shortly after, Elmikey took it upon himself to issue an official declaration of war.

“The Light Troops have raided two of our events in a row. They are cowards and cheaters. Most of the Light Troops have no idea that they’re in the least respected army. On behalf of the Rebel Penguin Federation and what we stand for. I declare war on the Light Troops.  We will wipe LT off the map.”

In this statement, Elmikey accuses the Light Troops of being cowards, cheaters, and least respected among the community. He then declares war and concludes with saying RPF will wipe LT off the map.

The first battle of the war was RPF’s invasion of Northern Lights yesterday, which the Light Troops did not attend.

With the planned departure of Waterkid from the Light Troops, the baton has been passed to LT legend, DrMatt, who led during LT’s last war with RPF over the summer. Bad blood already exists between him and Silverburg, and multiple flame posts have already been released directed towards RPF and its leaders.

“Hey remember when we made RPF surrender not once…. but TWICE?”


“The RPF are weak and will always be weak. They are nothing without Elmikey and Silverburg.  They actually disgust me being in Club Penguin armies at the age of 21. I’ll be long gone from this community when i’m 21. Grow up Elm and Grow up Silver.”


In DrMatt’s post, he reminds RPF of how they surrendered twice before to the Light Troops, and how they are weak without Elmikey and Silverburg. He goes on to explain how it upsets him to see the two still leading RPF at this point in their lives. He tells both of them to grow up, and ends his post saying the commonly known remark “GO TO COLLEGE”, used in the last RPF/LT war. Things are definitely starting to heat up quickly.

Following this, LT and RPF both posted an invasion of each other’s capitals scheduled for April 12th. With LT being mostly a UK-based army, and RPF the opposite, it will be interesting to see how the battle timings stack up and how often we will actually get to see the two face off.

The most recent innocent occurred today, where Silverburg deemed LT’s invasion of Tuxedo invalid for not abiding by the 24-hour notice rule.

“Light Troops scheduled the Tuxedo invasion way past the 24 hour mark. RPF will not be attending, and the Light Troops’ invasion of Tuxedo will be seen as invalid. RPF keeps the capital.”


DrMatt responded immediately, defending against Silver’s accusations, and providing a picture of the revisions for his battle schedule post on LT site.

“So Silverburg posted on RPF site saying that our invasion of Tuxedo is invalid and that it was way past the 24 hour mark. Well you’re wrong.”


“Let me break it down for you.”

“I posted the battle schedule 24 hours ago exact. So I posted it on Monday April 11th 2016. The battle is on Wednesday…. So how is it invalid?”




“You KNOW you are WRONG Silver.

The Light Troops will VALIDLY INVADE TUXEDO.”

Both sides are clearly becoming frustrated with one another, and what started out as just a raid, has become much more, with personal insults and accusations being thrown around for the past three days. I managed to grab a quick interview with RPF Leader Luis, to hear his thoughts on what has gone down with LT so far, and what he expects to follow.

Interview With Luis

How did this whole conflict begin to unfold after LT’s raid on Saturday?

Luis: It was mainly because of Waterkid raiding two events in a row. We couldn’t gather all of our troops in one room because of LT. It’s hilarious because after those two events, they haven’t showed up to any of our invasions.

What is your opinion on the war so far, and how do you expect for it to play out over the next couple of days?

Luis: As for the last two events, LT hasn’t shown up to either of them. Their US division maxes 15 while ours maxes 45+, and it is also safe to say that LT’s UK division is only productive on the weekends, while all RPF divisions perform well every day. The war has only started and we will keep capturing their servers and securing victories for the almighty RPF.

What do you think the hype of these battles has done for RPF so far, and how do you feel it can continue to benefit the army?

Luis: We’ve risen from sizes of 30 to 45 during this war, however, we expect to rise to sizes of up to 60 (like we did in the event they raided which we won) and keep hitting those sizes consistently, taking all of LT’s nation in the process.

Any final thoughts?

Luis: Fight the good fight.

As you can see, Luis is also proud with the results and feels confident that RPF will continue to rise, defeating LT in the process.

What do you think about LT and RPF’s war? Who do you think has the advantage, and what do you think we will see over the next couple of days? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


CPA Central Reporter


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