Water Vikings End War with ACP

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – After two invasions, a raid, but no battling, the Water Vikings have decided to end their war against the Army of Club Penguin. 

On April 3rd, the Water Vikings declared war on ACP for the usual reasons which include disrespectful trash-talking posts and dishonesty. WV also was attempting to defend the Golds, a close ally of theirs, who were being threatened by ACP due to some of ACP’s troops leaving to join them. ACP responded to this first by “challenging” both WV and Golds to each have their own separate invasions so they wouldn’t combine forces to “max 25”. However, the next day, ACP became aware that the Golds were no longer involved, and Bam put out another post saying that they would be giving the Water Vikings a taste of their own medicine, ignoring all their invasions just as WV did to the Night Warriors last month. That was the last time ACP acknowledged WV on their site until the war ended.

On April 5th, the Water Vikings first stepped foot on ACP land with their invasion of Flurry, meeting no resistance from ACP. This was their recap of the event:

The first of the Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin battles has just taken place and we defeated them on Flurry, a server they took from our allies, theNacho’s. Now Flurry belongs to us! Not only did we beat ACP, but our sizes scared them so bad they decided not to log in understanding how it would be a waste of their time. Unfortunately, we were raided by several trolls who are no longer welcome on our chat.

During the invasion, they maxed 18 but claimed to have hit 25.

Their next invasion took place on April 7th, when WV’s UK division marched on to Sabertooth. They had a top size of 28 for the event, and once again, no battle took place.

On April 9th, the Water Vikings raided Breeze with no opposition, and this was their final event in their brief campaign against ACP. They maxed about 29 and claimed to have reached 36 online.

Yesterday, April 10th, Chip published a post on WV’s site claiming victory against the Army of Club Penguin.

It seems that the almighty Army of Club Penguin has no more servers left..WV made DCP server-less and now they made ACP server-less  too. (with the help of nachos)You can see the relevancy between DCP and ACP because well.. they’re both clones armies.. led by the same multi-loggers!

We have nothing to invade. Trader and Bam haven’t scheduled any invasion against our empire.

The Water Vikings never directly addressed the fact that ACP was simply ignoring their invasions, and believed that ACP had lost all their servers, leaving nothing left for the war to continue. Bam’s response to WV’s victory claim ridiculed them for thinking they had won anything, and that WV hasn’t “done anything to even make a dent in our [ACP’s] nation”. He also accuses Chip of multilogging most of WV’s size.

All in all, nothing was actually resolved in this conflict, although it’s a bit of a stretch to even call this a conflict, let alone a war, given that the two armies never even faced each other in battle.

What do you think of this war? Was there even any point to it since there were no battles? Comment with your opinion below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



10 Responses

  1. Inb4 another was breaks out

  2. Water Vikings are all talk. It’s hard to fight a fake army. They’ll be dead for 3 weeks and come back and max 40 the first event. But they can’t multilog because detective chip is in the army…..right?

    • finish ur post, noob

  3. ” They maxed about 29 and claimed to have reached 36 online.”
    ” During the invasion, they maxed 18 but claimed to have hit 25.”

    • Nice counting Lorenzo. In the very picture you used in the post, you can count 32-34 penguins online. In other pictures on the results post, you can see a max of 36 online.

      • Colorblind people aren’t allowed to count. People like Change counting orange white green penguins as part of their sizes. Lol

  4. WV backs off as Nachos get overrun by NW. Great ally.

    • Agreed

  5. In my honest opinion, I say nobody won the war and two invasions is a sour claim to victory to be honest. Honestly too, multi logging is just a dead old subject and I don’t care about it at all. And plus, Chip’s post is inaccurate like Keemstar making that 62 year old guy cry on Twitch

  6. I forgot to mention this but saying “Oh we’ll take all of your servers
    is so weak too

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