Top Ten Armies: 4/10/2016

Klondike, CPAC HQ – lol u wild, wyd tho

Top Ten1. Light Troops [+0] [89.00]

2. Night Warriors [+0][77.88]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2][76.00]

4. Army of Club Penguin [+2][63.98]

5T. Nachos of CP [-1][62.00]

5T. Army Republic [+3][62.00]

7T. Water Vikings [-4][59.90]

7T. Wild Ninjas [NEW!][59.00]

9. Green Mercenaries [NEW!][56.99]

10. Fluffy-Milk Reich [NEW!][41.00]

Full stats.


1. Light Troops:  Light Troops had a busy week with a total of 7 events.LT started the week off with a defense of Ice box and afterwards a invasion of Fog all hitting sizes of 35+. Later on in the week they held another invasion of Fog along with a battle against Green Mercenaries both hitting sizes of 25 and 35. LT ended the week with a raid and a battle against RPF which both saw sizes of 35+.

2. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors’ first event this week was their invasion of Ice Box, where they maxed 41. Then, they had an event on Fog with a top size of 44. NW maxed 20 at an AUSIA training session, then 33 at what was supposed to be a practice battle against the Water Ninjas. Next, they invaded Northern Lights and reached 33 online. At an AUSIA recruiting session, NW peaked at 19. Their next event was a battle for White House, during which they maxed 30. The following day, they had a practice battle against Army Republic, topping off at 31. At the invasion of Fjord against the Nachos, NW maxed 22. They ended the war with the Nachos with their defense of Frosty, for which they had about 34 troops online.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF began their week with a practice battle against the Golds, hitting sizes of 30. Next, they raided a battle between the ACP and the Nachos, maxing 35. Then, RPF faced the Snow Ninjas in a practice battle, reaching a top size of 35. They maxed 35 again while raiding Thermal, and to close out the week, did “Operation: Full Tuxedo”, where they claimed a max of 60 troops online.

4. Army of Club Penguin: ACP continued their war with the Nachos this week with an invasion of North Pole, where they saw a max of 17. The same day, they invaded Flurry with 18 troops. The next day, ACP invaded Fiesta and maxed 20. They also invaded Bobsled and peaked at 24. They reached 15 troops online for an AUSIA training session, then 20 for their invasion of Walrus. Finally, on Saturday they invaded Sparkle and maxed 22.

5T. Nachos of CP: Nachos started their extremely busy week off with a invasion of Breeze along with a defense of the server Christmas all with sizes of 12 and 18. Later in the week they held an invasion of Bean Bag and a quick defense of White house both amassing sizes of 12+. To end their week they held several more invasions and defenses of their mainland capital and other various important enemy servers including Fjord, Fog and Summit all getting sizes of around 10 – 15.

5T. Army Republic: Army Republic had a total of 10 events this week starting with a training session and a practice battle with NW both hitting sizes of 15. Later on in the week they held a UK training and a quick practice battle with Golds reaching sizes of 10 and 15. To end their week AR held a cleansing of their capital and 3 more training sessions maxing sizes of 15 – 30.


7T. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings kicked things off this week with a “Rainbow Event”, maxing 41. Then they invaded Flurry from ACP with 20 troops. Later in the week, their UK division invaded Sabertooth and topped off at 29. Their last event was a raid of Breeze, where they maxed 28.

7T. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas started their week off with a training event on April 3rd that saw sizes of 15+. On April 4th, another training event saw sizes averaging 12. The next day, the Wild Ninjas managed to acquire sizes of 20+ at a training session. On April 6th, the Wild Ninjas continued their week of training sessions with sizes of 12+. In their last event of the Week, the Wild Ninjas managed sizes of 11+.


9. Green Mercenaries: Green Mercenaries blasted the week off with several Ausia training sessions all with sizes of 15, 20 and 18. Later on in the week they held a practice battle against Golds where they hit sizes of 12. To end the week GM had 3 more Ausia training sessions along with 1 quick UK event all hitting sizes of 15 – 20.

10. Fluffy-Milk ReichThe Fluffy Milk Reich introduced themselves to the community this week. They began their week with an unscheduled US training session in which they maxed and averaged 5, then they held a US cleansing of Hot Chocolate whilst maxing 9 and averaging 8. During the week, the army holds a US training session on the aforementioned server while maxing 7 and averaging 6, then held a US cleansing of Rainbow wherein they maxed 7 and averaged 6. The Fluffy Milk Reich held a joint event with the Army Republic, maxing 8 and averaging 7 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.11.36 AM


CPAC Editor-in-Chief-Keef

Lorenzo Bean

CPAC Executive Producer


SMAC lil bean

Rivers Cuomo

Guy from the Island under the sun


Sleep-deprived CPAC CEO


35 Responses

  1. FIRST?

  2. ok

  3. Flexes retinas

  4. k

  5. Where is GMA???

  6. Aw Nachos and AR tied. AR+Nachos 4 ever! ❤

  7. Where are GMA?And GMA never battled LT

  8. The Water Ninjas of CP should not be in this top ten. All those events are from the year 2015.

    • I was going to say… Sapper Medic comes on like once a month now.

      • Yup

  9. w0w acp above nach0s no surprise there 😛

  10. Look at WN’s picture, there’s a ticket at the corner lol and it’s dark on CP. They used an old image lmfao.

    Keep up CPAC.

    • Yeah WN site got defaced, and our new post has been deleted because of the deface.

  11. Water Ninjas shouldnt be there cause those photos are from July, and Fluffy Ninjas should be SMAC

  12. Nice work ACP, we did good and we will rise again.

  13. Nachos ez

  14. Wow, can’t believe you hired Rivers Cuomo

  15. Where are Green Mercenaries?

  16. Next week’s top ten will look much different.

    • yeah, considering a couple of new armies, maybe Nachos or ACP might dip, seems fair

  17. first things first rest in peace uncle phil.

  18. Vamos Wild Ninjas!
    Latin Power!

  19. Hey, how can I best contact CPAC? I want to suggest a story, but I have no idea who to contact or how. But I feel like it’s pretty important.

    • hello am me

      • Exactly how..? I’m not super familiar with the WordPress format.

      • Also what is AMing?

      • Forgive me, I’m old and dumb.

  20. This so-called “Fluffy Milk Reich” was made by an individual who took on the persona of “Lamb” in order to capitalize on the sheep influence I left behind in AR, and the cow influence from Sairal in AR as well. It is an unethical short-cut to greater sizes. The stealing of ideas and personalities of others for self-gain by forming an army of your own is disgusting. It is even more appalling to see something I popularized in the past get transformed by someone else into a form of Nazi group, with the leader calling himself a Fuhrer, signing off posts with “Seig heil”, having a name that tarnishes the name of sheep, and a leader who is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is taking advantage of people around him. Sizes attained in events are through their leader, using the xat regname “SheepFluff”, troop-stealing from AR and other armies, and misleading them into thinking (whether intentionally or not) that the army was related to myself, resulting in numerous of my friends joining in.
    Although I am retired, seeing this just makes me kind of sad.


    • Help the good help*

      • Wat?

      • Indeed, Phinny, we help individuals greatly.

  22. So, when were you gonna re-add the Snow Ninjas since you kinda just took us off…


  24. Good job NW.

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