Sprite Rejoins the Night Warriors Leadership

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – A few days ago the Night Warriors leader, Reacon, left the army to remake Redemption Force. Sprite, the former Night Warriors has decided to rejoin the army and fill the spot Reacon left behind.

Sprite is best known for his role in Doritos, in which he led with Trader. The leadership in which Sprite was involved in, was able to reach first on CPAC’s Top 10 multiple times. Recorded sizes of 40+ were also seen during this leadership.

The Night Warriors are currently one of the biggest armies in the Club Penguin Army community, they average sizes of 40+ and recently got Nachos leader Dan101 to surrender over 30 servers to them. For more information about the merge, we went to the newest leader of the army, Sprite, for an interview.


Picture from most recent Night Warriors event. 

Interview with Night Warriors Leader, Sprite

Trader: “Why did you decide to rejoin the Night Warriors alongside Toysoldier, Drake, and Verum?”

Sprite: “Toy and Drake are my best friends (We literally live about 15 minutes away from each other irl) and they thought it’d be cool if I led with them. (Verum’s pretty inactive anyways)”

Trader: “What are your goals for the Night Warriors?”

Sprite: “To prove to the CP Army community that achieving sizes of 25+ on  CP without cheating is still possible”

Trader: “One of the former Night Warriors leaders, Reacon, said one of the major issues is that he was given less power than Drake and Toy. Will you run into these issues or no?

Sprite: “No, we all have equal power – (Chat pass + admin on site), and we all have the same goal in mind. I trust them and they trust me, so no, I don’t think we’ll run into that issue.”

Trader: “What is your stance on the current war versus Nachos?”

Sprite: “I think it’s a fun war for  both armies I wish he Nachos showed better sportsmanship regarding surrendering when appropriate. However, time after time we’ve seen the Nachos surprise the community, so i’m definitely not letting my guard down completely.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Sprite: “Night Night Motherf**kers”

In the interview with Sprite, he tells us that his main reason for joining the Night Warriors was because he is “best friends” with the current leaders, Drake and Toysoldier. He also brings up the fact that Verum is inactive, that makes us wonder if this will this lead to a coup. Sprite also says that he wants to prove to everybody that armies can get 25+ without cheating. Lastly he brings up the war versus Nachos, bringing up the fact that Nachos have bad sportsmanship and that he’s not going to let his guard down because Nachos are known to surprise.

Will Sprite run into the same issues that Reacon ran into? Can armies get 25+ without cheating? Who do you believe is going to win the Nachos vs Night Warriors war?

Tell us in the comments!


CPAC Editor-In-Chief


16 Responses

  1. Trash

    • Post

  2. bare in mind that this is the person i’ve exposed 4 times for multilogging.

    • *Tips fedora*

    • LOL

  3. *sips tea* inb4 “CPAC special report, NW caught multilogging” :o!!!

  4. where the hell is the top 10?!

    • http;//cparmycentral dot com/2016/04/10/top-ten-armies/ there you go (didn’t wanna wait for moderation)

  5. multilog

  6. “Sprite is best known for his role in Doritos, in which he led with TRADER. The leadership in which Sprite was involved in, was able to reach first on CPAC’s Top 10 multiple times. Recorded sizes of 40+ were also seen during this leadership.”-Bias

    • 😉

    • no mention of the multilogging expos- oh wait, ‘allegations’.

      • Wouldn’t need to do that when there was no multilogging going on, right? Maybe next time I wrote a post about WV I’ll be sure to include the pictures of flen admitting to multilogging and link the pastebin of pengs I found. Also ill link pictures of drmatt and his buddies admitting they multilogged for wv. Oh but wait.. you’d call bias.

        • Lol you still on about that bro? Out of 25 penguins you ‘exposed’ only 1 was seen at events.. maybe.. just maybe Flen made random penguins and leaked their passwords to frame WV (Read my 3 posts about the incident :)). The only proof you posted about was Flen confessing to multilogs. Flen faked 3 whole Ausia events with a max of 25+, and no, it wasn’t obvious it was bots. I could have used it to get our way to 1st over DCP but I deleted them all. Keep on crying because you’re butthurt I killed/exposed DCP 3 times and ACP once (while you led). You can go on about my real life but you can’t ever lie to yourself.

        • The so called evidence was posted various times on various websites, yet no one really went crazy over it. If you could truly prove WV multilogs, use some up-to-date evidence, will you? Or do you lack basic proof of WV multilogging? You got exposed for multilogging in DCP, Chaos, and ACP and you still lead ACP. The multilogging regime that took over WV is no longer in power, thus, WV remains clean at the very moment.. and you’re still crying ;).
          PS: Don’t call out an army that maxes 10+.. look at your own army LOL!

  7. Welcome back sprite.

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