Compartmentalizing The Wars

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, CEO DESK – In a whirlwind of declaration, invasions, allies, and uncertainty that has riddled our community over the last few weeks, you may find it difficult to keep track of it all. If thats the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Army of Club Penguin

In order to understand these wars in their entirety, and how they correlate to one another, the best place to start would be with the double-sided declaration that initiated the Nachos/ACP conflict. Both the Nachos and the ACP released a declaration of war against the other respective army on the same date, March 16th. Below is an excerpt from the ACP declaration, published by Trader, ACP leader.

I will not accept any less than a win at every battle. Everybody has to focus and be prepared. Show the Nachos who’s the best army. We’ve been preparing for this for a long while now, we will come out victorious after every battle.

– Trader, ACP leader

Many wars have been known to lose steam quickly in the modern era, however, this is far from the case from the ACP/Nachos war that is still ongoing after over 3 weeks of constant combat. This doesn’t end the description of the current ACP war situation. A more recent installment occurred when the Water Vikings expressed an interest in joining the war to aide the Nachos – by declaring war on the ACP. I’ll let the ACP response do the talking for itself in an excerpt below.

ACP will be doing just as the incompetent Water Vikings did to Night Warriors more than a month and half ago, Water Vikings [army of helpers/multilogs (just ask bloodline)] will officially be ignored and all “invasions” or possible “defenses” will be seen as invalid and repetitive.

– Bam, ACP leader


As stated above, the Nachos also released a declaration of their own against the Army of Club Penguin on March 16th. The post was made by Kevin, Nachos leader, who returned with this war on his agenda. An excerpt of the post made by Kevin can be found below.

Trader/Bam both continued to run their mouth about how they’ll slam us in a war, and how we only max 10 and such.

They thought I didn’t have the power to return as a leader. Well, they’re wrong. I’m not staying for long, but I’m not going to semi-provoke a conflict and not help lead through it.

Lets keep this a 1 v 1 conflict. Yesterday Bam mentioned the Power Alliance. If so powerful you are ACP, then why do you need the Power Alliance? Fight your own battles.

– Kevin, Nachos leader

As we all know, the Nachos have been going toe-to-toe against the ACP singlehandedly for quite some time now – just over 3 weeks. However, in a more recent installment, the Nachos have found themselves locked in a war against the Night Warriors. The Nachos/NW war started just a few days ago on April 4th. Below is an excerpt from the Nachos response, also made by Kevin, to the NW declaration.

“Guys, The Night Warriors declared war on us about 30 minutes ago. They’re taking a cheap shot at us basically. Don’t feel sorry for yourselves, we knew this war coming.

We are faced with two armies that want to wipe us off the map. Are you going to let them do that?

God bless my soul, but I hope not.

Are we going to take shit from the Night Warriors? No.

Unfortunately, we’re gonna be on the defensive from now on. We have 2 armies that will spam us with invasions 24/7. You guys are fighting for more than yourselves, you’re fighting for your army and you’re fighting for the rest of club penguin warfare.”

– Kevin, Nachos leader

Night Warriors 

Unlike the two armies previously mentioned, the Night Warriors are currently actively involved in only one war. Fresh off the heels of another war against LT that has since ended, the Night Warriors swiftly issued a declaration against Nachos on April 4th. Below is an excerpt from the declaration that was published by Drake, NW leader.

“The Night Warriors are now in an official state of war against the Nachos.”

We begin by taking your nation tomorrow. Any invasions of the Nachos with less than 15 penguins will be laughed at and ignored. This is your chance to prove that you’re an army. If you fail to do this, then it’s clear that you should just remain dead. ”

– Drake, NW leader

Although this is the only active war involving the Night Warriors, it is also fair to mention the heated tensions between the Water Vikings and the Night Warriors. Specifically, the rivalry between Chip, WV advisor, and Drake, NW leader regarding accusations of size inflation and multilogging.

Water Vikings

Similar to the Night Warriors, the Water Vikings are also currently involved in one active war. Also similar to the Night Warriors, the Water Vikings were also the declarants of their respective wars. Below you can find an excerpt from the Water Vikings site posted on April 3rd.

The Water Vikings will gladly work with any army who wants to help us with this war. Our problem right now exists with the ACP – that is who we’re declaring on. The ACP want to make a mockery of our troops, our weapons and our ideals. From this point on, it stops. The warriors of the Water Vikings fight back and show the Shrek Army what we can do.

– Zing, WV 2ic


Although the Golds rescinded their declaration by deleting the post, it is fairly public knowledge that the Golds declared war on the Army of Club Penguin alongside the Water Vikings on April 3rd. Below is an excerpt from the now defunct declaration.

“On the 3rd of April 2016 the Golds army along with the Water Vikings will join the Nacho Army in the war against ACP.


It’s funny because, ACP used to be a good army, they played fair, treated troops good and overall were a fun army to be around.

Note how I said they used to be.

What’s ACP now? Filled with corruption and no respect for any troops. They talked shit about Golds and when I defend my army on their chat they can’t take it?

You say we troop steal, but really, every single troop that asked to join wanted to escape from your corrupt ways. You treat your troops like objects, threatening to ban them forever if they don’t join and you sold Sidie, like an object, to RF.

So think of this as a favour, Golds, Nachos and WV will happily cleanse ACP of all of it’s corruption and to make it a better place for your troops.

Oh, and by the way:

The ONLY way the weebs can surrender is if Bam and Trader are couped or if they leave.”

– Miyls, Golds leader
Though not currently intwined in war, it is notable to mention that despite the cancellation of their war, the loyalty of the Golds is with the Nachos/WV.
We want to know what YOU think! Will all these wars add up the next great World War or are armies simply blowing smoke? Will more armies, such as RPF and Golds, join in on this war in the future? Voice YOUR opinions in the comments below! 




27 Responses

  1. War, war, war…always wars!
    2016 – “Year of the wars” D:

  2. Awesome post. Please make the tournament trophy though (ono).

    • Here you go.

      • I actually expected something worse from you. Gg.

    • Who the f*ck does xat emojis on wordpress? Are you mentally braindead? Does this LOOK like xat? No.

  3. Good post, however golds declared war after a misunderstanding. Golds therefore remain neutral.

  4. Seems like a new WW is gonna happen.

    • I hope, this might be our last chance before the community is too small.

  5. Lets make this war last till the end of the year :mrgreen:

  6. Water Vikings, You need to help the Nachos.Being an ally means helping each other not leaving the other fighting both ACP and NW.
    It’s supposed to be 2vs2 not 2vs1. And to dat Anti-multilogering Armies.If we want to end Multilogging for good JOIN the Nacho Side of the war.This war might end Multilogging for good.

    • Since when does a war/joining a dead army end multilogging?

    • Can Somebody Please DELETE MY 1st Comment.I wrote it for no reason.

  7. Since when does a war/joining a dead army end multilogging?

    • Can someone delete the second comment?

  8. Can someone delete my second comment?

    • Sorry about that, my phone keeps sending twice.

  9. Penis

    • insightful.

  10. It’s nice to see some armies heading into wars. Sadly none of them will last more than 2 weeks. There’s always that one person claiming the war will last weeks, even I did multiple times against numerous armies. The problem with today’s concept of invasions and defenses is pretty much out-size the enemy and you can claim victory. If it’s a close battle? Who cares declare victory. If it’s a battle where both armies hide? Who cares declare victory. Victory and losses aren’t truly kept score of.

    Which brings it to a point where invading for servers is no longer fun and exciting. You can’t just point your finger at botting/recruiting and claim that’s the main problem, even though it’s quite a large one.

    Armies engaging in war should have some sort of person judging and keeping actual score. Sort of a middleman. A council of war if you may say. People who have actually led notable armies, and who are known to be seasoned veterans. People may claim that the person can be bias in certain battles, just like we all did to the CPAC Top Ten at one point in time. But does it really matter? It sure sounds a hell lot better than having no idea who invaded who’s server, and who owns what after a certain amount of time in war. Armies totally lose track in managing their servers during a war so they just get bored and decide to make a treaty.

    And I hope to God no one in CPAC runs it. Not a single person on this site can or has ran a army worth talking about. If they can’t lead an army, why are they even judging?

    Good luck.

    This comment may have been duplicated.. whenever I comment it always resets the page so i’m never sure if it gets sent or not.

    • I agree with Andrew, we need winners of each battle and a clear idea of who owns what server.

      • we will soon kiddo, we will soon

        • insult kingfunks again and see what happens

          • RKOS VERUM & GOBLIN.

            • YOU CAN’T SEE ME

              • i wish none of us could see you

                • kid i’ll murder u

  11. Nailer

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