Redemption Force Reopens

Thermal, Redemption Force Capital – The Redemption Force, who are known to close and reopen quite often, have decided to return again with a strong leadership.

The Redemption Force reopened recently with the new leadership consisting of Reacon, Konrad, Troppy and Brad. All of these leaders have former leading experience, and it makes us wonder how powerful they will be when they are combined.

The last generation of Redemption Force was able to reach sizes up to 20+, and had a consistent presence in our weekly Top Ten, peaking at 2nd. Following the defacement of the Redemption Force site by Max438210, Reacon and Konrad came to the decision to merge the Redemption Force into the World Power Army, the Night Warriors, instead of rebuilding RF. You can view our coverage of the merge here. 

While leading the Night Warriors, Reacon brought them to first on our weekly Top Ten, and led them to sizes of 40+, alongside figures such as Verum, Toysoldier, and Drake.


First NW event following the merge of RF, March 13, 2016

However, following a hostile split from the Night Warriors, which the nature of was left unclear to the public, Reacon has gone back to his roots to revive the Redemption Force. For more information on the reopening , we went to Reacon, Redemption Force creator.

Interview with Reacon, Redemption Force Creator

Trader: “Why did you decide to leave the Night Warriors?”

Reacon: “I left Night Warriors because I was tired of being treated as less than an equal to Toy and Drake, then I saw they fired Konrad for being on vacation, and a lot of people had been telling me to bring back Redemption Force recently so lol.”

Trader: “Who is leading this generation of Redemption Force, and are you leading?”

Reacon: “So far the leaders are Troppy, Chuck, Zero, Wenny however their might be one more name thrown into the mix seeing how things go. Konrad will probably rejoin when he comes back from vacation. I am not leading, I am the supreme Chancellor.”

Trader: “What are your goals for the army?”

Reacon: “To actually survive a month this time 8-)”

Trader: “Any armies you have your eyes on for war?”

Reacon: “Well NW was saying they were gonna “Kill” us so Waterkid and I came to terms and formed an alliance, we will see where this leads in the future.”

Trader: “Thank you for your time.”

From the interview, Reacon tells us that he left Night Warriors because he felt as if he was less equal to Drake and Toy. This would be a valid reason for him to leave the army because having power is one of the things a leader needs to lead. In the interview Reacon names a few leaders that he says will be leading, but since the interview was taken the ranks have been switched up, it seems the new leaders are Brad, Konrad and Troppy. One of the things he also says is that he will prepare war on Night Warriors with the Light Troops, but the Light Troops have announced their closure this week, which makes us wonder if Redemption Force will find a new ally or go towards Night Warriors solo.

Will the Redemption Force stay open for longer than a month? Will RF go to war with NW? Will Reacon get CPA Legend? What sizes will RF average?

Tell us in the comments!






9 Responses

  1. Who is this Chuck?

    • Me.

      • Alright

  2. If not coming to events or chat, and going on vacation is considered leading then lol. You don’t even see reacon’s penguin in the event picture.
    “Reacon brought them to first on our weekly Top Ten”

  3. To Reacon and Redemption Force: Good luck!!! 🙂

  4. Chuck, I hate you.

    • Lmao

  5. Which brad? The one I know is a true legend.

  6. Welcome Back, Redemption Force! (hug)

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