ACP vs Nachos: Battle of Fiesta

FIESTA, Nacho Empire – The Nacho Army, coming out of the weekend on a high note from their win in the March Madness Finals, found themselves defending the safe chat server Fiesta from the invading Army of Club Penguin. Read more for the full report. 

Before the battle began, the Nachos logged on to the Town, and ACP troops set up shop at the Ice Berg. At 7:00pm EST, the Nachos moved to face ACP and attacked with a joke bomb. ACP did E+9 faces in their “L” formation to counter the attack. To start out, the Nachos were heavily outnumbered, with only 7 troops compared to ACP’s 17. They moved into a line across the Berg and attempted to disrupt their enemy’s tactics by throwing snowballs at them. After just a couple of tactics, the Nachos piled up on the Aqua Grabber and quickly did a “Grub!” bomb, which ACP responded to with E+6 tongue faces. Then, the Nachos grouped up on the right side and the two sides exchanged snowballs until ACP piled up on the Nachos and did an E+F clover bomb. However, by that time, the Nachos had bombed again and formed a vertical line. ACP formed a line across the room and put up E+K cakes.


A couple of Nacho soldiers ran around to cover ACP’s line with jokes, then the rest of the army did jokes in their line. Only a minute went by before both armies armies bombed again. ACP did E+1 first, then switched to E+9 while their troops were spread out. The Nachos started with an E+5 rake, then changed to E+Q. After this, ACP decided to log off, believing their size advantage guaranteed them the win early on. On ACP chat, leader Trader said he didn’t care if the Nachos surrendered or not, and that “there’s no reason to stay on for 30 minutes when [they] have 3x the size”. While they did have over double the Nachos’ size at the very beginning of the battle, by the end they had 18 compared to the Nachos’ 10.


Despite the battle ending early, all the movement and well-executed tactics from both armies made things interesting. Both armies have had a busy day, this being ACP’s second invasion and the Nachos’ third event. Even so, the war continues on tonight, with 2 more invasions by ACP scheduled for Bobsled and Crunch.

Who do you think won the battle? Comment with your opinion!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


32 Responses

  1. First!

    • Congrats, congrats, we all have a “First” don’t we ?

      • so?

  2. Nice win, ACP.

  3. Nice win, Nachos.


  5. Nice win, RPF.

  6. Err, you just said it, Lorenzo; ACP logged off early. Nachos auto win. Nice post.

    • we have triple your size, in real war, we’d kill you all since we have numbers.

      • And we have loyal soldiers. As you said, you have numbers, not troops; you only care for your size. I care for every single Nacho, and I am proud of him/her. Get shrekt $crub.

        • “we have numbers not troops” tfw you need troops for numbers, think before you speak young boy & stop liking your comment and disliking mine.

          • Young boy? I’m older than F U N K S..

            • Not old enough to know troops = numbers

          • you honestly don’t need troops for numbers lol, you only need tabs and a good computer if you want many.

            • Lol. You know a lot bout that stuff ain’t you. Eh, you’re DCP so… 😛

              • Tactics were both executed similarly, so the only other factor determining the winner is size. ACP had nearly twice Nachos’ size, so ACP won. Nachos are good opponents; nevertheless, this battle was won by the ACP.

            • so you’re accusing us of multilogging lol first, where is your proof. second, wasn’t DCP caught multilogging multiple times? Take your L

              • What’s that “L”? Anyway Kevin already posted about your multi logging.

                • that is just a claim, there is no proof, just evidence.

      • “In real war…” Please never reference physical warfare to justify a debate over Club Penguin armies.

        i wasn’t at the battle and obviously I hold a bias tendency towards my long time brother allies, but a distinction in size, no matter how clear, should not grant anyone the right to leave a battle before the allotted time.

        • how does that not justify the battle though? We’re based off of actual warfare- obviously since its club penguin armies or club penguin warfare, if it was up to me I’d say social outcasts who are teenagers that make formations and spam emoticons at each other on club penguin.

          • “We’re based off of actual warfare- obviously since its club penguin armies or club penguin warfare…” Hmm, okay…

            But then… “if it was up to me I’d say social outcasts who are teenagers that make formations and spam emoticons at each other on club penguin.”

            Do you not see the error in your logic? You may want to study what exactly real war is because teenagers logging onto a server and spamming emoticons might be a little bit off.

            • you’re taking things out of context; I clearly wasn’t the person who claimed this community as club penguin armies, however, I did say if it was up to me that it would be what I said. My comment on if this was real warfare you’d be dead was clearly an allusion because everyone knows what war is, I’m referring to it because we could’ve encircled them if we wanted to.

  7. Nice comeback Dark Warriors

  8. LOL I am seen “Joking” on the line. I did that because we’re heavily outnumbered and thought of disrupting their tactics. The person copied me as he might have had the same idea. If you stop the enemy from doing the tactic, you have yourself and advantage for a while
    increasing the chances of winning.

    • he/she whoever what gender out of the 53.

  9. I refuse to stay on Club Penguin longer than 15 minutes if I have 3x your size. I don’t feel like having 25 and fighting 3 Nachos, there’s no way you can comeback so I’ll log off.

    • Then you’re retarded.

      • And you’re just very small.

        • What does that suppose to mean?

          • You have a small dock.

            • Just like your dad! Rekt.

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