Water Vikings Declare War Against the Army of Club Penguin

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – After recent tensions between the Nachos and the ACP which then turned into a war, the Water Vikings decided to join the war on the Nacho’s side to try and fight the ACP. Will the ACP remain strong in front of two strong sides or will they crumble?

After around 3 weeks of back and forth invasions from both the ACP and the Nachos, the Water Vikings posted on their website stating that they declare war on the ACP. The declaration of war post starts of with saying how the ACP used to be a great army inside the community and had great sportsmanship, it then goes on and says that the ACP has changed completely from what they used to be before and are filled with cockiness and foulplay. They continue and state that the ACP have constantly cyber-bullied the Nacho Army since the beginning of the war, and continue by praising their allies, the Nachos.

There was a time in which the Army of Club Penguin stood at the top of this community proud and respected by many. A time in which the ACP stood against multilogging in the community, they waged war upholding a degree of sportsmanship. That time has gone. The Army of Club Penguin that exists in the community today is one built off foul play, cockiness, and a general disrespect for the rest of the community, including us.

The Nacho Army have already entered a state of war with the ACP in which they’ve become victim to ACP ducking and dodging defences, rude and obnoxious cyberbullying posts and in general – ACP has injected this community with a lethal dose of poison. At this time, we stand hand in hand with the Nacho Empire. Nachos, you do have the best salsa in this damn community and you’ve proven your worth and now – we will help you with your mission of taking down the establishment.

Army of Club Penguin has threatened our close allies, the Golds Army. Following the introduction of Sidie to a Golds owner position, Trader used threats and the possibility of war in order to try to control the Golds. ACP, you control nothing. Now, I’m not sure how many people I’m addressing when I say the name “Trader”. Not only am I talking to Trader, but his 15 other accounts as believe me when I say this, a leopard never changes its spots. Golds, join us in the trenches and we will crumble the multilogging regime of ACP.

The Water Vikings will gladly work with any army who wants to help us with this war. Our problem right now exists with the ACP – that is who we’re declaring on. The ACP want to make a mockery of our troops, our weapons and our ideals. From this point on, it stops. The warriors of the Water Vikings fight back and show the Shrek Army what we can do.

This war will end with only one result. A full ACP surrender. That is what we are prepared to accept. No ceasefire. We’re taking your empire. We’re taking your women (and cute boys for Bep) and we’re taking your beer.

ACP, you don’t have time to fear the wave – because it’s already here and ready to drown you. 

Zing King To

The ACP have struggled after the multilogging accusations and the constant leadership changes but have been able to prosper and remain consistent under the leadership of Bam117 and Trader, also peaking at number one for the first time in 2 years. The army seems to have a very strong and experienced ownership that can be counted on to lead events and win them during this war.


Recent ACP event where they max 25+

The Nachos have continued to impress under their leadership made up of Stone, B Batman (Kevin), and Dan101, they have also won the March Madness tournament just a few days ago which is a great achievement for the leadership and the army as a whole. The Nachos have had their ups and downs since the retirements of many of their influential leaders back in early 2015, but the army has been able to remain consistent on the top 10 for the entirety of 2016.

Screenshot at Apr 02 18-02-43.png

The Nachos at the March Madness against the Night Warriors with 35-40 troops on CP

 The Water Vikings have been able to recover from their recent fall to the S/M army top 10 by going straight to the top 3. Led by many great and active leaders like Jack, Katie, and Change and with the assist of Kingfunks4, the Water Vikings remains a huge contender for the top spot on the top 10 and could be a major gamechanger in this war.

The Water Vikings on CP with sizes of 37

Interview With Jack and Katie, WV Leaders

Do you think this war will help the Water Vikings rise further?

Jack: Yes, the hype from this war will certainly prove to be worthwhile. We see a lot of old faces coming back already.

Katie: Yes, this war will not only show WV’s strength and true troops, but it will also prove to CPAC and other armies that have doubted us in the past that we belong. That we should truly be recognized and not biased against.

Are the Water Vikings confident that they can leave this war with a victory over an opponent like the ACP?

Jack: Of course we can, we have a strong army and we haven’t even begun our rise.

Katie: We have been improving and improving. ACP used to be a threat during their prime, now that they have shown their true colors and what they’re about, we know that our troops can outdo multilogs anyday.

Do the Water Vikings have a plan to enable them to achieve a victory?

Jack: We have always been a tactical army blessed with some former fantastic leaders here to help us win this. We don’t need a plan; but we have one all the same.

Katie: I wouldn’t say a plan. Just to keep working hard and fighting as we have always done.

Any other thoughts?

Jack: Join the wave

Katie: Its sad that is has come to this, but it’s the multiloggers vs the non-multiloggers. The winner will either show how far armies have fallen or how strong the true armies actually are. All I have to say to our opponents is Fear the Wave ❤


Interview With Bam, ACP Leader

What do you think about the WV’s declaration of war?

Bam: I think its super funny and gay

Are the ACP ready to take on both the Nachos and Water Vikings? 

Bam: WV ignored NW in their last war, what’s stopping ACP and myself from ignoring them? They are ran by idiots who can’t count.

Any other comments?

Bam: Bepboy is a tool – Kingfunks is biased and Zing is a f***ing skint head who doesn’t deserve any attention whatsoever

Who do you think will be able to seize a victory in this war? Will this war be fair or will both armies claim victory?


CPAC Reporter


22 Responses

  1. Mercy

  2. WV ignored NW a month ago and still think they matter? LOL
    Fuck outta here

    • Hi Bam,

      You recently made a grammar mistake on one of your little rant posts that you enjoy posting when ACP loses, I suggest you fix it, I believe you meant to spell “your”.

      • Yeah Bam, you have to have grammar in order to make a rant. How do you even mess up, put “you’re”, when it is simpler to just put “your”? I assume you thought that “you’re” was the correct usage for this sentence. I am (not) deeply sorry, but you are incorrect as the correct usage is “your”. Thank you Dominus for pointing this out. You are a good man helping other armies with their grammar mistakes.

    • WV ignored the Night Warriors because I proved they multilog and my evidence got them deducted a few days later. You can’t refer to a boycott when you cannot prove that the Water Vikings multilog. Bring up evidence and it would make sense for you to ignore us. Untill then, we will take your servers. You make fun of Golds for maxing 12 but you guys max 18. Nachos and Water Vikings will take all servers.

      • Cry me a NILE RIVER, bro i thought you were done with armies? now now chip dont make me pull up all the shit bloodline was doing for WV – also not mentioning the POKEMON ALL OF YOUR LEADERS HAD (oblv pokemon masters) Fever wouldn’t agree after all he followed funks around for years right LOL

  3. WV ignores NW, decides to butt in a 1v1 war, Funks is now suddenly assisting them even though his defense against Fever accusations was not being in armies?

    WV and Nachos, nice attempt today at Ice box. You still got destroyed. While LT dies in a week, we will remember, and we will not forget.

    • hello were did your little capital go?

      • Its with your 15 cp tabs

        • wats a cp tab

    • In a total, 2 WV helped and 2 Nachos.

  4. I got enemies, got a lotta enemies
    Got a lotta people tryna drain me of my energy
    They tryna take the wave from a nigga
    Fuckin’ with the kid and pray for your nigga

  5. change, why do we have to fight babe?

  6. WV vs. ACP = My 2 from 10 favourites army…i can’t belive…
    So, huh, Jack, Katte and WV…meh, sorry, but ACP is better IN MY EYES! (Greetings to Oagalthorp)

  7. Hmm.

    • That feel when you get 3 dislikes for saying “hmm” on a post

  8. Nice dislike bots WV wonder what other bots you use

  9. I agree with Bam about the dec. of war being gay. It’s because WV used to have Hitler on their leadership.

  10. The Water Vikings are the fakest of them all. The Water Vikings chat is dead all day and when Chip logs on they suddenly get 50 on chat and max 60.

    Chip: I’m really tired of you talking shit to successful people in this community because you’re the most hypocritical of them all. You always talk about Badboys “Rabbits” and whatnot, but I believe you’re the person who brought up the use of rabbit in this community anyway, you ARE the one who introduced it to me and many others. The day you returned to the Water Vikings they started maxing 40, I don’t understand how an army can go from DEAD to 40 in a day. Don’t even say you “Recruit” because I have seen no Water Vikings on the servers I recruit on, and I recruit a lot.

    Water Vikings: You have a lot of gays in your army, I believe if we fight you then I will catch some of that “Gayness” that you spread around a lot. I don’t think we can make this work.

    Also, you haven’t told ACP about any “invasions” so far. Have you even had any? It’s 4/6/2016 and this is the first time I am hearing about a war, and I am the LEADER of the army. Maybe you should tell someone you’re declaring war..

  11. this armi is jest jelis ov acp bc tey tha best!!!! wv poosies 2 scared 2 1v1 me rust lmafo haha i fk ur btch NERD

  12. 😉

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