Silverburg Returns To Lead RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Capital – After retiring from RPF in 2015, Silverburg has announced his return to the leadership in the Rebel Penguin Federation. With Silverburg back does this mean RPF will see another rise once again just like previous years?

In late August, 2015 when Silverburg, RPF Leader, announced his retirement. He retired due to boredom and simply being too busy to lead the RPF. After his departure, RPF saw many leadership swaps these past several months along with a consistent struggle with size. Will things begin to change for the Rebel Penguin Federation with the return of Silverburg? Here is a short expert from the return post:

Now, before today, I never really understood why Elmikey stayed in the Rebel Penguin Federation. I thought he would be ruining his reputation, from leading RPF in 2013 to sizes of 100+ to leading now. I only now realize that this was very short-circuited thinking. I realize now why Elmikey has stayed with the RPF no matter what. He is the embodiment of “The Good Fight”. While, past and present, I will never leave the mark he has left on this army or the community as a whole, I want to ride the RPF train until there are no more tracks to tread upon. I will fight the good fight until the end.

I Am Back.

-Silverburg, RPF Commander

In this short, but informative, post Silverburg goes in detail about the loyalty and dedication it takes to truly be “apart of RPF” along with going in on why he wants to “ride out” RPF for as long as it goes on stating it isn’t just about the leaders or owners its about the troops and the army as a whole.

Shortly after announcing his official return to the current leadership, RPF held a massive return event in his honor. A picture from the event can be seen below:

Silverburgs first event back as leader

In this return event RPF is seen hitting sizes of 30+ once again after some time away from those sizes. With a solid leadership, and a much more hyped and determined RPF, this could very well result in another RPF golden era.

Thank the parrots, I was able to grab a quick interview with Silverburg. I managed to get a better insight on his return and see a better stance on the situation overall.

|||====||| INTERVIEW |||====|||

Bam = Red

Silverburg = Black

Bam: Why did you decide to rejoin RPF? 

Silverburg: Well there are a few reasons, but I guess the two main reasons are that 1. I have the time to lead RPF and 2. I’ve decided I wanted to right the wrongs I’ve made in RPF. I tried to make it seem like I did everything in RPF by myself, but really I was never anything without my soldiers. This time I want to lead, but I want to make it a team effort. I’m not doing this for me or my ego, I’m doing this for RPF.

Bam: How long do you plan on staying/leading RPF at the moment?

Silverburg: Until the end. I might go inactive for long periods of time but it doesn’t really matter. I want RPF to stay stable no matter what. I’m going to stay with RPF, whether we max 60+ or 10+.

Bam: Do we need to be looking out for anymore upcoming changes in the leadership or even RPF as a whole?

Silverburg: You’ll definitely be seeing some new owners and mods. The best of Club Penguin join the RPF so we should be seeing some very strong recruits very soon. Expect a rise, thats all I can say!


With the return of Silverburg I predict we’ll be hearing RPF a lot more in the coming weeks along with a more consistent Top Ten scoring. Whatever happens with RPF I’m sure its bound to get interesting and will certainly grab our attention!

But who cares what I think! 

What do YOU think? What do YOU think about Silverburgs return? What do YOU think will happen to RPF soon? What do YOU think I look like naked? 


CPAC Editor-n-Chief


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  1. You post this that quick but not what I told you like 1 month ago lol

  2. Unsurprised

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