March Madness IV: The Finals Recap


A months worth of battles led up to today. NW vs Nachos vs Army Republic. Read on for the results.

Ice Berg

The tournament kicked off on the Ice Berg at 12:00 PM PST. All three armies flooded the room, filling it almost instantly. The NW and the Nachos both seemed solid with sizes of 20+, while the Army Republic struggled to find themselves in the mix, not having an evident presence for the majority of the room.

Finale - Ice Berg

Mine Shack

The second room of the day was announced at 12:15 PM PST as the Mine Shack. From the start of the room entrance, the Night Warriors quickly appeared to get the size advantage. However, as time went on, the Nachos began to arise from the midst with exceptional tactics and solid size. Again, there was little to no presence from the Army Republic.

Finals - Room 2 - Mine Shack



During the third room change of the tournament, the armies entered the Dojo. Early on in this room Nachos seemed to have a size advantage, with NW and AR trailing equally behind. However, as tides began to change, the AR seemed to drop in size as the Night Warriors rose to match the efforts of the Nachos.



In an effort to maintain full transparency, we would like to bring an issue to your attention that, while not having any affect on the result of 2016’s March Madness Tournament, should be shared with the public. As has often been the case, quite famously, with final battles and battles involving three armies, the process for evaluating the winner was rather difficult. Though two armies, the Nachos and Night Warriors, both secured performances above that of the Army Republic, further deliberation ensued on whether the judges had seen enough to reach a final verdict. The Nachos, in the opinion of all four judges present, had performed better in the time allowed for the battle. However, due to the Night Warriors having a size advantage at certain points, both armies failing to perform at other instances, and the involvement of three armies making the judging process difficult, it was resolved that the battle would be extended into overtime, so that the judges could watch the two armies with the best performance continue to battle to feel more secure in their verdict.

For this reason, though all four judges felt the Nachos performed better in the battle, the vote became 2-2, to allow for an overtime in which the staff of CPAC could become more cemented in their assertion that the Nachos had won — after all, this was the final. This practice of sending a battle into overtime is uncommon at CPA Central, and we hope you allow for the possibility that sometimes it will be necessary. In the future, we hope to work with judges and staff of current and former administrations to establish a more effective way of judging battles as chaotic as these. As always, if you feel dissatisfied with the quality of tournaments here at CPA Central, participation is purely optional, but if you have a suggestion on how to better our tournaments, we welcome you to share that with our senior staff.


Overtime Battle Room: Forest

During the Overtime battle room, the Nachos seemed to capture a clear victory during the first room change. Closer to the middle of the battle, however, the Night Warriors put up some unexpected resistance. However, tactics became a real deciding factor with sizes so close and the Nachos cemented their victory in an epic finals.


Battle Video:

All credit go to Lorenzo Bean, CPAC Executive Producer.


We’d like to thank you all for your viewership and involvement in this years March Madness tournament! It certainly has been an interesting ride, and we look forward to seeing all of you again for our next tournament!


Club Penguin Army Central Chief Executive Officer


26 Responses

  1. NW won so happy.

    • it says “Nachos cemented a victory in the epic finals.” nowhere does it say nw winning

      • Night warriors still won all their battles, they didn’t lose one and then whine their way back.

        • I’m sorry, I think you’re mistaken, do you seen anywhere on CPAC that says NW won? (Apart from the comment section, which is usually stupidity and arguments)

          • I didn’t say they won this battle.

        • i didn’t say that, they lost in the finals

      • Nah i think you’re wrong. Can’t see it anywhere.

        • http:

          • Lol just stfu dan.

            • theres a thing with nachos having evidence and u don’t

  2. And still, the rules being broken has no place in the impact of the results?
    -fluffy impersonating gob going to nw chat pretending to announce the next room
    – me being pm bombed by flen who pretended to help nw at first but was seen wearing orange
    – bot raid during our starting rooms
    – ar turning orange
    – us beating nachos in semi finals fair and square where they broke rules again except that time breaking rules actually meant something
    – there were over 5 room changes. The first overtime room was ice berg where nw obviously destroyed nachos. Nachos were too slow and of course the room change was scheduled for another 10 min where ar is seen turning orange. Both armies lost size but nw is the only army who had troops staying logged in
    – we won the entrance bomb at forest with a full circle. We took over the nachos plus. Lorenzo cuts out the part where nw wins at the end with 3 rapid word tactics in a row?
    – nachos are given a redemption round which was free since they competed against smap armies. Utter bullshit
    – nw played by the rules and did not fuck up
    – none of these attempts of blatant foul play is taken into considerstion?
    – placing 2 allies against one army was a good idea especially when the ally ended up helping the other when they lost
    – nw cheated out of a vote in semi finals when acp votes for nachos in an attempt to have an easier opponent
    – all in all, this entire tournament was literally just handed over to the nachos despite nw being the army to play by the rules and actually work at being a top army at all times
    – this should have been addressed. Theres way too many circumstances being pulled out of thin air. Rules were written this time yet theyre still not being followed. Where is the justice in all this? Nachos literally gave up at the ice berg and left. The outside of mines was completely dominated by nw the entire battle and the only instance where nachos had any advantage was when gob didnt specify the inside or outside of the dojo and just said the dojo before mentioning the interior
    – seriously, if a big shit post on nahos site by kevin was enough to make u give nachos the entire tourney, i dont see why legitimate issues arent being addressed and nw isnt being given any compensation
    – this has been a poorly set up tournament, and if we dont get the same opportunities the nachos had, i dont see why any other tournament should be taken seriously. We’re being cheated out of a clear victory here because you decide that the rules can be overlooked for any tourney match u please?

    • no

    • lol gob tried to be bias towards u and u still lost

    • and also ur wrong basically everything was in ur favor judges size,don’t say anything about judges because gob was completely bias towards u nachos shoudve won 3-1 in the normal time but gob wanted overtime to let nw try to beat nachos. And were still the reining champs quit crying

  3. Nachos won because they are absolute and chosen by God himself! All Hail Nachonnia! All Hail Me!

  4. The Nachos got a redemption round, something no semi final army got.

    • salt

    • Suggestion: IN FUTURE tournaments add a Battle for 3rd Place.

  5. To be honest, even though I’m from RPF, I believe in my heart, NW won fair and square. Nachos got redemption round after being eliminated, while NW didn’t, so I believe NW won. And a message to Drake and Toy: Continue to fight well! I wish u both Good luck! And to all NW: MIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

    • Exactly. Nachos can win even with them being from a redemption round. No one could stop us from winning our THIRD March Madness title.
      P.S.: We actually beat NW in the semis, but due to bias judges, we “lost”.

  6. Ok so, I said to myself to be patient for the trophy to be made, but where is it? We need a memorable item to put in the Nachos’ huge showcase. Please post it ASAP; thanks.

    • Still waiting for a trophy….


        • Can we have our trophy now???? I wanna edit Achievements page..

  7. THE STREAK CONTINUES.(NW good luck next tournament season.)

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