Top Ten Armies of March 2016

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Today we see the return of an old feature that CP Army Central has, the infamous Top Ten Armies of the Month. In the monthly Top Ten, we get to recognize which armies shined over the previous month by measuring the size and consistency of armies on a bigger scale than weekly top tens.

1. Night Warriors – 19 [76]

2. Army of Club Penguin – 17 [68]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation 15.5 [62]

4. Underground Mafia Army – 15 [60]

 5. Golds – 14.5 [58] [TIED]

5. Nachos = 14.5 [58] [TIED]

5. Army Republic – 14.5 [58] [TIED]

8. Night Rebels – 14.25 [57]

9. Water vikings – 13 [52]

10. Ice Hounds – 10.75 [43]


This was a project formulated by Zing King nearly a year ago, While weekly top tens are interesting and full of excitement – monthly top tens bring armies and the sense of stability to a much broader level. By using the basis of his original formula

The first number, beside the armies name – [76] for the Night Warriors, [68] for the Army of Club Penguin, etc. is calculated by simple addition. In basic terms the overall formula starts from 1st place in week week counting to 20 points, you’d go down from that (example: 2nd place on CPAC would = 19 so forth, while SMAC ranking will also be considered and taken into calculations such as placing 1st on SMAC – this would mean a score of 10 points to be added to the armies overall monthly score)

1st place = 20 points
2nd place = 19 points
3rd place = 18 points

and so forth all the way down to 10th on SMAC [1 point]

The second number — [17.00] for the Army of club Penguin, [19.00] for the Night warriors, etc. — is an average of the month’s score, which is once again is really simple math. Night Warriors total monthly score added up to  – 79- which was divided by the number of weeks. (normally four)

While I’m sure some of you that follow SMAC or recall older CPAC monthly top tens know the basics of the formula, I find it interesting to be bringing it back myself [I regularly followed the monthly top tens a while back]

What do YOU think? Do you think bringing this back is a decent idea? What armies do you think will increase next month? Do you think Gobby is secretly out to get me? 


CPAC Editor-n-Chief

Bad Grammar Machine


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  2. ok



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  6. Hows UMA not at least in the top 3/5 when they were literally first for a few consecutive weeks, but I can understand Night Warriors being first of the month too and ACP, maybe, and RPF shouldn’t be above them no offense

    • This Top Ten Was based on STATISTICS AND CONSISTENCY. the UMA decided to not even place AT ALL in neither SMAC or CPAC, Had they done either they most likely would have been 1st but sadly they did not so that is an entire weeks worth of score passed over

      • I know was just shocked

      • Bam, i was advised by SMAC to enquire as to if SWAT are still alive or not

      • Good

  7. God save us all:

    9 years the army has lived…they got beaten…whipped like street-dogs by their leaders and owners.
    One battle the leader regretted this all…

    The troops started running towards the snow forts to fight their enemies…with tears on their eyes.

    The leader who woke up this morning!
    The last scream has screamed: GOD SAVE US ALL!! HAVE MERCY ON US!!

    The leader heard a piercing blade…

    100,000 echoes of screams had haunted the leader for the rest of his life:

    Oh God save us all…

    The green was the symbolic of sin…

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