Night Rebels Shut Down

NorthPole, Night Rebels Capital – Haroon, Night Rebels creator, has officially announced the shutdown of the army. Will one of the most recent Top Ten contenders thrive in the community again, and how will this shut down affect other armies?

After having an admirable battle during the Redemption Round, and consistent Top Ten positions, yet experiencing signs of turbulence. Haroon decided to shut down Night Rebels.

On a post titled “This is it” Haroon, NR legend and creator, made a post explaining why he shut down the army, and even mentioned a possible return in the summer. You may see a passage of the long post below, or click HERE to read the full post.

I, being creator of the Night Rebels hereby shutdown the Night Rebels until maybe summer. I knew that DW fell after I left and I quickly rose NR along my fellow leaders after I returned but it seems that without me nobody here is capable to carry NR and there are a lot of problems that cannot be solved by other leaders and I due to being busy irl cannot solve them as well at the moment. So, util NR is closed, the empire of the Night Rebels is transferred to the Light Troops.

What do you do now? Either retire until we return which is in summers maybe around June, or join Light Troops. I would like to thank our allies Golds and RPF which not only supported us but helped us rise.

only NR creators are to remain admin on site and have the power to reopen NR. But for now, NR is to be remained closed.

With rumors as early as yesterday night about internal leadership problems, Haroon goes into detail describing his current situation and the incompetency of leaders to push NR. He then goes on to address that NR may return sometime this Summer, and that they would for now be transferring their servers to Light Troops


An example of NR this past year

While a return is possible by other former leaders or by Haroon himself sometime in the summer, for now this means the end of Night Rebels. With a newly formatted Top Ten contender who have shown their strength since the beginning of last year we are bound to see changes in the top tens to come.

I managed to grab and interview with Night Rebels Creator, Haroon, who assured me of Night Rebels current state and gladly answered any further questions I had.

\\ === || EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW || === //

Bam: Are there any other reasons why you shut down Night Rebels?

Haroon: I am busy irl, I cant find a stable leadership other leaders dont care, troops are lazy thats all

Bam: Do you have anymore future plans for armies or NR as a whole right now?

Haroon: Basically I got a job so i fall in a grownup category but if i get time in the summer then sure

Bam: Any last second messages to the community for now?

Haroon: Please stop multilogging.

\\ === || =================== || === //

I think we’ll see some changes in next weeks Top Ten lineup due to the death of NR. I’m a bit sad to see such a impressive addition to the CPA Community leave so soon on but I’m still looking forward to their possible return.

What do YOU think? What do you think about Night Rebels shutting down? What do you think lays in the future of Cp armies? What do you think about my muscles?



CP Army Central Editor-n-Chief

Guy who’s going to get his grammar fixed by gob. 


10 Responses

  1. I blame Trump

  2. Finallly.

  3. Greeting to you, Haroon and all Night Rebels.
    Please, back in summer! ;(

  4. I blame the internet

  5. very nice how much

  6. Im miss NR

  7. Well, l may or may not gonna return… Will see.

  8. its sad that we are shut down but ill be back in the summer im not joining anywhere else


  10. Tragic

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