Golds Declare War on Club Penguin Police Department

FLIPPERS, Golds Empire – After being defaced last week by DrFlen who has since joined CPPD’s leadership, Golds have decided to take revenge and declare war on CPPD. Will Golds be victorious, or will their servers be detained and taken into custody by CPPD?

Golds have seen a massive drop in sizes since the resignation of Ganger90. They’ve went from maxing 30 to averaging 18 at events and some people have speculated it was due to Ganger multilogging in Golds. Golds have recently underwent changes in their ownership. Coqui and Jack, former Golds leaders and legends have both rejoined and Wyoskyguy, former Chaos and Rangers leader has joined for second in command.

Recent Golds event.

Golds have recently lost owners to CPPD and have accused them of multilogging. Here is Gold’s declaration of war towards CPPD.

Ave Golds,

The time has come to finally put to rest the threat minor annoyance that is the corrupt CPPD, not only did former Golds Leader Ganger and other generals betray us for this army, but since then they have been recruiting on our chat and claiming to own servers which they do not own and have not invaded. This will likely be a short and easy war as Ganger will have to attempt to move all his multilogs at once as well as try to lead so it won’t take long to put this joke of an army to rest.

MIYLS: It is time Golds, we will defeat this sad excuse of a pathetic army that only truly has 5 real troops, the traitors shall bitterly devour every word they said, they will beg to re-join, prepare yourselves Golds, stand with me in this fight against this plague in the community.

In this post, Jack expresses his annoyance towards Ganger and Wenny joining CPPD and have accused them of stealing recruits off their chat. He also accuses Ganger90 of multilogging because of Ganger’s history of multilogging in SWAT which resulted him in losing CP Army Central Legend. Miyls accuses Ganger90 of multilogging as well, but if Golds are so sure that Ganger multilogged then why did they hire him in the first place?

Night Rebels made a post on site talking about how CPPD multilog and provided evidence of Wenny multilogging. Here is Robot’s post accusing CPPD of multilogging.

Back before the GMA died, they had Wenny on their side and of course attending events on multiple penguins, so down here you can see I formed a red square around these troops, their names are “Pinkfuzybal1” and “Greenguy125.” Of course they were nonmembers wearing basic items.

If you look down here on the event of another army which is CPPD and has Wenny affiliated in it aswell we find out that the same penguins he used to multilog for GMA can be found in a CPPD event :O. I highlighted them with yellow below, their names are “Greenguy125” and “Pinkfuzybal1” just like the penguins in GMA.

You thought that was it?  There is more proof.

PinkFuzybal1 and Greenguy125 can be found in this picture again but not only them you can also find 10James561 here who was found in GMA events multiple times, and Ravx is apparently Wenny’s second account which he uses most of the time, that account can be found here alongside Wenny3. Down below I squared up all the multilogged penguins.

Here you can find all the multilogs from Wenny’s time in GMA.

Proof that Ravx is Wenny:

Wenny’s name when he was Golds UK Leader

Edit: I found another penguin when I looked through the pics of Golds UK during Wenny’s leadership that was found in a CPPD event too, the multilog’s name is Cookie53099, you can also find Greenguy and 10James561 in the picture.

Then here you can see the penguin in a CPPD event on the right

To sum everything up, Wenny multilogged 5 penguins for CPPD their names are






In this post, Robot puts forward some serious allegations regarding CPPD’s legitimacy as an army. In Golds, Wenny used the penguin Ravix3 for events, but in recent CPPD events he has been spotted using his original penguin and Ravix3. The same five penguins have been spotted attending Green Mercenaries events when Wenny attended and in CPPD events.

Flen responded to Robot’s allegations and claimed that Ravix3 was hacked last night.

Note: I have emailed the chat pass to every leader on there WP Email


Robot, lemme reminde you. We can’t take your proof as multi-logs until you either don’t get their passwords or you don’t prove that they were multilogs caught by CPAC or SMAC. and regarding “Ravx” Penguin. It was hacked last night you can ask Zuke and Dom. So get your facts right you little fag

I reseted the Chatbox in a bit panic. I saw a null as mainowner and the outer BG was changed to a P*RN so I quicky restted the chat.

Leaders: Superjay99, Nick, Ganger, Wenny, Domsamillion

Flen claims that this isn’t evidence, but just assumptions to ruin CPPD’s credibility. He also claims Ravx was “hacked” last night and that Dom and Zuke are witnesses. He also says that the chat was hacked as well and that the background was changed to an inappropriate image.

Interview with Ganger90, CPPD Leader

How do you feel about Gold’s declaring war?

They claim that I back stabbed them by joining CPPD, when I’ve been wanting to lead CPPD. I feel like if anything they’re backstabbing me because I recruited heavily for their army and in all honesty, that’s the only reason they’re still alive now, it won’t be a hard war.

Lol no, I brought troops, owners etc. to Golds that were apart of my team I brought in. When I brought my own owners and other troops to CPPD, Golds got mad and start flipping out because acting like I was stealing all their troops, when in reality they’re my troops.

Where Robot’s multilogging claims true?

Yeah totally, four troops that came from Wenny’s previous army GMA or whatever it’s called joined CPPD and happened to attend our last few events. Of course the multilogging allegations are not true, we don’t need to multilog, especially to beat Golds. 

Who do you think will win this war?


Any further comments?

Be ready Golds.

CPPD seem confident that they will defeat Golds with ease since they’ve been maxing 20-30 all week while Golds have been struggling to max 20. Robot’s allegations towards CPPD have little evidence to back them up except Ravix3 which could possibly be Wenny’s multilog and the likely hood of anyone hacking into Wenny’s penguin is extremely unlikely. I predict that CPPD will win this war, but they could close easily if there is anymore multilogging allegations with a good amount of evidence.


CP Army Central AP



6 Responses

  1. All of these accusations made of CPPD multilogging and chat recruiting are blatantly false. CPPD has been around for quite some time and we finally have risen back, but we never had any tracked history of multilogging or stealing from other armies. Multilogging does not show true accomplishment for our army, and it is not our goals to do that. Aside that, this will be a good war and I wish our opponents the best of luck, they’ll need it.

    • See, Ganger has a track history of multilogging, so I wouldn’t blame them for assuming he is.

  2. As GM Creator, I am unaware of this situation and I know that the accused “multilogs” are actually real people

  3. The problem is for the CPPD, while they may be better than the Golds, they also have NW attacking them. I won’t blame you if you now want to head to the peace table. It would be wise. #DARKNESSBEFOREDAWN

  4. lol rip

  5. Hey lets just hope nobody brings back SWAT before the end of year (WARY)

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