Tensions Rise Between Night Warriors And Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, WV Empire – Over the past couple of days, the newly revitalized Water Vikings and seemingly world power Night Warriors, have been engaged in multiple flame posts accusing each other of multilogging, with some personal confrontations aswell. Could we see a possible war on the horizon?

Just these past two weeks, we have seen a huge surge from the Water Vikings, who were last a world power before the retirement of their beloved leader and legend, Change. With the return of Change and other former WV leaders and owners, activity in the army has gone up, with increasingly impressive results to follow.


A picture from WV’s most recent event, showing sizes of 40.

The Night Warriors, on the other hand, have established themselves as a powerhouse of this community, peaking in the top 2 on CPAC’s top ten for the past two months, consistently hitting sizes of 45-50, with 30-35 at UK events. However, they have yet to contended in a full scale war since their revival.


A recent NW event, with sizes of around 35-40.

The conflict between the two started yesterday, when Night Warriors’ Leader, XxToysoldier, made a post titled “Power League Update” where he issues a threat against the newly formed alliance consisting of the Water Vikings, Light Troops, and Nachos.

“The Water Vikings are now pushed out of the Power League due to a unanimous consensus. No army in the Power League shall threaten their own ally, that ruins the entire point of forming the League. LT, I suggest you watch out. The WV are clearly trying to use you for protection, for all they really want is isolation. You and I both know they won’t come near an army as big as NW. Who’s the real Jew? The one that gets but does not give back. Don’t fall for this.”

As stated by Toy, WV were originally part of the Power League, but have apparently gone against NW, which has led to them being pushed out of the alliance, along with being placed on “suicide watch”.

Bad blood already exists between the two groups, with ACP and Nachos already fighting each other, and old conflict reignited between the leaders of NW and LT. We could potentially see an upcoming world war.

After Toy’s post was released, Water Vikings’ owner, Chip, responded with a post accusing every army in the Power League (ACP, UMA, NW), of multilogging to better their sizes to gain their respective spot in CPAC’s top 3. In Chip’s post, he tears through each of the three armies, providing youtube videos, pastebin links, and countless pictures, accusing each army of cheating in both recent and old instances. This isn’t the first time Chip has gone on a rampage to expose armies for this crime, and it certainly won’t be the last. (You can bet on that)

The army Chip went after most fiercely, were the Night Warriors, providing countless potential evidence against the army, claiming he had already exposed them once, and that he will continue to investigate until the army is brought to justice for their acts of cheating. Here are his exact words on NW:

I already exposed this poor army before I retired. My apologies, I didn’t exactly expose the army, their own leader, Toysoldier did. For this, they got deducted 35 points (I believe that’s the amount) on a Top Ten because of Toy confessing to two then proven multilogs. If two of his multilogs got exposed, wouldn’t that mean he multilogs more? No one would just multilog two, especially not the leader of the army. You may read the original post by clicking HERE. You may read my old proof against Verum by clicking HERE (Verum is still in NW). You may read my more concrete proof against NW by clicking HERE

At the end of Chip’s post, he left off with saying this,

In conclusion, all three of these armies are bull. They all multilog and claim they’re big. They’re nothing but fake.

WV, Nachos, LT = 100 real troops

NW, UMA, ACP = 20 real troops

Calm down almighty Power League.

In response to Chip’s accusations, NW Leader, Verum, released numerous posts, throwing accusations back at WV, along with insulting Chip on a more personal level. Here is whats Verum has to say in his first post:

If you haven’t heard of Chip, here’s a quick rundown on his life. He’s a rich kid who lives in his moms attic and spends his time trying to expose armies even though Water Vikings have been caught multilogging on numerous occasions.

Throughout this post, Verum goes on to defend the claims brought up against himself and Toy, along with providing evidence against WV, calling out Kingfunks4, and claiming he multilogged in his time as leader in ACP, IW, and WV.

Here is what Verum had to say about Kingfunks, and the Water Vikings as a whole:

Wow, it’s funny how ”Fever 20” has been in armies since 2012, yet NO ONE KNOWS HIM! He joined all these armies yet no one even knows who he is. It’s also funny how this guy ALWAYS joins the armies that Funks joins, following him for 3 years straight. He attended an IW event this week, meaning that person is STILL active in armies.

Come on, it’s pretty obvious Fever 20 is a multi log of Kingfunks 4. The Dark Warriors got 5 points deducted for multi logging, so the Ice Warriors should also receive the same punishment. 

*NOTE* Please tell me more armies that Funks has joined in the past years, I bet I can find Fever 20 in the result pictures.

Water Vikings claims to be the only army who doesn’t multilog. They claim to be strong and powerful and play fair.

I have caught Water Vikings in the act of cheating.

If CPAC don’t do anything it’s proof they are bias.

This is solid evidence.

Stop being so hypocritical WV, You finally got exposed but you run around making accusations against other armies.


I managed to get an interview with Verum to ask his opinion on the growing conflict with WV, and what he thinks will happen next.

Interview With Verum

Me: How exactly did things begin to heat up with WV?

Verum: Well, after NW started killing WV, Chip decided to retire because he didn’t have the time to balance the beatings from his mom and CP Armies. Then they joined the Power League and left because they decided to hide behind Waterkid and the Light Troops. Now they’re shit talking us because they want LT to protect them. If they don’t stop, NW is going to give WV a bigger beating than Chip’s mom will ever do.

Me: With UMA now in lockdown, how does things look with possible 3v2 scenario in question if WV, LT, and Nachos decide to declare war on the Power League?

Verum: WV are pussies, Nachos are tiny, the only real threat is the Light Troops. Also UMA is returning in like a week.

Me: For you and NW, what is the next step to take against these threats and accusations from the Water Vikings?

Verum: If the Water Vikings continue these threats, we will take their nation.

As you can see, Verum is very confident going forward and feels that if this continues, and they do go to war, NW will come out on top.

What do you think about the growing conflict between WV and NW? Do you think both armies are just bluffing, or could this lead to the next world war? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.

To all those fellas out in the UK, have a happy Easter Monday!


Your local communist


19 Responses

  1. If you call me bias ill laugh at you and your family

  2. Bias!!?11!1!!1!!!11!1!11!

  3. Except the evidence against me was far from conclusive at all (because it isnt true).

    The fact all NW has in response is to provide year-old ”evidence” against someone who isnt even leader anymore shows the lack of reasoning they have.

    • And while Change was a fantastic leader the recent WV rise has little to do with him. He wasnt very active this time around.

  4. Obviously bias. Who hired this guy?

    • who tf is this kid^

      • Some faggot.

  5. how tf was badboy hired again?

    • idk zach11

  6. add a wv interview motherfuckers
    i’ll save u the time

    Me: How exactly did things begin to heat up with NW?
    Change: basically they’re all fucking wastemen so we decided to dunk on em
    Me: With UMA now in lockdown, how does things look with possible 3v2 scenario in question if Power League decide to declare war on WV, LT and Nachos?
    Change: u cant switch rooms and multi bruh these motherfuckers will get 1 tab hammerheaded
    Me: For you and WV, what is the next step to take against these threats and accusations from the NW?
    Change: dunk on em again

    • No WV leaders were on at the time when I was making this post. I was asked to get it out as soon as I could, so I couldn’t wait around for someone to come online.

      And as Funks stated in his comment above, you’re not that important anyway, so why would I ask for an interview?

      • he was referencing my temp returns effect on the army, not my actual influence over the army. nice try to instigate tho

        • I’m not trying to instigate, I just don’t appreciate when you get tight with me because I didn’t interview you, and seeing that you’re apparently not as active as I originally thought, taking an interview with someone who hasn’t really been around and up to date on the situation wouldn’t be that smart

      • Change is a legend in WV and definitely a massive figurehead to this generation. Just not the recent rise in these last few weeks.

  7. well nachos will never multi long

    • One of the few things I like about Nachos loool

  8. nw do realise that even if their so called evidence against WV is true, it’s not at all relevant because Funks isn’t in the army any more..

  9. Okay.

  10. Verum is an abusive owner towards those he doesn’t like because he likes being a total assclown about them, wary

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