Night Rebels Declare War On Green Mercenaries

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Nation – After dropping one place in this weeks Top Ten, Night Rebels have declared war on the newly created Green Mercenaries. Will Night Rebels get the victory they’re looking for, or forever stay stagnant in the Top Ten?

Night Rebels have recently undergone a lot of changes in their leadership. They hired Rishron and Robot to lead their AUSIA division and Finwobbler was promoted to leader. Even though, Night Rebels have been unstable in the last couple of weeks they’ve declared war on the Green Mercenaries who are currently ranked tenth on this weeks Top Ten. Robot released a post declaring war on Green Mercenaries.

After a week of pondering, we have decided that it is time to declare war. I know that we aren’t in a good shape in both activity and sizes, but the leadership believes that this war will bring us exactly what we want. This community has yet to be cleansed from the disgusting multilogging armies.

Enough of this talking let me get straight to the point.

The Night Rebels hereby declare war on the multilogging, disgusting, frail Green Mercenaries.

The war schedule will be posted on Saturday as their wont be invasions until sunday.

Rules are that you’re not allowed to multilog (smirk), not allowed to hack, ddos etc etc we automatically receive your nation if any of the rules are broken.

Good luck, you’re going to need it.

Robot, Kyle103, Rishron, and Finwobbler

In this post, Night Rebels accuse Green Mercenaries of multilogging. They also admit that they’re not doing good currently and the leadership thinks that this will give them a size and activity boost. Night Rebels have an advantage because they have a AUSIA division led by two experienced leaders, a decent UK division and an US division which maxes 10.

Recent Practice Battle against Green Mercenaries.

Green Mercenaries issued a response to Night Rebels and have scheduled an invasion of Night Rebels’ during NR’s battle against Nachos and Ice Hounds for a place in the March Madness Final. Here is the post.

Hello mercenaries. Night Rebels decided to declare war on us because we “multilog”. I can’t understand how this can be a reason for war especially when in our PB they had half the troops online we had and even if we had 5 troops less (the amount of penguins they claim we have multilogged) it wouldn’t change anything. Anyways NR you disappointed me. I thought you were a serious army which would accept defeat and not try to cover it with stupid excuses. I thought you had a level. So, read more for our invasion times:

Here, Videogamer claims that Night Rebels declared war because they’re jealous of Green Mercenaries recent rise and sizes. They also claim that Night Rebels just can’t admit defeat and are using stupid excuses. Green Mercenaries UK Division maxes 25, while Night Rebel’s maxes 15. Green Mercenaries haven’t had an US event so far, but they’ve recently hired an US Leader and they’re AUSIA Division maxes 12.

Recent GM Event against NR.

Interview with Robot, Night Rebels Leader

Why did Night Rebels declare war on Green Mercenaries?

Because of their cocky leaders and of course, because of their multilogs.

Will Night Rebels defend North Pole on Saturday, even though there is a March Madness battle?

No, we’ll invade it back.

Any further comments?

Revolution of The Night.

Interview with Sir Wenny, Green Mercenaries Advisor

How do Green Mercenaries feel about Night Rebels declaring war?

Disappointed, they lost a practice battle against us and then started accusing us of multilogging, before finally declaring war.

Where the multilogging allegations true?

No, we don’t cheat, it runs the fun of CP Warfare.

Who do you think will win this war?

It will be a close one, so I can’t really say.

Any further comments?

The Green Wave Is Rising.

This war will be a close one. Night Rebels have been alive longer and have more experience than Green Mercenaries. Rishron and Robot are both experienced war commanders and should be able to defeat Green Mercenaries’ AUSIA Division. While, Green Mercenaries have a better UK Division which averages sizes of 25 and all of Green Mercenaries’ Leaders are UK. Night Rebels have a US Division while Green Mercenaries don’t. Both armies are unstable, with Green Mercenaries firing their creator, Popcorny and another leader Sam. Night Rebels have fallen since the retirement of Haroon and are struggling to get back into a stable position in the Top Ten. This war will be an interesting one, and will be hard one to predict.

What do YOU think? Will Night Rebels defeat Green Mercenaries? Will Green Mercenaries decimate Night Rebels? Comment YOUR Opinions and Predictions Below!


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