March Madness IV – Final Four Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s the penultimate round of this year’s March Madness, and the admin team have once again predicted who we think will advance to the final.


[2] Army of Club Penguin vs [7] Army Republic

The Army of Club Penguin coasted through the Elite Eight round after their opponents, the UMA, became unable to participate in their battle due to their shut-down. However, they held an event to replace the tournament battle, and achieved good sizes of around 35. The Army Republic, on the other hand, battled the Ice Hounds for their place in this round, winning due to their superior tactics and a size margin of around 6. Although AR have performed reasonably well so far, my opinion is that the experience of the ACP, coupled with their impressive recent sizes, is likely to thwart their victory.


My prediction – ACP
Goblin’s prediction – AR
Lorenzo’s prediction – ACP
Atticus’ prediction – ACP
CSY’s prediction – ACP

[3] Night Warriors vs. [5] Rebel Penguin Federation

In what was expected to be a closely matched battle last weekend, the Rebel Penguin Federation pulled off their victory due to better quality tactics and formations than their opponents, the Night Rebels. The Night Warriors, battling the Nachos, won due to better sizes and organisation. Both armies pulled off good performances, but the Night Warriors, due to their recent success and superior sizes, are the favourites to reach the final.


My prediction – NW
Goblin’s prediction – NW
Lorenzo’s prediction – NW
Atticus’ prediction – NW
CSY’s prediction – NW

[9] Nachos vs. [13] Ice Hounds vs. [6] Night Rebels

The Redemption Round, a face-off between all armies that were eliminated in the Elite Eight (except UMA), will conclude this weekend’s battles. The Night Rebels and Ice Hounds both lost their battles in a unanimous, 3-0, vote from the judges, whereas the Nachos lost to the Night Warriors in a 2-1 vote. This battle really is anyone’s to play for, but the Nachos, with a long history of succeeding as an underdog, may have a slight advantage.


My prediction – Nachos
Goblin’s prediction – Nachos
Lorenzo’s prediction – Nachos
Atticus’ prediction – Nachos
CSY’s prediction – Nachos

That’s all for the Final Four predictions. Did you agree with our thoughts? Who do you think will win this weekend’s battles? Comment below with YOUR opinions!

Supa Em

CPA Central Executive Producer


11 Responses

  1. Good luck to the NR and IH! May the best win! (Go AR!!!)

    • inb4 Nachos or Ice Hounds advance loools

  2. Honestly I want to see the Army Republic, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Night Rebels too but would be cool to see Ice Hounds too

  3. Who knocked out UMA curiously?

    • They weren’t able to go to the battle, so ACP won the battle against them by default.

      • Okay

  4. What happened to the return of Ice Warriors too?

  5. Didn’t I see a post?

  6. RIP PBK.


  8. Nachos forever. Mess with the best and die like the rest. Vivas los Nachos

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