Rising Army: Green Mercenaries

Update: Sam and Popcorny have been removed from the leadership.

GLACIER, Green Mercenaries Empire – Since returning less than two weeks ago, Green Mercenaries have reached 10th on the most recent Top Ten and are averaging sizes of 25 at events. Will Green Mercenaries become a stable army in the Top Ten, or end up as a S/M army once again?

Green Mercenaries were created on the 27th of September of 2013 by Popcorny5555 with the help of his friend Samsung. Green Mercenaries could only manage to max a bitter three, so Popcorny decided to retire. Then they started rising, achieving sizes of 7-10 consistently at events. Popcorny returned and Green Mercenaries were still on the rise, they ended up maxing 16 in an unscheduled battle, but they ended up participating in a short scuffle with the Ice Hounds which resulted in Green Mercenaries maxing five again and Green Mercenaries closing its doors.

Green Mercenaries returned under the leadership of Popcorny where they averaged 12-14 again, but they ended up closing again because the troops went inactive. Green Mercenaries returned under the leadership of Rockstar and Popcorny, they were able to max sizes of ten and defeated Frost Raiders and Red Troops because both armies were troop stealing. Green Mercenaries ended up merging into Water Vikings and stayed closed until this year.

Green Mercenaries returned in March of this year, Popcorny announced the return of Green Mercenaries in this short post.

Hey guys! Its Samsungy here,

I am prepared to come out of retirement to lead the Green Mercenaries one time again!This will probably be the last generation and should be the successful one! If you would like to join GM please go to and sign up on our join page or comment on here

Also We will be looking for another leader, preferably Popcorny, if he is unavaliable then I am open to other people requesting the role as leader. And also we are looking for 2 2ic’s and 3 3ics to be eligible for this opportunity please fill in the form!

Xat Name:

Army Experience:

To contact me please go to


Samsungy reopened Green Mercenaries and they were averaging 8-10 during their first week. They were able to be on this weeks Top Ten as tenth. Recently, they are undergoing a massive transformation in sizes and have went from maxing 10 to maxing 25. They defeated Night Rebels in a recent practice battle and have hired Sam21616, an Ice Warriors Veteran and Superhero123, a former Teutons Leader to join their leadership which has resulted in a massive boost in the UK Divison.

Most recent Green Mercenaries event.

Interview with Superhero123, Green Mercenaries Commander

Do you plan on hiring anymore leaders?

Yes, we are looking for AUSIA and US Commanders because we want to become stronger in those divisions.

Why did you join Green Mercenaries?

I joined Green Mercenaries because I had left Club Penguin Armies for a while and I wanted to make a return, so when my good friend asked me to lead Green Mercenaries it was a perfect chance for me.

Does Green Mercenaries have any plans for war?

Not something specific, however will start one soon to get more land.

Any further comments?

Join GMA for a cookie!

It seems Green Mercenaries have risen quite a bit and might be able to dethrone Night Rebels and take higher places in the Top Ten, but in the past they’ve soon died after rising. Superhero123 seems confident about Green Mercenaries being able to be consistent and the leadership all seem to be close friends. In my opinion, I think once the hype ends for Green Mercenaries, so will the army its self.

What do YOU think? Will Green Mercenaries die? Will they keep on rising? Comment Your Opinions Below!


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  1. Nice post :).

    • Thanks.

  2. Inb4 “CPAC special report, GM caught multilogging”

    • We don’t multilog

      • yes you do its obvious

        • We’re not that low that we have to cheat

        • Can you please not be the guy who accuses every army of multilogging no matter if they’re maxing 60 or maxing 10?

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