Flen Defaces Golds Site

Update: Ganger’s name has been cleared, as he has never had access to the Golds’ site.

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – Last Night, Ganger90, Golds Commander and Drflen, Light Troops Moderator decided to deface Golds site causing every post and page to be deleted. What does this mean for this new generation of Golds?

Yesterday, around 11 AM EST, Ben, Golds Advisor noticed that all the posts and pages had been deleted from the website. This came after Golds had placed 9th in this weeks Top Ten and had hit record sizes of 35 in March Madness. Golds have been led by notable leaders like Andrew24, B Batman3 and Lorenzo Bean in previous generations being able to reach sizes of 30 and defeating armies like the Underground Mafias Army.

Recent Golds Event.

Antonio96071 released a statement about the recent deface which blamed Drflen and Ganger90 for defacing the site:

Ave Golds,

Today around 10:40AM EST I was told by Ben who is “on leave” that the our website was badly defaced by someone that hacked our website. We’d like to thank Zuke for saving our backup files from January-February even thought most of the records are under his WP but luckily we have signatures added for most of them. I’m still working out on all the files from this month but we’re starting to look good again.

Ganger90, Flen and every other Golds’ traitor-hopper are immediately banished from Golds for participating in this act.

I know that after our intense rise back into power, we’ve been slowly falling back down but it doesn’t mean we’re giving up because we are


It is clear that Drflen and Ganger90 defaced the site, but their motives are unclear. Ganger joined Golds 3 weeks after closing down SWAT due to accusations of multilogging. Drflen is known for defacing armies and he defaced Army Republic a few months ago in a similar manner, but AR site was restored. Zuke was able to restore pages and posts dating back from January.

Interview with Miyls, Golds Leader

Why did Ganger and Flen deface Gold’s Site?

Ganger claims not to have, to be fair he didn’t have access to site and Flen’s motives are unknown to me.

How do you feel about the deface?

It has angered the entire ownership, so of course, I’m angry.

Do you plan on shutting down Golds?

No. In fact, we have huge plans for Golds.

Can you tell me what your plans are?

Not at this moment.

Any further comments?

The Gold Rush is coming.

Miyls seem confident that Golds will rise again and he seems to have plans in store for Golds. It is unclear what the future of Golds is and will they be able to achieve the sizes they achieved under Ganger90 and previous generations. Ganger90 and DrFlen have now recreated the Club Penguin Police Department alongside Nick and SuperJay, so it makes sense that they would have been in on this deface together.

What do YOU think about the deface? Will Golds rise to become a world power again? Will they fall into SMAC? What plans does Miyls have in store for Golds? Comment YOUR Opinion Below!


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23 Responses

  1. GG with the format nigga

  2. That’s pretty lame. The Golds are a respectable army who as far as I’m aware, haven’t started shit with anybody.

    As for Ganger, I XD’d pretty hard when I saw the members in chat talking in turns.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised seeing those same members on the CPPD chat.

  3. Down with Miyls.

  4. Bias

  5. War on CPPD

  6. Good post btw.

  7. Jesus, don’t f*cking hire Flen if HE HAS A HISTORY OF DEFACING WEBSITES!

    • At what point exactly does it say that the Golds hired Flen?

      • He still had access to the site, dumbass.

        • We obviously didn’t intend for him to have access, I’m not the dumbass that thought the Golds hired him in the first place.

    • Jesus, don’t f*cking let Phin (aka whale) comment if SHE HAS A HISTORY OF AUTISTIC COMMENTS ON CPAC!

      • “Whale” Lol that’s so old. Get with the program, bud. “Autistic commets” And yours aren’t? Gj.

        • i know you’re trying to hide your insecurities of your nudes but you know you did it
          or was it your sister?
          was it your cousin?
          or was it photoshopped?
          the world may never know!
          either way don’t try to act cool on a clubpenguin army news site

          • “You know you did it” Mmk. Nobody really cares anymore. Even if it WAS me, it would all be blown over by now anyways.

  8. flen is known as defacing

    • Ok? Well I didn’t had access to golds site lol! I am just being framed, but if you want to see me deface then I can use NR site as a test thingi. Wanna try it out fam?

      • Defacing the army you created. Shows how much of an asshole you really are.

  9. that’s hilarious lol.

  10. Flen is such an asshole. If you want your army destroyed and your site ruined, give Flen a call. He’s not a good leader and he can’t be trusted, so why people keep trusting him is beyond me.

    • He’s a 14 year old brat.

      • yeah no kidding


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