March Madness IV: Final Four Times

UPDATE: The date of the Night Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation has been moved back to Saturday as opposed to Sunday. The times have also been changed as well. We apologize for the inconvenience


Can you smell that in the air? Thats the smell of combat. We’re coming down to the wire here, folks. The victors of this weeks competitions will advance to the Championship round, where one lucky little lady will be crowned March Madness IV Tournament Champion and receive a virtual trophy that signifies bragging rights for years to come. Doesn’t the idea make you feel tingly all over? Read on for the times!

The rules are as follows:

  • No army may enter the designated battle room before a judge calls the start of the battle.
  • No use of allies.
  • No use of bots, multilogging, hacking, or threats.
  • Any other instances of foul play can and will be punished.
  • Judges will judge on size, tactics, organization, and consistency.
  • Sweet Sixteen battles will be 20 minutes each with no room change.
  • Elite Eight and Final Four battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the halfway point.
  • Championship battle will be 45 minutes with two room changes.
  • If no winner can be determined within the given time, a 10-minute overtime will be initiated.

All battles will be held on Klondike unless otherwise stated.

All battle rooms will be announced at the time of the battle.

Final Four Schedule:

Saturday, March 26th 

  [2] Army of Club Penguin vs [7] Army Republic







[3] Night Warriors vs. [5] Rebel Penguin Federation

* The Night Warriors will participate as blue for this battle.

6:30 PM GMT

2:30 PM EST

1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 AM PST


Redemption Round Schedule

Saturday, March 26th 

 [9] Nachos vs. [13] Ice Hounds vs. [6] Night Rebels







No, there hasn’t been an error. No, your eyes do not deceive you. We’re introducing the Redemption Round. All the participants who were previously eliminated from competition during the Elite Eight, with the exception of UMA, are invited to attend a Redemption Round. Whoever proves victorious in this battle will advance to the Championship round. The Championship round will be a 3-way battle between the three victors of the Final Four and the Redemption Round.



The second highest ranked Pokebot player in all of XAT 


50 Responses

  1. I’m sorry, are you asking NW to fight on Easter Sunday?

    • I must agree with you. Most people in RPF will be celebrating the date.

  2. Oh, I think you meant final seven XD . Gg, Goblin.

    • Stfu Nacho.

  3. I agree. Are you guys serious? Fighting on Easter Sunday? People in both armies will be celebrating the special occasion. This is just a suggestion, but, you could move RPF vs NW to Saturday at 7PM Gmt, 3pm EST.

    • I’m not in either of those armies and I agree with you.

      • Easter Sunday is American, not everyone will celebrate on Sunday. UK celerates on Monday. “Easter Monday” In your case, yea, you fight on Easter Sunday. Easter is on Moday for me sooo =P

        • Easter Sunday is Christian you twit.

          • depends on where you live.

        • stfu, you don’t live in the UK.

          • Ask Gob to check my Ip 🙂 Pretty sure it says London UK.

            • Or is that your cheap ass VPN?

              • Lol what VPN?

        • Easter is on Sunday you retard, it doesn’t have anything to do with what country you’re from it’s about what religion you are

          • I celebrate on Sunday, but spend time with fam on Monday, so it always feels like “Easter Monday”

            • Lol, Easter Monday is just a bank holiday, so stop bullshitting plz.

              • No dip sh*t mate. People celebrate differently. 🙂

                • Are you saying because you see your family the following day after Easter it’s actually Easter Monday for all of the United Kingdom?

                  • Seconded. Easter Sunday is the festival, Easter Monday is the day after. You may hold celebrations on the Monday, but this is not a custom representative of the whole of the UK – it is merely a Bank Holiday.

                  • I never said that.

                    • You did try to claim that UK celebrates Easter on the Monday…

                    • It was meant to be a joke…

                    • I live in UK and we don’t celebrate Easter Monday at all

  4. I honestly think this redemption round thing is unfair. They lost, it is over. And battling on Easter… That is just a joke.

    • Agreed.

    • Ryan shut the hell up, your only this far because the easy opponents…….. that you faced.

      • Your own idiocy drives me to have mercy, as I would give any mentally disabled human being. For the truth is that all you are is a pathetic weakling that whines and begs for ranks. I encourage for you to find your suitable rank among Toy’s ranks once more, where your soon to come ‘your mommy’ jokes can be properly appreciated. Peace. -Ryan.

        • Lmao are you insane, how was my sentence idiotic? You need to lose an extra chromosome pal.

          • You continue to prove me correct, as I was referring to yourself, not your sentence. Now shut the hell up before I cage your mouth shut.

            • Lmao cage my mouth shut? Explain how you’ll do that.

              • Perhaps by wrapping a silver wire around your jaw and caging it shut. Now shut it.

                • B-BUT I’m behind a computer screen.

                  • Then I will go to your home and do the work.

                    • Damn thats scary.

                    • Ik, and cool.

                • XD XD XD

        • And my mom jokes? What king of drugs are you on atm?? please inform me.

  5. So let me get this straight. We are going to have a duel between most likely the following 3 armies: Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, and Night Warriors on the first April weekend. Which means armies will most likely fight in 3 different rooms, the server could turn 3 bars, which draws in rouges, and these are the same 3 armies that were the cause of World war 5. Not to mention ACP and Nachos are in the middle of a war. Plus there is this joke of a redemption round. Is there a new drug going around here? Who on earth or in hell thinks this can work? This will be so biased to the point where the losing armies of the championship may get the bright idea to raid the CPAC hq at Klondike. Which the winning army will come to CPAC’s aid. Which may start even a bigger war across all armies. This can’t end well

    • lol what

  6. Lmfao. UK celebrates it on Sunday.

  7. Sports, please do not type novels for a comment.

    • It was one paragraph. Can you not read?

      • No i really think it was a novel about your Nw life story.

  8. a novel*

  9. Goodluck at the battle!

  10. Lol what VPN?

    • can someone delete this comment? Didn’t realize it posted twice…

  11. It bothers me that you still comment on this site Phin. Please leave, I scroll down to get passed your comments, but you comment like 20 times per post. I’ve used every roast in the book, I don’t even know what to say to you. The fact that you’re still on this site even though you’ve been roasted to the point of being overcooked.

    • I agree.

  12. Hello. GMA changed website because our old one got defaced. Our new one is . Please see this for our event pictures.

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