March Madness IV: Sweet Sixteen Recap

march madness 4

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – After a weekend of intense battles between 17 tenacious contenders, we witness the emergence of 8 victorious armies that have now earned their place in the next round.

Underground Mafias Army // Defenders of Penguins // Ice Warriors


UMA Digs Their Way to Victory (an artist’s rendition of the battle)

Note: No picture of the battle was readily available.

Commencing our annual March Madness tournament was a scheduled three-way showdown between the Underground Mafias Army, an army that has subjugated CPAC’s Top 10 throughout the last weeks, the Ice Warriors, an army that has only recently been revived after a period of prolonged hibernation and the Defenders of Penguins, a resolute contender within the S/M army community.

The UMA and the DP battled it off in the stadium, with UMA dominating with sizes of 15+ against DP’s sizes of 7. The Ice Warriors seemed to have no intentions of showing up to the battle, and at the :05 mark, were deemed to have forfeited their position in the tournament. 15 minutes into the battle, a room change was announced and the respective armies moved to the cove. The UMA retained sizes of 15+, but the Defenders were hit hard with the room change and dropped to sizes of 5.

With great tactics from both ends but an obvious size advantage over the smaller army, the UMA were eventually rendered victorious with a 3-0 vote, securing them a spot in the Elite Eight.

Winner: Underground Mafias Army


Water Vikings // Rebel Penguin Federation


RPF Rebels Against the Rising Tide

Moving on to perhaps the closest and most controversial battle yet is the clash between the Water Vikings and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Starting off at the Snow Forts, the Water Vikings immediately pulled off sizes of 25+ against RPF’s sizes of 22+. At the half-time mark, both armies moved to the ice berg, where the Water Vikings saw an increase in size to a max of 27, whilst the RPF dropped slightly and achieved sizes of 19+.

While both armies demonstrated excellent leadership during the execution of tactics, the RPF had a tactical advantage, firing emotes and chanting phrases in rapid succession. With both armies attaining similar sizes, the RPF were eventually crowned the victors with a 3-0 vote.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation


Night Warriors // Darth Brads


Night Warriors Cast a Shadow over the Darth Brads

The battle began with the Night Warriors logging on to the pool, where they achieved a respectable size of 30+. Firing a succession of well-executed tactics, they waited for signs of their enemy. However, the Darth Brads did not show up, and thus the Night Warriors automatically progress onto the next round.

Winner: Night Warriors


Army Republic // Chaos


Army Republic Ends Chaos Within Republic

The Saturday battles ended with the clash between two historically prominent armies – the Army Republic and Chaos. The two powers first faced off in the stadium, where the Army Republic managed to attain sizes of 20+ against Chaos’ 7 troops. At the half-time mark, a room change to the Ice Berg was announced, and whilst the Army Republic suffered from a slight drop to sizes of 18, the Chaos saw an increase to a troop count of 11. With good tactics from either side, the battle eventually concluded with AR winning by a 2-1 vote.

Winner: Army Republic


Army of Club Penguin // Sky Rebels


Army of Club Penguin Flies High

The Army of Club Penguin turned out to be the victors of the Sweet Sixteen tournament against the Sky Rebels. They attained sizes of 36+ and had amazing tactics. The Sky Rebels decided not to show up against the Army of Club Penguin, and the Army of Club Penguin thus automatically proceed onto the next round.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin


Night Rebels // Wild Ninjas


The Night Rebels secured a victory over the Wild Ninjas in the first round, maxing sizes of 19+ against the Wild Ninjas’ 12+. Equally matched in terms of the quality and consistency in tactics, the victory was eventually given to the Night Rebels due to their dominance in size.

Winner: Night Rebels


Redemption Force // Ice Hounds

With the Redemption Force merging into the Night Warriors earlier on this month, the Ice Hounds were rendered the automatic victory in this round, and will proceed onto the Elite Eight.

Winner: Ice Hounds


Nachos // Golds


Nachos Interrupt a Gold Rush

Witnessing another tense battle between two popular contenders, the final Sweet Sixteen battle saw the Nachos facing off the Golds. The Nachos maxed sizes of 26+ while the Golds managed sizes of 16+. Dominating in both sizes and tactics, the Nachos took home the win in a 3-1 vote.

Winner: Nachos


Were your predictions for the winners of the Sweet Sixteen correct? With only 8 armies left, who do YOU think will earn the ultimate title as the victor of the annual March Madness?


CP Army Central Vice President


CP Army Central Associate Producer


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  1. Furst lol

  2. “With both armies attaining similar sizes”

    “Water Vikings saw an increase in size to a max of 27, whilst the RPF dropped slightly and achieved sizes of 19+”


  3. cpac r fucking hilarious lmao

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