March Madness IV: Elite Eight Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – Last weekend was the start of our annual March Madness tournament, where we narrowed 16 armies down to just 8. This upcoming weekend we’re going to break those 8 in half. Read on for our predictions for the upcoming Elite Eight round of the tournament.


[1] Underground Mafias Army vs. [2] Army of Club Penguin

Our opening battle for the Elite Eight promises us excitement, as our two highest seeded armies are now at odds fairly early on in the competition.

The Underground Mafias newest incarnation has proven themselves a force to be reckoned with since their grand return, however, their sheer overwhelming size can be partially accredited to the Mafias relationship with a CPPS. The fact that this generation of the UMA has been around the community about as long as their troops have results in a potent force in regards to size, but highly untested in tournament battles. The Army of Club Penguin, on the other hand, proved themselves as a competitor during the Sweet Sixteen with overwhelming sizes of 35+. Since their original seeding, the Army of Club Penguin have since fallen out of the Top 3 entirely, dropping to 7th place. Despite their sudden drop, the Army of Club Penguin bring more tournament experienced troops and leaders to the table.

I predict a narrow ACP victory.

Goblin’s prediction: ACP

Supa’s prediction: UMA

Atticus’s prediction: ACP

CSY’s prediction: ACP


[13] Ice Hounds vs. [7] Army Republic

During the second battle of the Elite Eight we’re witnessing the battle hardened Army Republic square off against the far less experienced Ice Hounds.

During the Sweet Sixteen, the Army Republic decimated Chaos and advanced to the next round with sizes of 20+. The Ice Hounds, on the other hand, received a by to the Elite Eight due to the deaths of their scheduled opponents. This battle will be their first ever CPAC tournament battle. Although their size fluctuates, the Ice Hounds have proven capable of averaging sizes of 15+. I believe that this, in cooperation with the ambition that comes along with novelty, will be enough to topple the Army Republic.

I predict a moderate Ice Hounds victory.

Goblin’s prediction: IH

Supa’s prediction: AR

Atticus’s prediction: AR

CSY’s prediction: AR


[3] Night Warriors vs. [9] Nachos

In the penultimate match-up of our Elite Eight, we pit the juggernaut Night Warriors against the tournament-tested Nachos in what promised to be one of the closest battles of the day.

No one can deny the sheer force that is the Night Warriors and their sudden rise to power over the past few months. The Night Warriors are currently led by highly experienced leaders, equipped with battle-tested troops. The Night Warriors have remained a consistent presence in the Top 3, and have longed since earned World Power status. However, this it their first participation in a CPAC tournament since their recreation. The Nachos, on the other hand, have carved quite a reputation for emerging victorious from the underdog position during tournaments. However, I don’t think the Nachos penchant for tournament events is going to be enough to earn them a triumph over the overwhelming force of the Night Warriors.

I predict a clear Night Warriors victory.

Goblin’s prediction: NW

Supa’s prediction: NW

Atticus’s prediction: Nachos

CSY’s prediction: NW

[5] Rebel Penguin Federation vs. [6] Night Rebels  

The closing battle of the Elite Eight pits two very closely seeded armies together.

Both of these armies are highly experienced, and are no stranger to conflict. The Rebel Penguin Federation pulled off a narrow victory against the Water Vikings with sizes of 25+ during the Sweet Sixteen. The Night Rebels pulled their victory off with sizes of just under 20. I expect tactics to remain paralleled, however, slight size advantage will secure a victory for the Federation.

Goblin’s prediction: RPF

Supa’s prediction: RPF

Atticus’s prediction: RPF

CSY’s prediction: RPF 

Let us know what YOU think! Who will advance to the Final Four? Do you agree or disagree with our predictions? Who wins in Batman vs Superman? Voice YOUR opinions in the comments down below! 

Joseph Gobbels 

Minister Of Propaganda For The CPAWM Party


15 Responses


  2. Nice job at Ice Hounds for being the cinderella here wows

    • haha

      • Real


  3. Slap the idiot who thinks the Nachos are going to defeat the Night Warriors. #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT #DARKNESSBEFOREDAWN

  4. Nachos

  5. Sports you suck XD XD X D X D X D X C XDS

    • Say’s the nachos.

      • we have not died have we????

  6. so you say rpf max 22 to 19 in the recap and all of a sudden they maxed 25? what the fuck is wrong with cpac lol?

    • Nobody forces you to read. Nobody forces you to comment.

      You were offered a position here. A very high one. If you don’t like the content we post here, you had the opportunity to create something better. You rejected the offer.

      Honestly Change, you’re a good guy, I respect you, but you have a tendency to look about things to bitch about instead of actually doing anything meaningful with your critique.

  7. Someone doesn’t doesn’t know stuff.

    “This battle will be their first ever CPAC tournament battle.”

    The Ice Hounds have participated in two tournaments prior to this one, and they also have been around for a couple years.

    • I meant of this generation.

  8. hope itz a gud batle

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