Redemption Force Merges Into Night Warriors

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – The Redemption Force, who were able to reach sizes up to 20+ under the leadership of Konrad, Andy and Wenny have decided to merge into the Night Warriors, currently 2nd on the Top 10.

The Night Warriors, led by Toysoldier, Verum, and Drake have led the army to great heights during the current recreation of the army. Toysoldier and Drake together have led the Night Warriors to sizes of 45+ and have reached 1st in the Top 10 multiple times, leaving us not confused about why the Redemption Force would want to merge with them over anyone else.


Night Warriors event with Konrad and Reacon as leader. Maxed 30+

The Redemption Force, mainly led by Konrad and the armies creator and head advisor, Reacon, were able to reach amazing heights in Redemption Force including multiple positions in the Top 10 and also appearing in the Top 5. The Redemption Force averaged sizes of 15-20. Recently, the Redemption Force has been falling in size and as an army. Following the falling of the Redemption Force, they were defaced by the 2 former leaders, Wenny and Security. The post written by Konrad can be found HERE. A small excerpt from the post for examination.

Hello RF, as you can tell site has been defaced by two defenders leaders, Wenny and Security. Wenny,  I am disappointed in you as you have been in RF for a few months now and you choosing to betray us makes me mad. And as for Security, I really don’t know who you are so idk what to say. Anyways, RF will be in lockdown until we get site fixed and get everything handled.

     In the post Konrad talks about how the 2 leaders, Wenny and Security have been in Redemption Force for months, helping out with the army, but it took a turn for the worse when they decided to deface the Redemption Force site. He also mentions that Redemption Force is only in lockdown, which makes us wonder if there will be a return.


Redemption Force under the leadership of Konrad.

Konrad is now leading the Night Warriors alongside his former Redemption Force advisor, Reacon. The new leadership of Night Warriors consists of Drake, Toysoldier, Verum, Reacon and Konrad. The Night Warriors leadership looks pretty solid and it seems they’ll have a good chance in the March Madness tournament. We had a few questions about the merge, so we asked one of the former Redemption Force leaders, Konrad, a few questions about the merge.

Interview with Konrad, Night Warriors Leader


Trader: Why did the Redemption Force decide to merge into the Night Warriors?

Konrad: After RF got defaced by a former leader, Reacon and I went inactive for a week but the same time we gone WV stole many of our owners and lied to them saying RF merged into WV. Still having many loyal troops, Reacon and I decided that it would be a good idea to bring the spirit of RF to another army and start fresh. Which we chose our close allies, the Night Warriors

Trader: What plans do you and Reacon have for the Night Warriors?

Konrad: We plan to make it the greatest army in the community and to destroy anyone who stands in our way.

Trader: Reacon was just an advisor of Redemption Force, is he an advisor of Night Warriors? Or has he officially joined the army?

Konrad: He has officially joined Night Warriors as a leader also.

Trader: Do you have any targets for war?

Konrad: Currently we are at with IH but, Reacon and I wish to (In the future) to annihilate WV for being major troop stealers and being majority a friend list/help army with no true or loyal troops.

Trader: Any last comments?

Konrad: We Are The Might Of The Night

     During the interview with Konrad he gives us a lot of information about the merge with Night Warriors. At first he talks about how the Water Vikings started to steal troops from Redemption Force after they were defaced, which from the looks of it, will lead to a war later on. He also says that Reacon, Redemption Force Creator, will also be leading the army alongside him.

Will Night Warriors rise under the leadership of Reacon and Konrad? Will the Night Warriors go to war with the Water Vikings? Will this merge help the Night Warriors secure the win for the March Madness?

Tell us in the comments!


Editor In Chief


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  1. lol

  2. Wait what? When did RF even reopen? Lmfao

  3. Redemption Force…
    …my 3nd Favourite amry….
    no way…
    Meh… #legends_never_dying 😀 (I belive, RF back)

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