Night Warriors Declare War On Ice Hounds

UPDATE #1: Ice Hounds have just surrendered and formally apologized for all false accusations against the Night Warriors.

FOG, Night Warriors Capital –  After an impressive Top Ten placement, the Night Warriors have declared war upon the newly placed Top Ten newbies, the Ice Hounds. This has sprung up a large out bringing of feuds and accusations.

After receiving a second place on this week’s Top Ten, the Night Warriors announced that they will be declaring war on the Ice Hounds for several reasons. Verum announced the declaration of war, along with their reasons. In addition, Verum posted a meaningful speech to his fellow troops. An excerpt from his post can be seen below:

The Night Warriors declare war on Ice Hounds. Why? Because they’ve been a nuisance every since they were created, Dominus and Botsamillion think they’re hard and when you PB them they won’t even stay in a room for longer than a minute. We’ll take every server you own and leave Ice Hounds for dead. Ice Hounds are like an annoying fly that flies around your room and gets swatted. We will invade their capital tomorrow and I guess Green Marines can help take their nation as well.

-Verum, NW Commander

From the looks of things, Verum implies that a main motive for the declaration against IH was due to a previous practice battle that took place between the two armies where the Ice Hounds sparked some bad blood for battling unprofessionally and for their leadership being a consistent annoyance. Afterwards Verum goes off and reveals their planned invasion of their Capital along with letting well known small/medium army Green Marines assist in attacking if they wanted to.

With the announcement clear and the declaration posted, NW logged in nearly a day after to take control of IH’s capital, facing nearly no response and no opposition.  NW reached sizes of 40+. Below is a picture taken from the results of their invasion:

NW’s invasion of Hockey

Current Ice Hounds leader, Dominus, responded to later that day.  In this post, he “fired shots” at NW along with its leadership.  He also revealed his recent situation and involvement along with other “threats” received from NW. Below is an excerpt from IH’s response:

Unfortunately,  the Ice Hounds don’t condone hacking/ddosing/multilogging/bot raiding/child pornography/pedophillia. With that, the Night Warriors can go ahead and invade our servers. We don’t really care, once they are done invading, they won’t be able to do anything else, so their wish of “Complete Ice Hound Annihilation” will not happen. 

Dominus, Ice Hounds Leader

After throwing around pictures of a conversation held with NW he went on to state that Ice Hounds didn’t condone or allow any kind of hacking or other things of the sort. Soon after he stated he’d ignore the invasions NW planned and go on ahead with his very own invasions. The post is followed with 3 invasions of Night Warriors main servers.

With Night Warriors back with once again impressive sizes and Ice Hounds becoming a reoccurring new Top Ten Army this war is bound to get more heated and interesting. While IH and it’s leaders seem to have taken the offensive. The same could be said for NW – who have already made the first move and taken their capital.


I think this will be a fun conflict to look out for! With quick responses and heated arguments this will only get better. Lets hope both armies can meet up for a few confrontations soon enough

What do YOU think about Night Warriors declaring war on Ice Hounds? What do YOU think about Ice Hound’s response? What do YOU think about all the accusations being thrown around?


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

Bad-Grammar Machine



9 Responses

  1. The Night Warriors (the Hitler fetish army with the multilogging leader) are declaring war on us because, apparently, we are “faggots” and “cancer” to the army community. Armies are dying and armies such as Night Warriors are the reason for it. They don’t understand the concept of fun.

    • True.

  2. Ice Hounds win this war. 99.99%

    • We just won. NW Victory.

  3. I cba to comment my opinion because some nimrod will call me a jewboy and say “lol ur dating a jew lol u suck”

  4. Honestly, I don’t really care if we’re at war, but if they decide to get dirty and start trying to ddos/dox, then that’s just lame.

  5. Guys you do know that even if you defeat the night, then the sun will rise. And when the sun is out, the ice melts. #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT

  6. ooo shittttttt

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