Top Ten Armies: 3/13/16

Update 2:09pm EST: Army Republic’s score has been edited, and the order adjusted.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In this week’s Top Ten, most armies have made improvements in their scores, and a former SMAC army makes a surprising debut, making up for an extremely low average size with event quality.


1. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [80.19]

2. Night Warriors [+1] [73.00]

3. Golds [+3] [64.08]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][64.00]

5. Water Vikings [NEW!] [62.50]

6. Night Rebels [+1] [62.15] 

7. Army of CP [-5] [61.79] 

8. Army Republic [+0] [54.00]

9. Ice Hounds [+0] [53.00]

10. Striking Soldiers [NEW!] [52.00] 

Click here for the full statistics.


1. Underground Mafias Army: UMA started off the week with a cleansing of Fluffy where they averaged 30. The next day, UMA had an ausia in which they maxed 20, on the same day they had a training session on Fluffy. Heading towards the end of the week the Underground Mafias Army had an ausia tactics session with an average of 25 and a UK tactic session, maxing 25+. The Underground Mafias Army ended the big week with an ausia training session where they reached sizes up to 13.


2. Night Warriors: NW started off the week with a bang, holding a training session on Fog where they maxed 40+. They also had a practice battle versus the Ice Hounds, maxing 40+ and coming out with a victory. Later on in the week the Night Warriors held a training session for the upcoming tournament where they got up to 20+ troops. A few days later the Night Warriors held another training session for the tournament, getting sizes of 30+. Night Warriors were able to max 30+ at the first round of the March Madness.

3. Golds: The Golds kick-started their week with an AUSIA training session where they achieved sizes of 11+ as well as a US training session maxing 28. They then held a UK recruiting session where they attained sizes of 17+ as well as a US training event with sizes of 15. Towards the end of the week, the Golds held an AUSIA with sizes of 18 as well as a PB against the Night Rebels where they claimed victory with 26+ online.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: With their recent declaration of war against the Army Republic, the Rebel Penguin Federation began their week with an invasion of Christmas in which they claimed victory with sizes of 19+. On the same day, they successfully defended Tuxedo, attaining sizes of 15+. The following day saw yet another defense where they maxed 9 and a battle over Icebound where they claimed victory with sizes of 12+. They went on to display their prominent UK force in a defense of Wind Chill maxing 15+ amidst no opposition. Successfully invading AR server Icebound with sizes of 13+, they defended their new-found territory two days later with sizes of 11+ against no opposition. With the impending retirement of RPF leader Clout, the RPF ended the week off facing the Water Vikings in CPAC’s March Madness, where they were deemed victorious in a 3-0 vote.


5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings made their return this week with a UK training session where they reached 22 online. The following day, their UK had a recruiting/training session and maxed 22 again. At the next UK recruiting/training session, WV topped off at 25. They faced RPF in the March Madness Tournament and maxed 30 during the battle. Lastly, they had another UK training event with a top size of 23. 

6. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels held a total of 3 events this week. Night Rebels started off the week with a training session on North Pole where they maxed 22+. The Night Rebels also held an ausia training event on Blizzard, maxing 20+. The Night Rebels finished off the week with a practice battle vs. Golds, they were able to reach sizes up to 20+.

7. Army of CP: ACP kicked things off this week with a recruiting/training session, reaching 35 troops online. Then, they did a training session and maxed 20. Their AUSIA division had an unscheduled recruiting session, peaking at 23. At a practice battle with the Red Hippos, ACP maxed 20. Lastly, their UK division had a training session and topped off at 18. 

8. Army Republic: AR began their week with a battle against RPF on Icebound, which they maxed 12 at. Then, they beat Chaos in the first round of the March Madness Tournament, topping off at 23 troops in the process. 

9. Ice Hounds: The Ice Hounds’ first event this week was an unscheduled training session where they maxed 11. After that, they reached their best size of the week, 21, at a recruiting and training session. Then, they battled the Night Warriors with a top size of 11. At a U-Lead event, IH maxed 8. Lastly, they did another recruiting session, reaching 15 online.

10. Striking Soldiers: The Striking Soldiers, formerly known as the Strikers of Club Penguin, had multiple events every day this week, most of them only seeing a top sizes of 3-5. However, towards the end of the week their numbers began to rise. They maxed 9 at a training session on Thursday, then 7 at another training the next day. SS peaked at 8 while invading Vanilla, and closed the week by raiding Alpine with a top size of 9.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer 


CPA Central Associate Producer


CPA Central Vice President


37 Responses

  1. First, and good work UMA.

  2. Probably the most inactive CPAC has ever been. We’re already thirteen days into March and only 10 posts have been made thus far.

    • Hi Bquik, stop by RPF some time to say hello. 😛

    • Rekt

  3. We did it again Golds! GOLDS GOLDS GOLDS! Told you guys all we did was worth it.


    • Gold flex!

  5. Nice work UMA. Don’t worry ACP we will clean up next week.

  6. Good job, UMA

  7. Fight the good fight!

  8. Nachos kicked from TOP 10!

  9. CPAC missed out a WV event where we maxed 25, and then understated our March Madness sizes by 5 as well as voting us 3-0 out when we had a 11-13 size advantage throughout the battle. You have hit an all time low congrats

    • wv total size = 22+22+25+25+35+23 / 6 = 25.3r
      rpf total size = 19+15+9+16+13+11+22 / 8 = 13.25

      also i love how you don’t mention rpfs max in the march madness. fix your shit cpac

      • Are you still crying about the 4-0 vote? Holy shit shut up. Just because RPF gave you an asskick doesn’t mean you have to cry about it for a week. But whatever right. Wv 3 time champs. Also descriptions don’t go into calculations.

        • ‘gave you an asskick’

          jesus when is gob gonna fix this dumb motherfucker up

          • Change is right, Trader. WV should’ve won, but all you motherfuckers kiss RPF’s ass. When will CPAC fix their shit? I dunno, but it better happen fast, or there’s gonna be a lot of hate going towards CPAC.

  10. The pictures shown here are confusing. UMA and NW both got a perfect 30 for tactics, and yet the pictures shown have some penguins not doing tactics. Meanwhile, the picture for ACP has only one person not doing tactics in that photo yet we go 27. :s

    • ACP’s event quality is off, we had one battle which would mean our score hould be up by 2 points – please fix it and also check out the bloody tactics once again

  11. How Green Mercenaries arent 10th we have been averaging 11

    • The Striking Soldiers got 10th and 3rd on SMAC the GMA army got 5th on SMAC.

      • 10th on CPAC

      • 4th actually

    • Isn’t that hard to solve


  13. in wild ninjas…they have feed, you should learn feed them :/

  14. Ice Hounds is on there twice.

  15. the jews caused ACP to fall in the top 10

    • Lmfao that bit much omg

    • wtf…

  16. How are the Stirking Soldiers better than Wild Ninjas :s

  17. Fascinating now UMA’s truly legendary

  18. Good top 10 by the way lols

  19. Not bad. Golds are 3rd.

  20. golds will rise

  21. This top 10 changed a lot over the last 3 months…


  23. Great job striking soldiers!!

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