UMA – Becoming a Colonial Empire Yet Again?

UMAMMOTH, Soviet UMA’s Capital – The Underground Mafia Army’s recent elevation in the army community has brought back an idea that is not new, but has been mostly forgotten by the majority of the population of armies.

UMA’s sudden elevation to power, with astounding sizes, have surprised many in the community, most cerebrating that the UMA saga was dead after Daniel and Wgfv decided to pull the plug during October of 2014, UMA has had sizes not commonly seen by the majority of the army community in  quite a while. Getting 30-40s at a few events, and just recently they’ve introduced back a concept visually perceived as a bad deed within in CP armies – Colonization.

To understand colonization we first must wind the clock all the way back to 2010 when the Underground Mafias Army first introduced the concept to the CPA Community. During that time, the UMA were in an intense war with the DCP, and wanted to colonize their empire. In the end, the DCP had no other option and their Empire was coerced into colonization – that was seen as the first known time stamp in CPA history of colonization becoming a reality.

Some carry the opinion that colonization seems like nothing more than a mere turn-predicated strategy game for them (UMA) to fiddle with the system in order to “forfend” the armies while endeavoring to defend their own agendas. If this is the case then the UMA, as well as the coalition they are with, The Power Alliance, look akin to a rather immensely colossal force that smaller armies can’t surmount.

The UMA forming a Swastika

The UMA have also released a post stating that they will be taking the peaceful approach towards gathering colonies. Here is the post:

What we’ll give you:

  • Uma’s full protection – We will come in our uniform and fight for you during wars when you require it.
  •  Server Share – We will share all our servers with you, and you will be able to recruit and train on them. This will help you a lot during wars as well.
  • Advertisement – We will put your army’s banner on our website and advertise you, which could bring in recruits to your army and withal more popularity.
  • Chat rank – Depending on how sizably battle-strong and rank-wise your army is, you will become an owner or moderator on our chat

What you must give us:

  • Servers when needed – We may ask you to share some servers with us in times of need. You must accept at anytime.

  • Help during consequential battles – During war times, we may need your army to come and assist us in our uniform. Take note that we will only be asking  during paramount war battles.

This is new given that the past of UMA is relatively clouded when it comes to taking the tranquil approach to colonization. For example, in 2013, when under the leadership of Daniel and Wgfv, the UMA decided that it was a good idea to declare war on SWAT, and attempt to colonize them. This was later disputed by the leader of SWAT, Ganger90, who verbalized to both UMA and the SWAT that the colonization of the army was inequitable and unlawful.

I managed to grab an interview with the leader of the UMA just before one of their events occured, this is what he had to say on the matter.


Interview with Joseph, UMA Leader

Me: Red
Joseph: Black

What do you see for the future of the Underground Mafias Army with your recent post being released on the newly-ordered colonization of smaller armies? 

If you’ve read the post you would understand that we have 0 hostile intentions towards the smaller armies of this community. We aren’t putting the force in we would have all of those years ago under Wgfv and Daniel. We are transmuting the UMA-System and the way we work things for the better. We’re not taking the truculent route because it only causes problems for us, something that we’re hoping to eschew for the time being.

 Do you think that UMA will be able to hold all of these colonies without any of them rebelling against you?

What possible reason would they have to revolt against us? As the post states, we have zero intention to invade armies if they decline to become our colony. They have the option – but if the options we’re giving them fall flat then they just don’t have to fill out the form to become a part of the UMA empire. It’s always good to assist smaller armies and help them prosper, and that is what our goal is. There is no cache to this.

Do you see this as a long term thing or a short term thing?

We got bored and decided upon bringing back our colonial empire so once we get bored of it we’ll probably just give the armies their independence back and just sanction them to do whatever they want.


What do you think will happen? Will the UMA become a consistent Colonial Empire once again or do you believe that they will shift their ideals to a more sinister wave length? 



CP Army Central Editor-n-Chief



23 Responses

  1. ok mate

  2. Bam take UMA’s lesson colonize peacefully! Do not try to threaten armies with Order 67.

    • Order 73*

      • Better yet don’t colonize at all, ever.

  3. UMA

  4. UMA has had more generations then they’ve had leaders.

    • UMA has had 2 generations. Check your facts before you go all in.

  5. If you’re making swatsikas on cp you’re worse than the rest of us. we the normal people of cp armies do not go on cp purposely making attacks on other Religions. We the normal people do not call people “autistic”because of the way they act. We do not multilog nor edit pictures. I’d like to quote one of my idols in cp armies, Wii Mountain from WW. His most famous quote is “Play the game right” If you’re cheating just to get more penguins on a game designed for 8 year old’s you’re less mature than the people you claim are autistic.

    • the nazis saved germany

      • cringes to death

        • they actually did save germany though. the wall street crash in oct 1929 resulted in the americans retracting their dawes plan loans to germany, putting weimars germany in an economic depression, resulting in 6 million unemployed. this is where the nazis come in. from hitlers grant of chancellorship in 1933 to the first invasion of poland in 1939, unemployment was reduced by 95%, with work programs such as the RAD or Strength Through Joy being implemented, while simultaneously creating the largest motorways to exist, and achieving autarky, complete rearmament and economical security in just 4 years. the only thing they got fatally wrong was the failed operation barbarossa (invasion of russia) in 1941.

          • regardless, cp armies =/= WW2/nazi germany

          • I also took History GCSE!! 🙂

    • Lol I remember Bri surrendering to me in 2010. RIP.

      • when UMA was actually decent

        • To Fluffy- you’re an irrelevant faggot who is better off gone like WW. Please insert 20 foot longs in your asshole.

          • You’re the death of humanity you arrogant dick, you don’t even know me.

        • shut up you you you you you you you di di di ick dick dickface *sweats*

    • No offence but we are in no place to shun UMA:

  6. Lolk

  7. These comments are getting good

  8. Damn uma back at it again with the imperialism

    • Kys faqqot

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