March Madness IV – Sweet Sixteen Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With only a few days before the 4th annual March Madness kicks off, some of the CPA Central admin staff have weighed in with their opinions on how each battle will pan out.


Saturday Battles

[1] Underground Mafias Army vs. [16] Defenders of Penguins vs. Ice Warriors

With the recent addition of the Ice Warriors to this opening battle, there is a chance that it might be closer that it first appeared. I expect that the UMA, as our number 1 seed, will perform well, but with IW, it is harder to tell. As a newly re-opened army, they could display a strong presence, and certainly have the hype advantage since this is one of their first events, however it is also possible that they will not have had enough time to properly co-ordinate before this opening round. With two traditionally large armies facing them, a win’s not looking particularly likely for the Defenders of Penguins.


My prediction – UMA
Goblin’s prediction – UMA
Atticus’ prediction – UMA
CSY’s prediction – UMA

[5] Rebel Penguin Federation vs. [12] Water Vikings

The second battle of the night sees the Rebel Penguin Federation face up against the Water Vikings. Last week, WV failed to make it onto the major army Top Ten, while RPF achieved 5th place. However, the Water Vikings cannot be ruled out – in previous tournaments, they have not always appeared on the Top Ten before, but have often achieved unexpected results. RPF are currently at war with the Army Republic, and it remains to be seen whether this affects their tournament presence. In their last tournament face-up, the Rebel Penguin Federation defeated the Water Vikings to take the Legends’ Cup title. Will they do the same this time?


My prediction – RPF
Goblin’s prediction – RPF
Atticus’ prediction – RPF
CSY’s prediction – RPF

[3] Night Warriors vs. [14] Darth Brads

This battle would seem to have a fairly predictable winner. The Night Warriors, who have consistently scored highly in recent Top Tens, are pitted against the Darth Brads, who, only recently created, usually max 3 or 4 at their events. I think we can expect a clean sweep of votes here.


My prediction – NW
Goblin’s prediction – NW
Atticus’ prediction – NW
CSY’s prediction – NW

[7] Army Republic vs. [10] Chaos

This would seem to be a more evenly matched battle than some of the others. With only 5.5 points separating the Army Republic and Chaos in the most recent Top Ten, we can expect that they will both show similar performances. AR’s current war with RPF may, however, become a crucial game-changer, as it could provide them with either the hype to take the win, or could cause distraction from the tournament and prevent them from moving forward. We’ll find out Saturday!


My prediction – AR
Goblin’s prediction – AR
Atticus’ prediction – AR
CSY’s prediction – AR

Sunday Battles

[2] Army of Club Penguin vs. [15] Sky Rebels

Sunday’s first battle would also seem to have a fairly obvious probable outcome. The ACP, having taken part in numerous army tournaments over their lifespan, received second place in the most recent CPAC Top Ten, and I expect that this experience will be reflected in their performance this weekend.


My prediction – ACP
Goblin’s prediction – ACP
Atticus’ prediction – ACP
CSY’s prediction – ACP

[6] Night Rebels vs. [11] Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas are a newly created Spanish Club Penguin Army,who reached 1st on the Small/Medium Army Top Ten last week. The Night Rebels, on the other hand, achieved seventh in the major Top Ten. On paper, it would seem that NR are likely to come out on top, however Wild Ninjas definitely seem to be an underdog in this tournament and they cannot be ruled out.


My prediction – NR
Goblin’s prediction – Wild Ninjas
Atticus’ prediction – NR
CSY’s prediction – NR

[4] Redemption Force vs. [13] Ice Hounds

The Redemption Force, after taking a knock back from a deface to their site, have been added in to this year’s tournament in the 4th seed position. Although this incident has clearly affected the army, there is a high chance that they will have been able to recover almost completely by the weekend. The Ice Hounds, on the other hand, recently entered the major Top Ten in 9th place, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to upstage the historically larger army.


My prediction – RF
Goblin’s prediction – RF
Atticus’ prediction – RF
CSY’s prediction – RF

[8] Golds vs. [9] Nachos

The Nachos and Golds, separated by only around 2.5 points on the most recent Top Ten, seem, on paper, to be the closest match-up of the Sweet Sixteen. They have been achieving similar sizes recently, and both seem on track for a good performance in the tournament battle. However, it is my opinion that the greater experience of the Nachos in tournaments will give them the edge over the Golds, and although both armies are fully capable of winning this battle, I think the Nachos will come out on top.


My prediction – Nachos
Goblin’s prediction – Nachos
Atticus’ prediction – Nachos
CSY’s prediction – Nachos

That wraps up this year’s Sweet Sixteen predictions. Did you agree with our thoughts? Who do you think will win this weekend’s battles? Comment below with YOUR opinions!

Supa Em

CPA Central Executive Producer


17 Responses

  1. biased. pls remove

    • remove urself!!1!1

  2. Go Wild Ninjas! Good luck for everyone!


    • Of Course Sir!

  4. I agree with every pick except AR vs Chaos. Let’s see what happens

  5. Good luck to everyone! May the best army win.

    • Srsly? 2 dislikes? (wary)

      • Make it 3 >:D

        • Lel

  6. It was really hard to choose between a couple of the matches. Even if you aren’t predicted to win, you can always prove us all wrong with a victory ;D

  7. Don’t get mad but club penguin armies are dying like at there is only 3 full servers there used to be 8.

  8. *cough cough spoilers nw wins cough cough*

  9. May the best team win!

  10. Hey Supa long time no see<3;D, tbh good post!

    • Thanks! Yeah it has been a while 🙂

      • You should actually check my site, you’re mention! 🙂

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