Change Returns To The Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – After retiring in January of 2016, Change has returned to the Water Vikings. Is this the start of another golden age for the Water Vikings? Click read more to find out more!

It was January 6th, 2016 when Change, WV leader, announced his retirement. He retired due to life responsibility. He was simply too busy to lead the Water Vikings, and left Katie, Buddy, Mortico, and Sir PJ to serve at the helm. Over the past two months, the Water Vikings have taken a massive fall, struggling to keep in the Top Ten as of recently. They have struggled with sizes at events as well. Will things begin to change for the Water Vikings with the return of Change?



On March 7th, 2016 Change had announced his return to the army. He had used the slogan, “Make WV Great Again”. This has come as a surprise for some. The Water Vikings seem extremely happy to have Change back.  He made powerful remarks in his return post which could be read below.

This is the 5th inaugural address by myself, Change, as leader of the Water Vikings. I will be returning to the leadership to strengthen the army, and I hope Bepboy9 and Kingfunks4 join me.

Not only does this publication regard my self-appointment, but also the state of our army as a whole. For months now, we have stalled in the shadows of others, while we were once before an unopposed world power. Only 12 weeks ago we were indisputably exceeding and outclassing the entirety of our competition – we were reaching sizes of 50 consistently, we were towering a majority of the top tens, we didn’t only prevail against a coalition of 5 armies, including multilogging tycoon Mustapha10s drones, but we single-handedly TRIUMPHED each and every one of them. What does that say about the name ‘Water Vikings’? It implicates cunning, it implicates will, it implicates strength.

Regarding our current position; I say enough. I say it has been for too long that we, as a collective of individuals who form the Water Vikings, have allowed our enemies to overlook and oversee us. I say that we take back the throne which is rightfully ours. This is a calling to both former and following members of WV to return, and help us restore the Water Viking name.

In his return post, Change hopes that Kingfunks and Bepboy will return with Change to form the powerful trio they once had. He states that it was only 12 weeks ago that the Water Vikings were dominating the Top Ten, and dominating anyone in their way. He continues that the Water Vikings is in store for another Golden Age, and is calling all former and following members of WV to return.

The Water Vikings seem to certain of a powerful comeback. At their most recent events, their sizes have began to increase slowly following the return of Change. Does this truly mean a comeback for the Water Vikings? What will the future tell?

What do YOU think? Will the Water Vikings make a comeback? Or will they remain as a fallen army? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Associate Producer


6 Responses

  1. Kinda short post but good work. You forgot the continue reading btw. XD

  2. change is my bae

  3. Great post, DrMatt!


  5. Dead Water Vikings? NEVER. This army always be alive!
    And good luck to come-back 🙂

  6. Sexy

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