DrMatt Inaugurated As Underground Mafias Army Leader

UMAMMOTH, Club Penguin Army Gods Capital – Recently, DrMatt, former BMA, LT and WV leader decided to join the greatest army to ever live, the Underground Mafias Army. Led by the most supreme of leaders, Jester, Trader, Wurburt, Viper, Mach and now DrMatt. These leaders combined have shown the community the greatness that is the UMA empire. Click Continue Reading to learn more DrMatt joining UMA..

DrMatt is best known for leading BMA, LT and WV which he led to amazing sizes, but those sizes cannot be compared to the unbelievable sizes that he will lead to while leading the most fabulous army, UMA.


Picture from BMA event, maxing sizes of 30+


Picture from LT event, maxing 40+


Picture from WV event, maxing 30+

The Underground Mafias Army, who have shown their dominance over the community these past days, have been flexing on everybody who defies the power they have on armies.


Picture from UMA event, maxing 30+

The Underground Mafias Army have achieved first on CPAC last week and are looking like they’re in a good spot this week to achieve that first place again. UMA averages 30 and has maxed 40+. To learn more about why Matt joined UMA and his ideas we went to him for an interview.

Interview with DrMatt


  Trader: “Why did you decide to come back to the community and join the strongest and most sexy army, UMA?”

DrMatt: “I decided to come back to armies till summer because I felt like I had unfinished business and I joined UMA because I felt very comfortable knowing i’d be leading alongside good friends.”

Trader: “What plans and goals do you have for UMA?”

DrMatt: “Honestly, My plans and goals are to achieve success in UMA. I know what i’m capable of. My biggest goal is reaching Legend in armies.”

Trader: “What do you see in the future for UMA?”

DrMatt: “I definitely see more success for UMA. I already know ways to make them rise even more. I definitely can see maintaining first and I definitely have more plans for UMA.”

Trader: “On a scale from 1 – 10 how sexy is UMA?”

DrMatt: “11”

Trader: “If you could cyber any UMA Leader, which one would it be?”

DrMatt: “Definitely Trader”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

DrMatt: “I’ll show all of you. You c**ksucking motherf**kers!!!!”

In the interview DrMatt talks about how he wants to become a Club Penguin army legend. He also says that his plans for UMA are to maintain the first position on CPAC and much more. Drmatt says that the reason behind joining is mostly because he is surrounded by his friends and good leaders.

Will UMA be able to hold that 1st on CPAC position? What plans does DrMatt have for UMA? Will DrMatt become a CPA Legend? 

Tell us in the comments!


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  1. rip

  2. UMA site is dead. Army too. 😀

    • Lol you wish musta

  3. I love you DrMatt but no homo of course

    • You’re a homo.

      • Fuck off I hate you to no limits

      • And you’re wrong like you always are with your cocky shit talk child and buy a snickers it’ll help scumbags like you too

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          • Scum

  4. bias

  5. Fuck this dude

  6. Waterkid needs you Drmatt, buddy. He wants you to come back to LT, lol.

  7. This post is bias. You literally made alot of references to how “awesome” UMA is. #Trader4DrMatt’sass

    • I was about to comment about that. I agree

      • It isn’t UMA’s fault that we’re the most interesting

  8. thats wassup.

  9. Consider this post a healthy blend of satire and news reports. Trader is doing some seminal work here, ladies and gents.

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