CPAC March Madness IV

UPDATE: Due to the recent announcement regarding the Ice Warriors revival, alongside the uncertainty of UMAs involvement in the tournament, the first battle of the Sweet Sixteen will be a three-way tossup between UMA, IW, and the originally scheduled Defenders of Penguins.

march madness 4

‘Tis that special time of the year! It’s time for the fourth annual March Madness tournament! The March Madness is our first, of many, tournaments this year, and its the first real opportunity to show the community just what your army can do in the new 2016 year. Last year, we witnessed the late Ice Warriors take the throne after an impressive victory against the Doritos. 2013 & 2014 were years of back-to-back Nachos domination, claiming the title for two consecutive years. This year, however, its quite literally anybodies game, considering all the new additions popping up in the Top Ten these past few weeks. Read on for tournament dates, times, and rules.

The dates of this years March Madness tournament battle are as followed:

  • Sweet Sixteen: March 12th, March 13th
  • Elite Eight: March 19th, March 20th
  • Final Four: March 26th, March 27th
  • Championship: April 2nd

The rules of the tournament, as always, are below

  • No army may enter the designated battle room before a judge calls the start of the battle.
  • No use of bots, multilogging, hacking, or threats.
  • Any other instances of foul play can and will be punished.
  • Judges will judge on size, tactics, organization, and consistency.
  • Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four battles will be 30 minutes each with a room change at the halfway point.
  • Championship battle will be 45 minutes with two room changes.
  • If no winner can be determined within the given time, a 10-minute overtime will be initiated.
  • If an army fails to show up within 5 minutes of the initial start time, the opposing army will be named the victor, and will advance to the next tournament round.

Armies invited to participate (ranked by seeding as of the most recent Top Ten with the addition of RF):

  1. Underground Mafias Army 
  2. Army of Club Penguin 
  3. Night Warriors 
  4. Redemption Force 
  5. Rebel Penguin Federation 
  6. Night Rebels 
  7. Army Republic 
  8. Golds 
  9. Nachos
  10. Chaos
  11. Wild Ninjas 
  12. Water Vikings 
  13. Ice Hounds
  14. Darth brads
  15. Sky Rebels
  16. Defender of Penguins

All battles will be held on Klondike unless otherwise stated.

All battle rooms will be announced at the time of the battle.

All selected judges will be announced by the Gamesmaster before the battle.

Now, onto the real reason you guys are here…


Sweet Sixteen Schedule:

Saturday, March 12th

[1] Underground Mafias Army vs. [16] Defenders of Penguins vs. Ice Warriors






[5] Rebel Penguin Federation vs. [12] Water Vikings

7:30 PM GMT

2:30 PM EST

1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 AM PST

[3] Night Warriors vs. [14] Darth Brads






[7] Army Republic vs. [10] Chaos

8:30 PM GMT

3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST


Sunday, March 13th

[2] Army of Club Penguin vs. [15] Sky Rebels






[6] Night Rebels vs. [11] Wild Ninjas

*The Night Rebels will wear red for this event. 

7:30 PM GMT

2:30 PM EST

1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 AM PST

[4] Redemption Force vs. [13] Ice Hounds






[8] Golds vs. [9] Nachos

8:30 PM GMT

3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST



CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


78 Responses

  1. Nice battle table.
    Good Luck and Have Fun all armies!
    RPF going to victory! 😛
    And…so, let them win better.

  2. Nachos got 1st in I and II, and 3rd in III. It’s time to bring the trophy home once again! Good luck to everyone.

    • Yeah. In tournament’s i’m always be a good intentions. Good Luck too Nachos 😛

  3. Good luck to all armies, and try NOT to multilog, okay? ^-^ Cheers!

  4. UMA decline. accept.

    • Because it’s hard to room change multilogs faster than a legit army. Good call.

      • What’s probably gonna happen is uma helping one of their allies win it.

        • What’s even more fascinating about the nature of your comments is that you up-voted your own comments. Again, good going.

          • When you resort to the virtual thumbs up and down ratio to prove the basis of your argument. What was your point again? XD XD

            Good one.

            • I have nothing to prove. Your accusations are baseless and go without merit.

              Oh and Happy late birthday, Drake. Enjoy.

              • Thanks, actually appreciated that. ❤

      • Sounds like you’re speaking from experience. Nice one.

  5. First round for us, the Night Warriors, is a cake walk.#MIGHTOFTHENIGHT


    • doubtful since Dan is leader

      • Golds haven’t maxed 20+ once since it’s creation. But the nachos have maxed at least 20 many times.

        • nachos are still a weak army. Once they can beat LT sizes, lemme know mate. :^)

          • We won’t beat LT(especially if Flen is leader), as we don’t multilog.

            • you moron how come I came in this convo? can you stop rubbing your ass please? don’t annoy me bloody cp army kid you lil shit fucker nigger head

              that rage tho^

              • I bet “that rage tho” was edited in; I agree with it..

          • I really try not to sound arrogant, but get your army to declare war bitch. Call the Nachos a weak army, but we haven’t lost a war in MONTHS. Why do we need to beat LT’s sizes? They’re dead. We don’t need to beat a dead armies sizes, that makes us already a little bit better than them considering we never died. Again, Trying hard not to sound arrogant.

            • Ok, I admit, I don’t have an army because I’m not active enough. If I could help any army, it would be IH, because they remind me of IW, which is my home army. I’m not paticipating in March Madness ths year, though. So quit acting like a tough guy.

              • Then don’t talk shit to Dan or 95 Spider because I guarantee they’re better, more loyal, and more useful leader figures than you’ll ever be. Don’t try and make me look like the bad guy.

                • Not my fault Dan can’t lead nachos to 1st :S

                  • Dan101’s goal as a leader is not to be first in the CPAC top 10. Dan101’s goal as a leader is to kick ass in tournaments, win wars, and have fun leading, all the stuff that actually matters. Is Dan capable of doing it? Absolutely.

                  • It’s nobody’s fault that you’re even here, except for that condom that broke.

                    • LOL

        • You might wanna check again ;). Recreation*

      • Stop.
        Just, stop.

    • Don’t act so confident kid.

  7. Daylight savings for Canada and the US begins on Sunday 3/13. So for example Nachos vs. Golds at 8:30pm GMT would be at 4:30pm EST not 3:30pm. Or if it’s at 3:30pm EST then it would be 7:30pm GMT.

    • I guess I should say EDT instead of EST.

  8. Good luck to everybody invited. Ice Hounds accept the invite, thank you and have fun to everybody involved! 🙂

  9. Hey Drake, nice comments about multilogging…

    • Unless you want to switch the discussion to hacking or ddosing now?


        • My flippers are getting swoll after throwing around these uma tubbies. #FLEXES

          • why’re you calling people tubbies when your head is shaped like the opening of a mayonnaise jar?

            ***Removed photo***

            • Chances are, you got that off of google images. GG

              • Yeah, totally: **Removed link***

                • I don’t care if he insults anybody in UMA. That doesn’t give you the right to post personal photos of Drake and links directing to his social media. I removed them accordingly.

                  Think before you post, dimwit.

                  • Lmao goteem

                    • You’re the dumb fuck who linked an IP grabber. Speaking of, pretty sure you should still be IP banned for that shit.

                      May just have to look into that.

                  • If Weegee didn’t remove it, I sure as hell would’ve.

                    The rules are simple here, you can say whatever the hell you want to each other, but keep it in the game. We’re Club Penguin Armies. Fucking act like we are.

                    • @comment about IP bans: It wasn’t an IP grabber, it was an image under some ss tool I downloaded, and when I found ot that it was sh*t, I uninstalled it and changed my IP like anyone who cares about their personal info would do.

                    • I could literally stick a syphon in a bulls ass and the result would seem less like bullshit than the comment you just made.

                  • There aren’t any personal photos of me and I don’t use personal social media. Whatever was linked was probably that unproven dox from DW.

                  • Also as a warning to everybody, links can be encrypted with a RAT that installs upon click. They aren’t only IP loggers. It’s a common method to post random doxes to get people to click. I’d make a post covering all the details in how that process works.

                    • Hey, if you want to take a shot at it, our YouWrite program is technically still up.

      • No way, it actually got removed. Gob is a man who knows his stuff. 😉

        • There has been a level of “hacking” and malicious activities circulating, so the post warning people of it was more than justified, the issue was that Jesters post was to quick to point the finger solely at NW.

          It stayed up for as long as it did because it served a purpose, but NW isn’t the only entity involved.

          • (y)

    • It was right to clear that up before heading for the future. There obviously wasn’t any need for him to multilog any more. And in the meantime, there’s actually evidence of your leaders multilogging so you might wanna back up fam. Doesn’t take a genius or even evidence to figure it out when every penguin is standing shoulder to shoulder. Square up big boy.

  10. Darth Brads will beat Night Warriors

    • In what universe?

  11. […] >>Click here for full schedule of CPAC March Madness IV.<< […]

  12. Underground Mafias Army <
    Army of Club Penguin <
    Night Warriors <
    Redemption Force <
    Night Rebels <
    Army Republic <
    Golds <
    Water Vikings <

    I predict these armies to advance from first round

    • Golds?

      • Yes, Golds.

        • Miyls, weren’t you in Nachos btw?

      • Possible

    • Water Vikings aren’t even working right now. How the heck could they win the first round matchup they have with RPF?

      • They gave shocked ppl before

      • Have*

        • Yeah well it would take a trillion volt shock. People would be glowing.

          • Would take that much to have my haters get out of my business and to stfu but you are right lmao true 😏

          • True

          • Damn

  13. No one’s talked about it yet, but im defintely feelin that logo up top. Worth the scroll up

  14. Good luck to all armies!! Hope Nachos win!! GO NACHOS!!!!!

  15. Still no post about me getting Nacho Leader -wary-

    • Eh, don’t be too optimistic about that. Nor about Stone was posted..

  16. hm NACHOS

  17. NACHOS FOREVER. NACHOS SPIRIT. We will be the winners by then. Good luck to all except for some that Nachos hate.

    • But we don’t hate anyone than multiloggers..

  18. Nacho Pride! \(°0°)/

  19. Someone in the power shall win. There is no way someone other than UMA, ACP, or NW will win. #MIGHTOFTHENIGHT

  20. Why is there not a provided bracket?

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