Flen Leaves The Night Warriors, Joins UMA

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – It was only yesterday the Night Warriors were on top of the world. Flen, Toy and Drake as a triumvirate were dominating. It was only until, Flen had left the Night Warriors to only join the Underground Mafias Army. Click more to follow on.

Flen had joined the Night Warriors since the beginning. Since then, he had led along with Toysoldier and Drake. The others and him had dominated the community. Flen had also made himself known, as he had been caught for ratting and ddosing in previous days.

Night Warriors under Flen, Drake and Toy

Night Warriors under Flen, Drake and Toy

It was only one day ago, Flen had joined the Underground Mafias Army. This came to a surprise for some in the Night Warriors. Some didn’t expect him to leave, and some did. In his introductory statement, Flen says he left NW for good. You can see his statement below.


Wur: I’m going to take responsibility for hiring Flen. We have agreed to not let him have any sort of power in UMA, yet he still seems to want to help. If wishes to be useful to the growth of the UMA, I’m not going to forbid him of that opportunity. He isn’t in any sort of position where he has any actual power, and all of the officers in UMA are intelligent enough to, unlike the other armies Flen has infiltrated, be taken victim by his malicious activities.

Now that I’ve done this I won’t backstab anyone of you. I left NW for good.

I joined UMA for good. I joined UMA for beloved ones.

I have officially joined the Underground Mafias Army with my friend DrMatt 🙂

UMA Leader, Wur exclaims that he has given full trust in Flen to join the army. War also forbid Flen from doing any harm to the community. After Wur’s statement, Flen promises not to backstab anyone. He also gives a shout out, to newly leader DrMatt for making him join the UMA.

As I was writing this post, I have taken it upon myself to get some personal opinions on Flen joining. Most of them were mixed. Some feel that Flen will go back to his old ways and hack them. Some feel like he deserves a chance. Most believe he deserves a chance.

It’s uncertain how he will do in the Underground Mafias Army. As it has been known, the Underground Mafias Army has been on recent rise. Will Flen make them rise even more? Only the future may tell how Flen will do in the Underground Mafias Army.

What do YOU think? Will Flen go back to his old ways? Will Flen contribute to the army? YOU DECIDE!


CPA Central Associate Producer

(Yes, I’m Back)



32 Responses

  1. May god have mercy on their souls.

    • Lmao

  2. NW will rise.
    UMA will die.

    You need to be more retarded than phin to hire flen lmao

    • wasn’t rpf like the first army to hire flen? (could be wrong)

      • We made mistakes however others should learn from those mistakes. I see your leaders fucked in one week or two.

        • Unlike your leaders, ours know a thing or two about security.

          • Let’s see in one week then. 🙂

            • Interested to know what’s going to happen in one week. Do share.

      • No. That was WV. But it’s useless since I can mention any army I want and flen has been there

        • i hired him as 4ic at first

        • The leader who hired Flen is retarded. I should also point out that RPF barely scratch the surface when it comes to “living” so keep talking to big talk, little guy Luis.

          • the*

          • It’s still fucking retarded lmao

    • Thx for the shoutout. Its such an honour 😉

  3. Back at it again matt.

  4. And then Flen you want to be Nacho leader with me. You joined one million armies since January including AR, our soul mates and I warned you. Eh, just saying, Private will be too high for you to join Nachos so I will give you a gift! I will make a rank especially for you! It will be named Army Hopper! Hope you like it! 😀

    • Another retarded kid?

  5. Who gives a shit. All he is, is a clan hopper. Boring news.

  6. sees flen. shoots self

  7. Don’t hire for owner! Don’t hire at all! Join for private! Join for private!

  8. 5 days later, Flen says, “Bye guys, I’m going to ACP.” WHAT A SHOCKER!

    • LT, IW, DW, UMA, NR, NW, RPF, WV, SWAT, Nachos, ACP, RF are just the few armies hes been in this year. Let’s hear it for the biggest army hopper in all of CPA!!

      • nicely said, Phinny, but ur still an idiot.

        • How am I an idiot :S

  9. Flen the a******. I’m ready to get my hands around his neck and give a good long squeeze.

    • Savagery

  10. the funny thing is, everyone uses flen. i think he’s too stupid to realize that, or else he would’ve given up ages ago.

    • Totally. The kid thinks he controls it all.

    • Bruh does you got kik

    • This is Rocky btw lols

  11. man…

  12. Wows

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