Beginning of a New Era: The SMAC-SMAP Merger

Hello all. One of army media’s first great innovators was Sklooperis, who built off the structural soundness that Iasgae56 established for CPA Central and leveraged it to make CPAC into warfare’s most popular site. However, Sklooperis’s long-term vision for army media and for how members of this community would narrate a changing warfare climate to their readers did not stop with the site he oversaw. Sklooperis was the first CEO to pioneer the idea of a greater unity among army media, one that, through doing away with competition, brought a heightened level of content and involvement to the everyday reader.

It is in this spirit that myself and my advisors in CPA World Media have, since two years ago, attempted to carry the torch of our predecessors and always strive for a more unified army media. When SMAC fell into hard times in late 2013, SM Army Press was created out of a hope for this greater media unity. It was never meant to be created to aggravate a long-term media war, which the two sites have suffered from in the past few years. This media war served only the selfish interests of those who are not able to let the past be the past, it did not serve the viewers, and it did not serve small and medium armies, who have been shrinking as a community for some time now.

Let it never be forgotten that, through countless changing and compounding ways of competition over many years, SMAC and CPAC/SMAP continued to be victimized by the ideologies of those who came before. It was the bitter splinter from the CPA Network, Sklooperis’s ultimate media vision and the predecessor to CPAWM, that began a feud that lasted from 2010 until now. But this splinter was not caused by discord between CPAC and SMAC; rather, it was caused by a rivalry between SMAC and CP Army Express that could not be overcome.

Much has changed since those days. Many administrators and ideas have come and gone, carrying with them beliefs implemented by their predecessors six years ago. It takes a much larger leap to ask the ultimate question: why? Why did we go along with the beliefs put into our heads by those who came before us? We are often the innovators in a painfully traditional community, so why was this sector one which we refused to question? A few weeks ago, my team and the members of SMAC chose to ask those questions, and as soon as we did, things began to move very quickly.

I am proud to announce that CPA World Media will continue its commitment to bringing you the best quality news, with the most talented administrators, that warfare has to offer. For this reason, we have brokered a deal that will see SM Army Press and SM Army Central merging, reassuming the name of the CPA Network’s original subsidiary, SMA Central, and becoming a full-fledged member of the CPAWM media conglomerate. The staff from both sites will begin to work together to bring the small and medium army community a site on par with what large armies have always known. 

We ask that you allow for obvious technical difficulties while this merge takes place over the next few weeks. Anyone wishing to discuss the project or become involved with it is encouraged to seek out the administrators of SM Army Press or SM Army Central, two sites that I am happy to say will soon require no distinction. Army media continues to be an ever-changing and ever-exciting field of the CP warfare community, and we hope that you will continue to support us on this journey to up our quality and community outreach in 2016, with two new administrations overseeing CPAWM’s subsidiaries. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to have the new Small and Medium Army Central here to serve the community as soon as we are able.


CPA World Media President


10 Responses

  1. Long live the CPAWM!

  2. Fuck you


  4. This is really cool. I am remaking an army named Red Warriors from 2009 and my goal is to broadcast the Club Penguin medium and small armies again. You can find us @ . I have already made a post on what my goal is as leader.

  5. does anyone truly care about SMAC armies?

  6. I knew this was coming to us! 😀

  7. Aren’t they they the same thing? SMAP and SMAC?

    • You’re a faqqot.

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