CP Army World Media End of Year Gala Recap

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The CP Army World Media End of Year Gala is now over as we celebrate the CPAC Career of Mach as well as the 2015 year with several awards. This is a recap of the gala!

SMAP Banner

The SM Army Awards started the gala. unfortunately, the SM Army Press CEO Atticus947 could not attend as a result of personal issues and therefore Zing King To had to deal with the hosting of the SM Army Press awards. SM Army Press will be making a post on their site about the awards as well so I’ve only included the trophies here, not second place and third.
















CPAC banner

Quote Of The Year


  • 1st – ”Dont Freeze Up” -Ice Warriors
  • 2nd (T) –  “Shut the fuck up kid. I’ll take the nearest pair of scissors and carve a bloody vagina into you because YOU’RE BEING A PUSSY! My mother knows I have insane fire bending & DDoS skillz on my club penguin games kid. Don’t try me.” – Bam117
  • 2nd (T) –  ”The Future Is Blue” -Water Vikings
  • 2nd (T) – “l jiatthrew up in my bin”  -Bepboy
  • 2nd (T) – ”We Need to Build a Wall” -Noka

Acceptance Speech by Kingfunks4


Best Tournament


  • 1st – Legends Cup
  • 2nd – Champions Cup
  • 3rd – Christmas Chaos

Acceptance Speech by Mach


Largest Army


  • 1st – Water Vikings
  • 2nd – Ice Warriors
  • 3rd – Light Troops

Acceptance Speech by Bepboy and Kingfunks4


Best Leader


  • 1st – Ghost
  • 2nd – Sidie
  • 3rd – Bepboy9

Acceptance Speech by Ghost


Most Dramatic Fall


  • 1st – ACP
  • 2nd – Dark Warriors
  • 3rd – Ice Warriors

Acceptance Speech by Trader


Most Surprising Army


  • 1st – Army Republic
  • 2nd – Water Vikings
  • 3rd – Light Troops

Acceptance Speech by Fury


Best News Site


  • 1st – CPAC
  • 2nd – SMAP
  • 3rd – SMAC

Acceptance Speech by Zing King To


Biggest Rise


  • 1st – Water Vikings
  • 2nd – Army Republic
  • 3rd – ACP

Acceptance Speech by Bepboy and Kingfunks4


Biggest Retirement


  • 1st – Andrew24
  • 2nd – Toysoldier
  • 3rd – Kingfunks4

Acceptance Speech by Andrew24


Most Important War


  • 1st – WV VS. DCP
  • 2nd – IW VS. DCP
  • 3rd – IW VS. WV

Acceptance Speeches by Bepboy, Kingfunks4, Bam and Trader


Best GFX Designer


  • 1st – CSY
  • 2nd – Stromae/Quinn
  • 3rd – Apollo

Acceptance Speech by Zing King To


Most Achieved


  • 1st – Iceyfeet1234
  • 2nd – Kingfunks4
  • 3rd – DrMatt

Acceptance Speech by Kingfunks4


Best Owner


  • 1st – Sidie
  • 2nd – Chip
  • 3rd – Super Edwin

Acceptance Speech by Zing King To



One of the main events of the Gala was indeed the ‘Roast of Mach’ to bid him farewell from his position as Chief Executive Officer of CP Army Central. Sadly, all the funny people in the community couldn’t attend the roast thus guys such as Zuke, Zakster, Lord West, Bluesockwa2, Waterkid100 and Bam took the stand.

The ‘Roast of Mach’ did indeed excite people and get people in the mood for roasting so we decided to open the floor for anyone who wanted to roast to roast. Unfortunately however, some people got offended by the roast and ruined it for everyone else which is ironic as it is the people who got offended that actually started insulting people.

CP Army Central thanks everyone who attended. We were expecting the event to last about an hour, but it ended up lasting four hours and a half! 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


24 Responses

  1. nice

  2. Four hours and a half because of the roasting.

  3. Aside from Bepboy, Sidie and Ghost’s armies have hovered around the bottom of the top ten for the last few months. Unlike people like Burr, Elmikey, Waterkid, and Aka who have restored their armies to new heights this past year.

    • Yes, OF COURSE Tom. Aka restored his self confidence by putting on a mask and taping himself on the streets of Club Penguin at 4 AM. God bless this man

      • woah, don’t get steamed pal.

      • And Wat did you do badboy? Walk around stealing boats with your Somalian friends?

    • thanks man for the shoutout. without the support i have gotten i wouldn’t have done nearly as much as i have done in these 2 months, so i appreciate it.

    • Gotem

  4. congratz to sidie for best owner + almost becoming best leader, and congratz to chip for a close call becoming best owner!

  5. Best retirement is Brigade? wtf happened to this community

  6. lmfao Trader did the speech

  7. Good job everyone. However, I would like to add that about ten votes were faked for Sidie for best owner. I am also positive that it was not Sidie who faked the votes. I do not have proof, but I just want to let you guys know.

    • Bitching

  8. wooo ghost 😀

  9. There should be a award called “Best Nudes of the year” Nominations:Kyle & Phin vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, not everyones a paedophile tho so not many people are into little girl nudes, soz man.

      • …………………………………………………….

    • Immature


    • 🙂

  11. NO RPF?! WTF? WHY!? WHHYYYY!!!!??

    • Lmfao

  12. Whatever

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