Top Ten Posts of 2015


Welcome to Top Ten of 2015. This is a new weekly article on CP Army Central that will come out each Friday! CP Army World Media staff will meet on chats and discuss “Top Ten ___ of the years” with a different topic each week.

Permitting that the article was published on the CP Army Central site in the year of 2015, it is eligible on this list. Due to the simplicity of the weekly Top Ten, we have decided to leave that out of this post. All authors are eligible to get a post on this illustrious list.

We have decided to base our decision on three factors. Firstly, we’ve decided to base our decision on the factors of post quality, post impact and viewer participation so comments as well as views. This edition is of course, Top Ten posts of the Year and in the making of this list, I was joined by Drmatt, Zakster, Albaro, Kingfunks4 and Mach.

10. Inside Water Ninjas Multilogging Scandal

By Zakster, Albaro and Bluesockwa1

We open our list with the article that really started the wave of Multilogging Scandals and CP Army Central deducting Top Ten points and it is of course that of the Water Ninjas. At the start of the year, the Water Ninjas were indeed on a roll and everything looked very good for the army – this was until Albaro decided to attend a Water Ninjas event and uncovered the whole sorry affair.

Water Ninjas leader, Jodie Lyn was guilty of multilogging not two, not three but six accounts for the Water Ninjas. This lead to three of the main people in CP Army World Media clashing heads to decide how best to combat it. Jodie robbed the first place placement from the Water Ninjas and this was the event that really highlighted Jodie’s career in Club Penguin Armies as where ever she would go, multilogs would follow.

The post received eighty-two comments as of this writing. She attempted to spam the comments section with comments about orgies and hump trains in order to render the post less serious and make the situation more light-hearted. Rocky was of course on hand to give his opinions on the matter in which he claims to have started to “get a boner from this commenting orgy.”

9. gAyCP

By Albaro

GayCP is the next on our list which featured an in-depth look at a small section of the CP Army Community, which has since this post indeed grown, and that is of course the LGBT community. Designed to bring community spirit together, Albaro decided to throw the question out to the members of the CP Army community in which the response was generally acceptance for members of the LGBT community but this wasn’t the response from everyone.

A focus on the post due to homophobic values and opinions was that of Light Troops leader and CP Army Legend, Waterkid100. Despite DrMatt’s continued efforts at presenting the Light Troops as an army that isn’t homophobic, Waterkid stated that homosexuals should and would be banned on Light Troops chat. This did indeed send a shock wave in the comments section leading to many insulting and threatening Waterkid.

The post received one hundred and sixty-three comments including a comment from Max43810 asking for the “Gay People Unite” assumingly against Waterkid. GayCP became the first post to ever be stickied twice as CP Army World Media Founder, Woton also stickied it upon the legalisation of weed gay marriage. This also led to Woton coming out at the top of the post.

8. Inauguration of Mach as CPAC CEO

By Mach

When Kingfunks4 decided it was time to “go green”, he skipped out of the CP Army Central staff room like a gay man who had just come out to his parents and he proudly said “I’m an ACP”. Bluesockwa1 and Bluesockwa2 then made the decision to let Zakster be Chief Executive Officer of CP Army Central on his own. This decision lasted until the end of May in which CP Army World Media officials took a vote on whether Albaro or Mach would get the CEO job.

Despite everyone knowing that Zing King To was the best candidate for the job, Mach received the position leading to the eight post on this list being his inauguration to CEO. In this post, he spoke about such things as his ideas for the future of the community and generally what his goals would be as the newest edition of the CP Army Central main administration.

The post only received sixty-one comments as of this writing. Mach was wished all the best of luck by several in the community and also congratulated on his new position in the media. The always scary Daniel also turned up to give his congratulations to Mach on his post coming back just for this occasion. Tom and I still are in shock as we thought he was destined for that Associate Producer position.

7. Don’t Freeze Up

By Zakster

Don’t Freeze Up was the first Ice Warrior’s multilogging scandal. CP Army Central first started to expect something was up in the Ice Warriors when they decided to hire notorious multilogger who has already been mentioned on this list, Jodie to join the army. Upon further investigation from Zakster, it seemed as if this time, Jodie wasn’t alone in multilogging and it was indeed a lot of owners including Tax and Sprite.

The evidence that was collected by Zakster was completely waterproof as it actually included confessions of multilogging. It also included confessions of faking events – including an event that saw the army get second place in one of the CP Army Central Top Tens. It appeared that majority of the penguins were made by Iceyfeet who also knew what was indeed going on due to the Ice Warrior staff site. Many claim that this ruined the legacy of both Iceyfeet and the Ice Warriors.

The post received one hundred and five comments as of this writing. Iceyfeet actually decided in the comment section to claim that pictures had been edited however this was not the case. Jodie also admitted that these claims were true claiming that she should indeed become a CP Army Legend for her mass multilogging. Several people also called for Iceyfeet to lose his status as a CP Army Legend for doing this, much like had happened to Ganger when his multilogging became uncovered.

6. Get Rid Of DCP? Stop Being Hypocrites

By Zing King To

Article number six becomes the first editorial to gain placement on this list. An editorial is an opinion piece that is done by one of the staff on CP Army Central. This specific piece was done by Zing King To. One of the main comments in the Club Penguin community is that “CPAC isn’t a government and should stop trying to dictate armies.” However, as soon as things are not going the people’s way, they decide to change their points of view to “CPAC needs to do something.”

In one of the most hypocritical statements of Club Penguin Army history, CP Army Central is asked to do punish the Doritos of Club Penguin by the exact same people who just a week earlier claimed that CP Army Central needs to stop acting like a government and simply post the news as we are a news site. It appears impossible to please the Club Penguin Army community and that’s exactly what this post presented.

This post managed to get seventy-three responses with several coming from the actual hypocrites themselves in which the post served as a response to. This post would not be complete without the traditional “Rocky Chime in” in which Rocky decided to condemn all hypocrites to a life of eternal hell.

5. CP Blocks Light Troops; May Block Other Names

By Albaro

In perhaps the most fear mongering post on the site on this list comes a news report from Albaro. Waterkid revealed that Club Penguin had blocked the ‘Light Troops’ army name which rendered it hard for the Light Troops to be able to recruit new penguins into their army. This post was created highlighting the possibility of a Domino Theory stating that if this can happen to one army, it can happen to others as well.

The post featured an email response from the Club Penguin Support team proving this post to be a rather reliable source. The email was given to CPAC staff by Waterkid100, who as you can see has already been a rather influential character this year. The actual email stated that all army names would indeed be banned causing huge panic in the community.

This post received two hundred and forty-two responses. A lot of the community in the comments were once again united against Waterkid who served to be the general enemy claiming that he had sent photos of several armies breaking Club Penguin rules before using homophobic language which has been a theme of this post. Several in the community were also deciding to send letters following this post.

4. Who Are We To Blame?

By Bluesockwa1

The editorials return to the list for the fourth post here. This time, it was written by the CP Army World Media President, Bluesockwa1. The editorial was entitled “Who Are We To Blame?” He spoke about the problems facing the Club Penguin society in what was meant to be his last post on the CP Army Central site, although – it wasn’t. The post listed eight major points as to who are we to blame for the problems with multilogging.

Bluesockwa1 wanted to make it clear that these weren’t the ramblings of a retired man and the post was very well researched as well as written, leading to it being worthy of a Top Five placement on this Top Ten Posts of 2015 list. Unfortunately however, this post couldn’t be higher as not many of the problems were ever addressed by us as a wider community due to our different views.

The post gathered eighty responses with such legends as Boomer 20 referring to it as “most likely the most important post any of us will read this year.” The post gained huge support from the community, as any Bluesockwa1 post indeed does. The “ass licking” of Bluesockwa1 continued throughout the comments section and of course Rocky chimed in to blame the “retarded” of the community for our problems providing an excellent summary of Bluesockwa1’s post.

3. The Dorito Dissection

By Zakster

Although it took Zakster months before this overdue report was done, it was completely worth waiting for as Zakster dissected the Dorito Army finding out that Lord West had indeed been multilogging for the Doritos despite the fact that it appeared Whats Up11 had been the main culprit. The Dorito Dissection provided concrete evidence to back up what many people had said for many months – the Dorito’s multilog.

There were such interviews as with people like Badboy, who claimed that Mustapha had told him to multilog – (please ignore the fact that Mustapha and Badboy now work together in DCP). The post gathered, as special reports often do a lot of comments from the Club Penguin Army community.

The article was the most viewed article of the calendar year and had a total of three hundred and twelve responses as of this writing. The first response of course being from Max43810 claiming this was “justice” despite being in DCP about 69 times this year. This was also the post that led to RPF Second in Command, Chip becoming obsessed with the Dorito Empire, using the words “DCP Multilog” every two minutes as a weird form of tourette’s.

2. Army of Club Penguin Caught Green Handed

By Zing King To

The second post in this countdown is once again a Multilogging Scandal and is actually the most surprising multilogging scandal of the calender year. This scandal involved the Army of Club Penguin, an army that generally didn’t multilog and was known for its true and fair path to the top – this of course changed by the Trader and Max43810 duo that joined the army.

At the head of the Army of Club Penguin saw Trader as well as his loyal second in command, Max43810 who has already been mentioned on this post. Both were found guilty of multilogging following the uncovering of several accounts after username and passwords were not creatively thought up. Despite an effort to blame, Elsa – she was acquitted of the claims.

This led to quite the follow-up as Max43810 was eventually fired from the Army of Club Penguin while Trader “retired due to being busy with school” although soon joined the Golds Army, then the Doritos of CP where he has now put his multilogging career to bed. The post became the most commented on post of the calender year with a total of five hundred and twenty comments as of this writing.

1. Everybody Multilogs

By Mach

We now arrive at the number one post and also, at the most recently published post on this list and it is once again a CPAC Special Report but this time published by Mach. This post is the Top post of 2015 and it is also the defining post of Mach’s career in the Club Penguin Army World Media. This post features proof of several armies multilogging and hits back at the notion explored by Zing King To that a lot of the community are indeed hypocrites.

Such armies as the “angel” Water Vikings were investigated who were always the first army to point out when someone had multilogged and the first army to point out that they were indeed above it. Due to this, Mach felt the need to find dirt out on them and he did so. He also went after several other armies such as DCP and ACP.

As of right now, the fairly new post has got ninety-three responses to it. Although some people such as Chip exclaimed that all the “evidence is fake”, the post did it’s job of highlighting that there is a lot of multilogging in the community and even if it means smaller sizes in general, we need to do something about it.

post of the year

What posts do you think should have been on this list? 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


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  1. Good post. Just so you know, I say “DCP Multilogs” every few hours or so not every two minutes. Also, the post was spot on that everyone multilogs, however, the evidence provided to back up his point was a joke.

    • Oh so your tourettes are getting better if your now onto hours instead of minutes! Good job man.

      • LOL

      • It was meant to be a joke, nothing seriously, really. And Lild, can you please explain to me how facial hair insults are offensive nowadays?

    • I hear your sideburns are the map to Zak’s treasure.

  2. That trophy is beautiful who made it.
    They deserve an award.

    • Stfu we all know ur phin on a VPN

    • Stfu we all know ur phin on a VPN

      • Phin has more rolls than you have balls.

    • No need for the sarcasm, this is the first time I’ve done my own GFX shh

      • I wasn’t being sarcastic it’s better than that one queer named Zeer made.

  3. I think the FI scandal deserves to be on here tbh

    • It was discussed. We decided that since Fire Invaders were let’s face it, a troll army – the Water Ninjas one edged it out .

      • I’d never call FI a troll army. Once upon a time, it was as legitimate as any S/M army. I did what I did to get the army noticed and it’s name heard, and that worked pretty well.

        • You told me yourself that it was a troll army though. Also it didn’t work at getting the army name known as a lot of people probably still don’t know about when they were legitimate, your generation took away from a lot of the pride and respect that they built up and that’s what cheating does.

          • Ay, that’s also what being ginger does; you’d know about that.

            • Right, you’re banned from my Gala cuz your a meanie mcmeanie pants. Kidding, SMAC are boycotting it yeah?

              • Nah, I can’t come to the Gala. I don’t know about the rest of SMAC.

  4. tfw when most of the top ten posts of 2015 are about multilogging

    • Pretty much…

    • gives you a damn accurate summary of 2015, doesn’t it

  5. I do appreciate being mentioned

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