[PB In Review] Light Troops vs. Doritos

ICEBOX, Light Troops Capital- Following an impressive week for Light Troops, who achieved 1st spot on top 10, they faced the Doritos in an interesting Practice Battle.

On November 10, 2014, Doritos met up with Light Troops in a friendly practice battle, both armies spawned and battled for a full 30 minutes.

The battle began in the Town. Both armies tried to do their best, however, the Light Troops came out to top and, due to their success in the battle room, it resulted in a victory for them.

Light Troops maxed sizes of 35+

Doritos maxed sizes of 12

Light Troops vs. Doritos

Battle Analysis

Best Formations: Light Troops

Best Tactics: Light Troops

Best Sizes: Light Troops

Elmikey Light Troops Leader made a post in there sweet victory. The text was as follow:

Today (Monday November 10th) we held a practice battle against the Doritos Army. It was a good practice battle. From this battle I noticed we need more formation training. Most of the time our formations are shockingly good, but sometimes they’re not. We need to fix that. We’re a fresh army, so we’ll learn so we can stay the best. Anyways, this was an easy battle, we started at the Town, then fought at the Forts & Ice Berg. Our size began to increase at the end since quite a few people logged on late. We maxed sizes of 35.

Even though the Doritos lost, their leader, Verum, was still proud of their performance.

Today we logged onto Ice Box , to face the Light Troops in a PB. We maxed 12 and averaged 10, if we can build a UK division to 12 in a day, imagine what we could do in a week. Thanks to Sci for pictures. Comment if you came!!

Fear The Shield

Both armies showed good tactics. The Doritos had some good tactics, and the Light Troops, really good tactics. But in the end, the size really matters, and the winner, was clearly Light Troops.

What do YOU think? Do you think the Doritos still did a great job even if they lost? Will these armies rise or fall on the next edition of the Top Ten? Comment what YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter 


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