ACP vs. LT [War So Far]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Almost 2 has passed since the hate-filled war between the Light Troops, currently ranked 3rd on CPAC, against the Army Of Club penguin, ranked 2nd on CPAC. In this a short span, 4 battles occurred.

 Day #1

Battle #1 – Crunch

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Crunch

The first battle of the war occurred on the  28th of November. The Army Of Club penguin decided to invade the LT’s  server Crunch.

Army Of Club penguin maxed sizes of 23+

Light Troops didn’t show


Battle Analysis

Best sizes: ACP

Best Formations: ACP

Best tactics: ACP

ACP Results post:

Today our Ausia division invaded Crunch against the Light Troops who didn’t even turn up to defend their own server! We indeed dominated the server and claimed it with pride. We averaged 18 and maxed 23! Well done Acp! I’m sure we’ll continue to rise and ultimately win this war! 4 medals if you came. Here’s the results! Read more for more pictures.


Battle #2 – Thermal

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Thermal

 After invading Crunch success The Army Of Club Penguin decided to now invade server Thermal. The second battle of the war occurred on the  28th of November.

Battle Analysis

Best sizes: LT

Best Formations: LT

Best tactics: LT & ACP

ACP Results post:

Jack here today with results of the Thermal invasion, and quite a story to tell! We mistakenly started out, with our allies IW, on the server Thermal, but we moved to Ice Box shortly after. Both armies confronted LT in the stadium, with a few lock outs in the forts. Afterwards, ACP moved to the Berg with IW. Word came to us that LT was having some sort of odd victory session in the Night Club, so logically, the two of us bombed in and relentlessly assaulted them. LT logged off 5 minutes early, claiming victory. You cannot claim victory if the battle has not ended. By the forfeit of LT, and even without it, we have won the battle. ACP maxed 21, with an average of 19. With IW’s forces combined, we consistently had 40-45. Great job today ACP. “Read more”, for pictures: […]


LT Result post:

As Elmikey was DDoS’ed, I had to lead the battle, and we did amazing. The ACP and their allies have woken a sleeping giant. We maxed 40 in this defense and made the ACP and Ice Warriors think twice about messing with the Light Troops. The ACP got like 15 and the Ice Warriors got the same, whereas we had double their size. No wonder ACP had to bring in an ally to a war – a war THEY started.

The Light Troops started off at the Ice Berg, then we went and attacked the ACP at the Stadium. They retreated, and the Ice Warriors came in. The Ice Warriors were small compared to us so they ran back to the ACP, and once they realized they were both small they went to the Ice Berg. The Light Troops remained at the Stadium and claimed victory in the defense. Some of our troops went to the Dance Club to celebrate after we won. ACP & IW then came to attack them. That wasn’t a part of the defense, only a celebration.

Also, why are ACP using allies in a war THEY started?


 Day #2

Battle #3 – Ice Rink

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Ice Rink

The third battle of the war occurred on the  29th of November. The Army Of Club penguin decided to invade the server Ice Rink

Army Of Club penguin didn’t show

Light Troops maxed 37


Battle Analysis

Best sizes: LT

Best Formations: LT

Best tactics: LT

Light Troops Result Post:

We just keep on winning, Light Troops. We logged on and faced no opposition. We maxed 37 in this defense, good job Light Troops! Comment if you came. Don’t forget the invasion of Breeze tomorrow – big battle!

No post found on Army Of CP site.


Battle #4 – Sleet

The fourth battle of the war occurred on 29th of November, however, the Light Troops faced 3 armies in this battle – Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and The Army Of CP. ACP decided to invade the server Sleet with there allies Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors.

Army Of Club penguin 22+

Ice Warriors Maxed 25+

Light Troops maxed 30

Dark Warriors Maxed


LT vs. IW & DW


LT vs. ACP, IW & DW

Battle Analysis

Best sizes: LT

Best Formations: LT, IW, DW

Best tactics: LT

ACP Result Post:

Good evening, ACP. Today we logged on Sleet to invade it from the Light Troops. We succeeded, and we maxed 22-25 and averaged 20. Decent job ACP, 3 medals if you came! Read on for pics.

Light Troops Result Post:

Today we made history. We defeated the Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors and ACP in one battle. It’s funny how ACP are the ones who declared war on us, but they dragged in 2 allies to help them, whereas LT fights with no ally. Also, the Shadow Troops are dead.

We maxed 30 in this battle and crushed the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. I’m pretty dissapointed in the Dark Warriors, though. I know the Ice Warriors have no honor and would join in a war when even if it’s 100 vs 1, but I never knew the Dark Warriors would do this. I’m pretty sure the Dark Warriors wouldn’t even be in this war if Freezie was leading, and he hates LT.

The ACP didn’t even BATTLE us, which is funny, as THEY’RE the ones who declared war on us in the first place. Trust ACP to let their allies do all the work.


Ever since the war has begun, a lot of complication were observed, however it seems that most of them are cleared. With 4 battles ended, it seems like the Light Troops have an obvious advantage in sizes, but anything could be possible during this war.

What do YOU think? Will the Light Troops always have the advantage or will the tides change? How long will this war last according to you? Comment what YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


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