Light Troops Issues Declaration of War on Water Vikings

ICEBOX, Light Troops’ Capital – Just a week after returning to the community, the Light Troops issued a Declaration of War on the Water Vikings’ Empire.

The Light Troops have already emerged as strong force, reaching first on the Top Ten in less than a week after their reopening. Tensions have been rising between these two armies with the Light Troops even calling out the Water Vikings. The following is an excerpt from the Light Troops’ website written by Tobercold, LT 2ic, regarding their Declaration of War on the Water Vikings:


As you can see, The Light Troops have stated, “Light Troops Empire is at War. They are INFERIOR AND MUST BE WIPED OUT.” This states that Light Troops seem quite confident about destroying the Water Vikings over the duration of the war, and will not stand down under any condition.

Yesterday, The Light Troops invaded Water Vikings’ capital, Frostbite. Here is an excerpt from the LT site regarding the battle:

Today the Light Empire successfully invaded the Water Viking’s capital, Frostbite. This was an amazing victory. I expected us to get lower sizes due to it being a Monday, but I was wrong – we were massive! (again). I would like to applause Change for being a man and admitting defeat. Kingfunks4 (the boy who cheated his way to CPA legends) started crying and accusing us of DDoSing him. Prior to this he even wanted to log on Frostbite (5 bar server) for the event because he was too scared to face the Light Troops on a 1 bar server. You’re a joke, Funks.

As shown in images at LT site, Change, WV leader, admitted their defeat and surrendered their capital to the Light Troops. However, Kingfunks4 blames the Light Troops for DDoSing him during the event.

I managed to get an interview with Waterkid, LT leader/CPAC Legend.

Haroon: Why did the Light Troops think it was necessary to declare war on WV?

Waterkid: Because they claimed themselves to be the best and blamed me for cheating.

Haroon: What are you hoping to accomplish during this war and what are your major goals?

Waterkid: To defeat top 5 armies in top ten and prove that LT is superior to all..

Haroon: Any last comments?

Waterkid:  Shine with victory.

As it can be seen that Waterkid seems quite confident about defeating Water Viking and in addition defeat the other top 5 armies. What do YOU think about the Light Troops declaring war upon the Water  Vikings? Will the Light Troops withhold their dominance in the warfare community? or will WV will defeat LT? Comment below.

» Haroon Niaz

CP Army Central Reporter






30 Responses

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  2. Cool. WV are cocky; can’t wait to see them get crushed.

  3. Thanks chip

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