The Doritos of CP officially reopen

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After the return of Mustapha and a temporary one-week lockdown, the Doritos have announced their official return, bragging about their strength and promising to destroy the Water Vikings, Nachos and Army Republic.

A week ago there was a switch in the leadership of Doritos, which eventually resulted in Mustapha, DCP Legend, returning to the army and putting it into a temporary lockdown to prepare for a comeback – as covered by CPAC here.

On the 21st, Mustapha released a post on the DCP site. He began by claiming DCP defeated an alliance – WV, Nachos and AR – on their own that day and saying their “worst nightmare has awoken”. An excerpt from his post can be seen below.

We haven’t reopened yet but we still laid down an entire alliance. Today, we have yet again solo defeated an alliance. Nachos, AR, and WV will all be destroyed by the end of this war. Consider this the official reopening of the Doritos Empire. Your worst nightmare has awoken and you’re in for a rude awakening.

He added pictures to his post in which the Doritos almost reached sizes of 40 – leaving no doubt that DCP is a threat that is to be taken seriously.


Perhaps coincidentally, the Water Vikings have ended their war with the Ice Warriors just a day after this threat – possibly preparing for a more difficult conflict with the Doritos.

The Nachos have similarly ended their war with the RPF the day before Mustapha’s post, and the Army Republic had already posted invasions and a declaration of war.

With invasions already posted by the Nachos and the Water Vikings preparing to invade by scheduling invasions of “???”, this war appears to be one that could last a while. It will no doubt be filled with accusations of multi-logging, cheating and lying – underlining the concerns shown by certain members of the community about leaders no longer doing everything they can to make wars fun for their troops.

This conflict has all the ingredients of an interesting one, and will be closely followed by CPAC. Until more battles are held, however, we cannot know for sure if this will end after a few short invasions or if it will stretch into 2016 – starting a year that many believe will decide the future of Club Penguin Armies with a muddy conflict.

What do YOU think? Will this conflict stretch into 2016, or will it fizzle out? Are the Doritos a large of a threat as they want to appear? Tell us in the comments!

Sir Pj

CPA Central Associate Producer


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