Air Force of CP enters temporary lockdown

SNOWY RIVER, Air Force Nation – Shortly after a successful week of events moved them to 9th place in the Top 10, the Air Force of CP has decided to put their army into lockdown due to the holidays.

Every year Christmas takes up a big part of everybody’s times, and army sizes see a drop as people spend more time with their family and friends. The Air Force of CP has recently entered a temporary lockdown until January 1st to allow their troops a short break from armies during this holiday season.

The army had just finished a rather successful week, moving from the 10th spot of the Top 10 to 9th. Despite their success, they decided that the army would do better in the long run if their troops were allowed a break – and they’re probably right.


A recent Air Force event

For the armies in the upper section of the Top 10, going into lockdown is something that is avoided unless it is completely necessary. Any lockdown is something that has the potential to seriously harm their sizes when they return, and so it is usually seen as something that shouldn’t be used when it doesn’t have to be.

Smaller armies, such as AF, are much more close-knit. The leaders have personal relationships with the troops, and the people in the army are usually friends. This community feel means that they can lockdown without fear of their troops losing – they aren’t random people who you know nothing about, as in the larger armies.

Air Force’s size means that, not only can they lock down without fear of harming their sizes, they can lock down with the possibility of growth when they return. Giving their troops a short break from the army may mean that they’ll return active and more determined to grow than before. Instead of their troops going inactive at different times, they’re funnelling their inactivity into a specific length of time. Whether intentional or not, their troops will return active and refreshed.

What do YOU think? Will this lockdown harm AF, or will it prove to be a useful rest? Tell us in the comments!

Sir Pj

CPA Central Associate Producer


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