Tompenguin6 goes on leave from RPF just one day after promising to fix armies

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Nation – Tompenguin6, former leader of RPF, recently announced his return to lead the army. He boasted being one of the “greatest members of RPF since 2007” and said he will fix armies, making RPF and the whole community rise. Just a day after these bold claims, another leader announced his temporary leave from the army on his behalf.

As covered here [add link to A1710’s post], Tompenguin6 re-joined RPF as Rebel Commander, which is RPF’s equivalent of leader. He made bold claims in his announcement post, painting his leadership as one that would bring RPF back to their former top position in the Top 10. The paint, however, appears not to have dried yet. Clout, another RPF leader, made a post on his behalf claiming that he has fallen ill and is unable to come online.

His inauguration and subsequent leave come days after they brought their war with the Nachos to an end. This is an important time for RPF, as they need to motivate their troops to stay active out of war. The situation is hardly helped by Christmas taking over people’s time.

Tompenguin has led RPF in the past alongside Elmikey, and has spent time in the Dark Warriors too. His recent activities in armies include leading the Takis Army for a week before leaving it, presumably to die.


The most recent Takis event under his leadership, Nov 5th

Tompenguin certainly has experience in armies, and has been a member of the community since he joined RPF in 2013. He appears to be well-liked in RPF, as he is listed as a legend on their website and has led them for 2 months in 2014. Whether this qualifies him as one of the greatest members of RPF since 2007, or someone who can help RPF to rise, though, remains yet to be seen.

The Rebel Penguin Federation have been one of the largest armies in the community before, and we all look ahead to see what lies in store for this army. RPF has largely fallen out of the relevance it once had in the community, and a rise back there would be watched with interest by the community.

What do YOU think? Will Tompenguin manage to meet his claims? Is there more to his sudden leave than him falling ill? Tell us in the comments!

Sir Pj

CPA Central Associate Producer


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