Light Troops Make A Shiny Return

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – After being revitalized by legend, Drmatt, on October 17th and being declared shut down on November the 5th, the Light Troops open their doors once again.

December 19th saw a well-known army that go by the ‘Light Troops’ make their way back to the community.  Upon their reopening, they’ve had a few series of events, consisting of AUSIA, US, and UK-based events.

Before any official reopening event(s) took place, the Light Troops decided to isolate the army along with claims that the Water Vikings have attempted to chat recruit. Waterkid has also implied that he would like good relationships with the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. You may see an excerpt of his post below:

“So after we joined the NWO alliance, apparently the Water Vikings thought it was okay to come on our chat and just advertise their chat to ”help” them in their event. Due to this, the Light Troops will be in isolation.

If the Ice Warriors or Dark Warriors want to talk to me then they can PC me.”


The Light Troops opened their doors to the community by having their first unscheduled event on their capital, Icebox. In this unscheduled AUSIA we see the Light Troops max a merely adequate size of 15 with undeviating tactics. The Light Troops have also corralled many new recruits and are looking to get more as time elapses. You may see a picture of the AUSIA training below:

The Light Troops had yet another unscheduled US event to mark their second event of the day. In this event we see the Light Troops hit as much as 57+ on chat two hours before their event. Phenomenally, the Light Troops maxed outstanding sizes going as far as hitting 33+. Although there was only one picture taken from this event, you may see the Light Troops execute what looks like a Hello tactic below: 

The Light Troops were not done yet, as they had another unscheduled US training a few minutes after. In this event we see the Light Troops improve on their tactics and size. The Light Troops achieve sizes of 38+ in this, also claiming that there were 20+ Light Troops in other rooms, and/or locked out. You may see a picture of the event below:

To wrap up their re-opening day, the Light Troops had one more event on their capital, Icebox. In this event we see the Light Troops get higher sizes than all their previous events, dementedly maxing up to 52. The Light Troops have also mentioned that they’ve had 10+ lockouts, leading to a possible size of 62+. Surprisingly, the Light Troops also made their typical 1 bar server turn into a two bar. You may see a picture of the ‘Liberation of Ice Box’ below:


With four events to mark their reopening day, what do YOU think? Will the Light Troops be bigger than ever before? Do YOU think the Light Troops may partake in war anytime soon? We want YOUR opinions! Comment them below!


CPA Central Reporter


9 Responses

  1. “dementedly maxing up to 52” that word does not mean what you think it means (at least in this context)

  2. Good post Chip

    • Thank you

  3. 2 months later, you guys will shut-down again.


  4. Shit post

  5. lol

  6. Totally Unexpected 😮

  7. l knew it

  8. Traumaticly

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