New World Order Alliance Forms To Combat Multilogging

FROSTBITE, WV Empire – Alliance wars made its way back to the grand stage earlier today, marked by the formation of the New World Order alliance. Reminiscent of 2013s New Dawn Alliance, which formed to combat bullying within the community, the New World Order formed with a different target in mind.

Involved with everything from massive rises to witch hunts, Multilogging has without a doubt been one of the most discussed topics this year. Many have made the argument that Multilogging has been detrimental to our community, since it makes it near impossible to be aware of our actual size. Some have even gone as far as saying that the abuse of Multilogging is slowly leading to the death of our community.

However, nobody had yet to form an alliance specifically designed to eradicate Multilogging – until today.

Chip, Water Vikings Leader-in-Training, was the first to announce the inception of the alliance in a post on the Water Vikings site. You can view the full post on the Water Vikings site here, or read an excerpt from the post below.







– Chip, WV Leader-in-Training

The post continues to outline the remaining participants in the New World Alliance, the Army Republic, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Nachos. Each of the participants released a post on their respective home sites announcing their entry into the alliance. You can find these posts by clicking the names of the armies listed.

Below is an excerpt from the Nachos post, posted by Akabob, regarding the alliance.

Today, The Water Vikings, The Army Republic, The Nacho Empire, and The Army of Club Penguin have decided to come together under one banner to share two mutual goals. To make the community a place worth being in, and to eradicate multi-logging in the community.

– Akabob, Nachos 2ic

However, the New World Order has done more than just announce its creation, and declare war on the act of Multilogging. The New World Order has also unveiled their list of enemies, those who they feel are guilty of the act of Multilogging.  The official list of enemies currently consists of the Doritos, the Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors.

As of release of this post, the Ice Warriors are currently the only army to issue a response post to the New World Orders statement of hostility. The post was published by Andrew24, former Ice Warriors leader, and plainly states that the Ice Warriors have no intention of cowering to the New World Order. Andrew24 makes it clear that the Ice Warriors are prepared to go to war. You can read the full contents of the post on the Ice Warriors site here.

The Doritos, who are currently in a lockdown following the retirement of Sprite, have yet to respond to the remarks of the New World Order, as have the Dark Warriors.

We want to know what YOU think! Is the formation of this alliance noble, or is it just an excuse to gang-up on their enemies? How serious is the Multilogging epidemic, and is this the right way to combat it? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! 


CPAC Official Anxiety Consultant


84 Responses

  1. the alliance wont change shit, multilogging is just something that cant be stopped

    • It can be stopped. People just choose not to take action against it.
      This alliance is a good thing

  2. the war is just a formality to have a good time with everyone, and the real goal is to work with community leaders into making a community that people want to be in, sans multi-logging.

    if people get caught multi-logging, then its war. no question about it. its really that simple. by not working with the AA/NWO (i don’t mind what name it is), regardless if you like the armies or leaders in question, you are showing that you stand with multi-logging. its as plain as can be. if you don’t like how we came about it, you’re open to relay it to me, burr, or any of the leaders in the alliance and give your arguments.

    if you never say anything, however, you will never be heard. be apart of the community. whether you’re friend or enemy, at least it’ll give all something to do rather than idle on chats.

    • I am sorry if I said anything bad about the Nachos and you because I just always get picked on by so many of your troops over stupid or same old things that I thought you were one of those mean ones and I hope you can forgive me and just to be clear I never said the Nachos would actually multilog when all I said was inb4 they are the next army accused of it and that was it lols

  3. While it’s good to see armies taking action against multiloggers, it won’t change anything because the multi logging armies will just multilog even more to combat the alliance. CPAC needs to do something, because punishments from CPAC have a huge effect on armies.

    • dan101 brought that up during the meetings. as i stated earlier, we plan on having this go beyond a war and working with everybody from the newest recruit to the oldest legends to make this a game worth playing, taking everyone’s viewpoints into account.

      cpac working with us would be a great boon, but if we must make due with the occasional article then i understand how it must be. we’ll work with anyone interested though.

    • True

    • But if CPAC/SMAP does something more major than they already have, people will yell at them for trying to control CPA. WE have to stop multilogging, not CPAWM.

      • To say that CPAC are ‘controlling’ armies by removing cheaters from their competitions and leaderboards is completely absurd. To claim that CPAC is some kind of controlling power is anarchist and absolutely ridiculous.

        • No I mean like some people say “take away all of that armies servers” or “kill that army”. CPAWM can’t do that.

          • Ah, right, I see what you mean. CPAC has no power to do such things. However, they can and should be removing cheaters from their competitions and deducting more points. I don’t understand why the punishments are so minor and passive.

      • Also, a ten point deduction for one week is NOT major. It’s the lowest and most ineffective punishment you can use.

        • True.

    • This whole cp armies is not right.
      Its like making all the decisions when kids need to have their peace in this ‘safe’ online playground.
      we act like we make the rules rather than have fun.
      when you are lucky people join this community. you boss them around treating them like idiots.

      We take up rooms on the cp room. such as the town snow forts…ice berg…etc And specially party rooms.

      But i am grateful and glad they are doing something against multi logging.

      Do you guys not see my point?

  4. But heres the thing. Dcp and Wv are under a treaty until new year after their last war. So just like last time they declared war on us, it will be invalid until new year.

    • The first time possum has said something that makes sense!

    • Can you KIK me please? 😦

    • wv brought that up, and then after some discussion it was decided that if you give multi-loggers credibility by honoring their treaties, you are treating them like a legitimate entity.

      maybe there was more discussion that I have forgotten or not seen, but that was the verdict on Friday

      • But by doing this you guys are breaking your word. You are showing no signs of honor by breaking your word. It doesn’t matter what army this is with but if we decide to break the rules of treaties. whats the point of even making them? My point still stands. Any invasions or raids by water vikings are irrelivant unless you guys want to formally disguiss getting rid of the treaty. If thats the case we will talk but until then…

        • I agree with you that making treaties is silly. That’s why I don’t make them.

        • DCP shows no sign of honour by multilogging. As a DCP owner, you are in no position to insult the honour of other armies.

          • I do not multilog and for the time being I am no longer in an owner position.

  5. Lol armies who multilog forming an alliance to stop multilogging. GG and as if alliances have ever succeeded in stopping anything with forming alliances in the past, I guess this community really is dead

    • Good one Badboy, person who got caught multilogging 30+. Please name one army in the entire alliance that was caught multilogging. None. Why? None of us multilog. This alliance obviously can’t wipe out every single multilog in the community but hell, it will do some work. We’ll be raiding every single event our enemies have if they choose to ignore our invasions.

      • There has been evidence against AR, ACP, and even WV, just convenient when your creator is CEO. And boo hoo, I’m going to cry over being caught over a CP game, for some, such as yourself, armies is all you have and all you care about, but that obviously isn’t the case with me so I couldn’t care less if I was caught. Your alliance can’t even max over 40 combined so go feel special because alliances haven’t ever worked in the past.

        • There has been evidence about ACP under Trader’s regime – He’s now removed. There has been NO evidence on AR. There has been many accusations but every single possible allegation out there was explained by me in posts consists 1500+ words. So, please read them other than jumping to conclusions. If you didn’t care about this game, you wouldn’t take the time to come on 3 hours earlier than the real event time to prepare your 30+ multilogs. Last time I checked, getting on 30 different browsers is taking this pretty seriously, no?

          • Dont you think responding with a 1500 word post on something “you didnt do” is taking things a bit too far?

          • To be fair, there has been evidence against Burrito Multilogging in the past, it just wasn’t in this generation of AR.

          • ACP is in your alliance, and you say none have ever been recently been involved with multilogging. Under Trader or not, it still happened in their army, thus making them a part of it. There has been lots of evidence against AR in the past, and they still probably multilog, because we all know Burr is a hypocrital fuck who no one likes, who will do anything to reach success in this game. And I never came on 3 hours earlier to do anything lol, idk maybe sometimes to laugh at your 3,000 word posts on WV site that were of no significance at all, but thats about it. Only because those would take 3 hours to read. And yes, according to you multilogging is some sort of major crime I committed, when exactly is the sheriff locking me up? Last time I checked, you were “retired” from armies, but here you are forming useless alliances. Please get a life kiddo, this game is too serious for you.

            • I returned around 2 days ago. But hey, the past is the past. We’re talking about the present.

              • Lol, nice job ignoring everything I just said. And obviously you’re still stuck in the past if you care about the multilogging issue with SWAT three weeks ago.

        • Although you are correct(at least from what I’ve heard, don’t know about WV), I think all of those armies are past multilogging in a whole because they’ve realized how game breaking it is.

        • i mean swat multi-logged but you remained the leader, so ACP is infinite ahead of you when it comes to combating multi-logging.

          let me know when you’re ready to try and say something other than an insult or leech off of another army’s success, Chris. if you can, I mean.

          • Again, what does SWAT have to do with the new world order? You’re still upset nachos remained maxing 10+ when SWAT was 1st? That’s unfortunate. I’m the second best leader in SWAT history, so removing me wouldn’t be the smartest idea. And I mean, why would I have to leech off of other army’s success when I have success of my own. The only army in that alliance that can get over 30+ is WV, and even then the alliance as a whole still can’t reach over 40. So let me know when you can make an insult better than calling me by my real life name, as if that’s supposed to upset me. Or are you going to go write another 1,000 word post about an army that is closed? Lol get a life kid. Your irrelevance makes me wonder why you even bother commenting to me because I didn’t even know who you were before I saw nachos site two weeks ago.

            • i mean if you took what i said as an insult then maybe you should try taking a couple deep breaths friend.

              swat was 1st with two multi-logging scandals on it. swat is gone now. nachos are still here and don’t multi-log. i’d rather be maxing 10 without multis than to multi and know all the troops i have are fake. have a good night.

              • I looked at what you said as an attempt to insult me, so I suggested you’d come up with some better ideas bro. SWAT was 1st with TWO accusations, but we were first nonetheless, so if you want to sit here and tell me the nachos are better when they needed the entire community to win a tournament final, then you’re sadly mistaken. I’d rather have a life then be some faggot who sits around writing 1,000 posts directed towards people who’d rearrange his face irl have a good time doing nothing productive

                • that wasn’t mean insulting; you’re insecure and see everything as an attack.

                  its really not that hard to be first, friend. just takes some people and good tactics (i would know; we can check 08-10 and we/i did it without multi-logging).

                  can’t wait for the 14 year old to come “rearrange my face” because i poke fun at his virtual army. go smoke your weed, go to sleep, and hopefully when you wake up you’ll calm down. i’d hate to keep you from your “successful” life, friend.

                  • If it wasn’t mean as an insult then why say it at all, my name is Bad on here, not Chris. And oh really it isn’t? It just takes some people and good tactics? Lol, you make me laugh kid. And nah you probably wouldn’t know because I’d bet a ton you were carried, you just seem like the type, and obviously you have no knowledge of leading a CP army if you think “having some people and good tactics” can get an army to first, unless of course you’re ACP and spam recruiting sessions. And I was talking about Ganger, that is who your post was about, wasn’t it? Hes 16, and could prolly fuck you up, because he and I are probably older than you lmfao. And nah, you didn’t just say shit about SWAT, you said you’d give him shit irl when he’d murk you faster than you could get a word out of that arrogant self of yours. Yeah bruh ill go smoke some, and then ill come back and still laugh at yo goofey ass son. You should stop tryna prove to be shit cus you aint nothing, get that straight real quick for me. And when you said have a good night i thought you were implying you weren’t going to respond to my next comment, but obviously you’re a big fan of mine, and I appreciate it greatly. Good night to you too, “friend”.

                    • I’m truly sorry to sink your boat, Bad. But, honestly come on man, you’re insulting him saying he has no life writing 1000+ word posts yet you’re here commenting hundreds of words yourself. Funny thing is, you claim that you don’t care. You’re also contradicting what you’ve confessed to. Are you actually saying SWAT didn’t multilog their way to 1ST?

                    • If i were to travel anywhere I’d go by plane, boats aren’t my thing, but to answer question 100 words in a comment isn’t anywhere near on the level of a 1,000 word post, one of which was directed towards someone who didn’t insult aka at all whatsoever, he just likes to think hes a big man, but this a big world he gotta understand that. I haven’t really confessed to anything, mostly sarcasm, I ignore the publicity I get because it got boring after I was couped from DW for a 3rd time, I mean cmon, CPAC interviews get old. And we didn’t. First special report was for the first two weeks we were set up by Verum, and the second one was the week xat was down. We actually should’ve been first twice but CPAC made a special report and used it for a top ten 3 weeks later, but I can’t control stupidity. And when exactly were you invited into this conversation, Chip? I’m still wondering.

                    • so am i the 30 year old pedophile or am i the <16 year old kid who is going to get beat up by ganger?

                      chip said most of what was going to be said. i'll take a few minutes here for you to get your story straight.

                    • Nah you’re just some annoying kid who uses big words thinking it means anything, but please, finish your sentence so I can laugh at you once more.

  6. About time they did an alliance to stop multiloggers

  7. Awwww is Chip being a big pussy about multi logging like he always is?

    • at least chip is trying to prevent multilogging. Go spark somewhere else. 🙂

      • Ik he’s preventing multi logging but he acts like a bitch and a pussy about it

    • Seriously? How does making a stand against cheating make Chip a pussy? Do you not understand the seriousness of multi logging? I don’t see why you’d make such an immature and ridiculous comment.

      • I know multi logging is bad but when someone constantly makes a big deal over it, I have a huge problem over it

        • People make a big deal out of it because it’s a big problem… >.<

      • CP armies are better off to shut down than it to die naturally because of multilogging.

        we are now hit off conscious and CP armies are off to a end painfully.
        we were the only way to stop this. but because of our stubbornness and pride. we let this happen and now the dark age catched up to us.

        We all tried.

  8. Lets see how many chats ban me after saying this

    This alliance isn’t for combating multilogging.
    Its painfully obvious, really
    The list of armies that are currently the alliances target are all enemies of the armies in the alliance
    Now I’m not choosing sides, but its pretty clear that this is just for the armies in the alliance to assert themselves into more powerful positions

    Again, I’m not picking sides, but if you’re trying to get rid of multilogging this is not the way to do it, and the alliance heads are well aware of that fact.
    The removal of multilogging needs to be gradual and taken care of by CPAC. I know the CEOs don’t want it to be that way, but we need a larger, much more influential power to take care of it. Think of it like this –
    Former US President Wilson had a 14 point plan to counter and remove the threat of a large scale war. Other leaders of the allied powers had their own gain and wanted to essentially kill Central Powers. They tore appart Austria-Hungary and destroyed the German economy. You know what happened? Hitler happened.

    With DCP DW and IW out of the picture, the NWOA will be the only powers. Until someone who knows how to control the other armies, as in Mustapha, Andrew, etc take power in the armies, leading to essentially, a complete collapse of the community, much like the age of European Superiority

    This will not end well, I can guarantee it. If either side is victorious, the dark age in armies will only continue.

    I can not stress this enough, I’m not taking sides. But if we are to remove multilogging from armies, this is possibly the worst way to do it.

    • Nachos won’t. I actually sorta agree with you tbh.

    • nothing will be easy and there are risks in every solution. I don’t have all the answers, but putting too much power into any one entity is too much of a risk.

      we hop to curb this by allowing trustworthy persons and armies into the alliance. for example, the alliance was originally going to be the four listed, but at the last second LT became interested and joined in. unfortunately due to differences between LT and WV, things didn’t work out, but here’s hoping that things get solved one day or another and that I can call LT my brothers once again.

      • What I’m saying is that combating the armies that may be multilogging wont do anything. Cause now that they are at war, they have more of a reason to multilog. It cant work.

        • if they multi-log more, there is a bigger chance that they will be caught, which will prompt investigations by CPAC, which will show that these armies are indeed multi-logging, and CPAC will have a reason then to take action. CPAC takes action, removes them from the community along with us (or some other unspecified punishment that may crop up eventually), which dis-incentivizes multi-logging, and given enough time will free the community from multi-logging.

          at the very least, it will make those whom multi-log pariahs to the community and other multi-loggers whom haven’t been caught won’t be able to multi so openly and with such large numbers, therefore showing their army for the size it really is.

          • Fair enough

    • won’t work.

      • Do you have an idea that might work?

        • Nothing will work, no matter what people attempt it will always devolve into mindless witch hunts. Multilogging isn’t exactly something that can be easily proved, so pretty much every attempt to enforce anti-multilogging rules will end up being based purely on speculation. Out of all of the accusations within the past whatever amount of time, very few of them have definitive evidence, and if that’s what CPAC is going to base it on, it’s just going to end up being the people with the strongest influence controlling the punishments.

    • Your comment is flawed. None of the enemies of the alliance are enemies of the ACP.

      • Honestly, this was more directed at the WV, cause they have recently gone to war with most of these armies.

        • Fair opinion.

  9. In fact, how many of these armies in the New World Order have been caught multilogging? Pretty much all of them except the Nachos have been exposed, and don’t go saying “We only did it in the past” because if that was true then you would allow armies like IW in, also any army that tries to deny that their army multilogged at a point, needs to do some reading on their exposure.

  10. My opinion is simple. I don’t think this will end multilogging. I don’t expect this campaign to last more than a couple of weeks, tops. But I do think the best way to combat Multilogging is to try and change the mindset of those who Multilog. Try to get the point across that Multilogging isn’t okay, and it never will be. That Multilogging does more harm than it does good. & I feel this war is a step, even if a baby step, in the right direction.

  11. Aerate Alliance*

  12. My opinion is simple: It won’t do enough, CPAC has to grow some balls and remove these armies from the top 10 that way they are irrelevant.

    • Yes, exactly. CPAC/SMAP own their top tens, so they can just remove armies from the top tens forever or for a few months, not just deductions. The only flaw is that the top ten doesn’t really dictate an armies situation, just recognition. The army that mulltilogs can still go about being an army.

      • If we ban every army we’ve caught Multilogging, it’d be called the Top Two.

        That would also change the entire landscape of the game. Every army currently looks to the Top Ten to compare themselves far more than they do servers.

        The Top Ten is without a doubt the main thing that holds this community together. It keeps armies connected. It keeps us from being completely isolated entities, other than wars, which serve no purpose due to servers being irrelevant.

        That being said, CPAC does need to adapt to the current state in armies. But banning armies from the Top Ten permanently isn’t the way to go about it.

        tl;dr: we fuk wit TT, errybody gets fuked

        • I would agree with Goblin on this one.
          CPAC is currently one of the few things in our community that brings all armies together and maintains order throughout the game. Of course, armies are not meant to be completely united, as that would contradict the idea of warfare. But in the face of certain adversities, armies will need to work together to ensure that the fairness of the game is not eroded. And CPAC has the power to bring them together.

          But if CPAC bans too many armies permanently, certain armies will definitely call for a boycott. And so would their allies. CPAC’s position as an organization that can bring all armies together would be undermined. If that should occur, armies would be further disorganized without anything to fear, and this game would get more ‘cancerous’ than it already is. The likelihood of us eradicating problems in the community such as multi-logging would then be truly impossible.

          And we must not forget that if the punishments given to armies CPAC deems has cheated are too severe, any army may take this to their advantage. For instance, an army could place ‘fake multi-logs’ in their opponents events, then claim that they multi-logged. The army being framed would be unable to prove otherwise. This would result in them facing undeserved consequences.

          Thus I would understand why CPAC hasn’t chosen the option of “banning armies that multi-log forever”, as it simply isn’t the best option we could have, considering the fact it could easily make matters worse.
          Although banning for a period of time like DMT suggested could be well considered, although there would be two things I advise if that is done.
          1. Do not ban too many armies at once. (This could be tricky of too many deserve to be banned)

          2. Ensure the army alleged to be multi-logging is not being framed.
          i.e. There must be sufficient evidence

          • If we “don’t ban too many armies at once” it would mean banging the first couple of armies, then just ignoring the rest until the temporary ban of the first few is over.

        • Well if it were to be put in to effect right now, and let’s say ACP multilogs, they’re banned from the top ten. Would other armies still multilog? Maybe, maybe not. I know most people wouldn’t multilog if it meant being banned from the top ten.

          • considering how hard fucking headed this community is, not a single person would stop mulilogging a single account for a single event, they’d just get super pissed at CPAC

            • Ah true, we’re probably fucked any way we put it.

  13. Everybody in this alliance is full of multiloggers.

    • exactly

  14. Aerate Alliance

    Aerate fuckin’ Alliance

    I will not participate in an alliance that goes by the 12 year old edge lord title, ‘New World Order’

  15. Want to cause some Panic and Chaos? Eliminate the Top Ten. Eliminate the one goal in armies.


    • uh huh

      i’m sure you’d love it for everyone to give up hope to let you multi lol

      • No you tool, i was speaking sarcastically about how useless this alliance is going to be, I give props to Nachos for remaining relatively clean but no props to you and how hard you try to “reform” things. nice job rejoining Nachos – but stop trying to push your ideals on the current leadership (remember your a garbage leader)

        • i reminded Dan and kevin yesterday that they were free to fire me at any time if they thought I overstepped my boundaries, but I am still here so things are looking good.

    • kys

  17. Good luck to every army that is at war. Fear the Shield and have fun!!! Having fun is the most important thing. 🙂

  18. Honestly, when will this community learn that EVERY ARMY FUCKING MULTILOGS!!! The only army with legit troops is LT. Stop saying you don’t multilog, when half the community probably does it. Bad, Trader and Musta were stupid enough to get caught doing it, now that Flen is back in IW, I can guarantee a post will be released about IW multilogging. Stop making a big deal about something EVERYONE does.

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