Doritos Go On Lockdown

SUMMIT, Doritos Nation – Things have become chaotic last night for the Doritos as they have gone into lockdown. We see a leader leave, and a former leader return. Click read more to follow on.

It all started, when Doritos leader Sprite had released a shutdown post. In the shutdown post he had talked about how he wanted the Doritos to die with honor. Quickly right away, the post was taken down and Mustapha had returned to the Doritos. Followed by that, Sprite decided to retire and have his last event. You could see his statement and a picture of his post below.

Hi there. Here are the results from my last CP Army event. I am hereby retired from Club Penguin Armies. Have fun trying to mask the reality of the rapidly-dying community.


The Doritos had logged on and got a whopping 40+ online. In his statement Sprite had said his farewell by saying have fun watching the community rapidly die basically.  Sprite himself feels that this community doesn’t have much time. He also feels like he should go and enjoy life.  As Sprite stepped down, we see a familiar eye to the community return. Mustapha has announced his return.

Mustapha had temp retired only awhile ago. He had retired due to being busy. Then last night he had released a post called “Lion Order”. Where in the post he had exclaimed that the Doritos aren’t shutting down. But rather taking a hiatus for a week. You could see that statement below.

Follow me to the journey of more success…

DCP is not permanently shutting down. We will be on lockdown for 1 week, then everything will be situated and we will be able to conquer once more. Stay in DCP and hangout on chat and just have fun for the week. Family Forever

Mustapha seems confident about rising the Doritos once more. The Doritos have been slowly making a comeback. As in the recent weeks they have been known to be dying. It was only truly this week when the Doritos surprisingly landed first it the top ten, they had been known to be powerful again.  This is almost the perfect time as well, as we all prepare to celebrate our winter break. Looks like we will be seeing a very few interesting weeks upon us.

Only time will tell on how the Doritos plan to do in the upcoming weeks. Will they engage in a war? Will they begin to dominate the Top Ten once more? Only the future will very much tell for the Doritos.  Look’s like we’ll find out in a week.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos become powerful? Will they join in the possible World War? YOU Decide! Comment YOUR Opinion!


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


23 Responses

  1. Good to see another bot raid group die out!

    • Technically a lockdown means that they’re closing their borders to regain stability, they will be back, Maxy.. Unless they decide to shut down during the lockdown. Only time will tell.

      • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I mean, if they’re in lockdown, they can’t interact with other armies, right? That’s what I was trying to say. CPA won’t need to be bothered by the bot group of DCP while DCP are in lockdown.

        • Now you make a good point

        • Botters and Multilog are now in a lockdown aka. DCP

  2. >have fun trying to mask the reality of the rapidly dying community
    >multilogs 25 at last event

  3. This is only for a week I was notified by a post Lols

  4. We will be back 😉

  5. Now maybe a deserving army will get #1

  6. Fear the shield. First person to comment fear the multilogs under this will get a scolding u got that? FEAR THE SHIELD

    • Don’t fear the multilogs.

      Nothing to fear. :O

      • Wasn’t AR’s slogan like Fear the Republic. What.

        • Weren’t you in AR?



      • Oh for gods sake phinny stfu already.

        • nou

  7. Lool ok

  8. Lovely to see musta and his multiple chrome tabs disliking these comments

  9. I Think DCP Will Rise Again People Say They Muilt Log I Don’t Believe That I Find That A Rumor You Have No Proof. Also If They Were Muilt Logging They Would Of Bin Kicked Out Of CPAC So If You Don’t Know For Sure Just Shut Up.(Btw Don’t Start Any Fights With Me I’m In No CP Army And I’m Retired So I’m Not intersted)

    • SpyTex? Long time no see man.

  10. Hope DCP takes a long hiatus, one they never come back from

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