The Dark Warriors Issue a Declaration War on the Army of the Republic

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Just after ending a war with the Redemption Force, the Dark Warriors have issued another declaration of war, this time on the Army of the Republic. Along with rehiring former leaders and legends Toysoldier and Freezie, the war seems promising.

Newly reinstated Dark Warriors Legend and Leader, Toysoldier had officially declared war on the Army of the Republic on December 6th, posting the declaration on the Dark Warriors website. An excerpt of the post left by Toysoldier can be seen directly below:

The Army Republic declared war because they’re butthurt we won against them today, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing can bring the Dark Age down. It’s time to defeat Army Republic.

The declaration of war had seemed to be caused by a controversy between the Dark Warriors and the Army of the Republic from a battle between the two factions. The Dark Warriors had logged and faced the Army of the Republic maxing sizes of 30+ and averaging 25+ with the Army of the Republic topping sizes around 20+. Below is a snapshot from the recent event:

The Army of the Republic had replied to the treacherous cause of the war statement left by the Dark Warriors. Below is a statement left by Army of the Republic Legend and Main Advisor:

The Dark Warrior’s UK invasions scheduled from Monday through Friday are invalid. 

I quote Dark Warrior leader, Verum, from the DW site:

1 Invasion a day? You can’t make the rules for wars they have to be agreed by both parties are made at some meeting that we signed i.e Mammoth Conventions, CP Army Council.

He is right, I cannot make the rules which I never tried to do. However, he did cite and acknowledge DW’s willful participating within The Mammoth Conventions. 

Interestingly enough, AR also signed off on the Mammoth Conventions and lucky for us, we were smart enough to look into its content before signing. Clause 5, titled “The Similar Circumstances Rule”

As indicated by both our ranks page and your own leader, Freezie66 in his post addressed to our “surrender,” (:lol:) AR’s UK force is indeed, non-existent for the time being.

Proof of Freezie66, (DW Leader?) acknowledging our nonexsistent UK force:

DW UK = Verum, Tirodorgan //AR UK = non-existent  

~ Freezie66

Therefor, based on both armies willful participation within the Mammoth Convention and its set rules, your UK scheduled invasions are invalid.



This part of the post is irrelevant in reality since we have no need to justify a war in a game dedicated to having fun on Club Penguin, but since Toysoldier, Freezie, and Verum’s fingers are drenched in sweat over their fear of losing to “a bunch of SMAP rejects,” I decided I’ll justify our actions anyways.

Let’s look at your recent history first:

December 5th – Dark Warriors leader and legend, Freeze66, is exposed for multilogging at a Christmas Chaos tournament battle. 

A pathetic crime in and of itself, it makes you wonder if DW is the same as a lot of the scum that resides in this community. But wait, it gets worse.

December 5th – Dark Warriors supposedly “banish” Freezie66 from the army to try and protect their reputation after Freeze was exposed for cheating.

December 5th – In response to being caught, Freezie66 has the following to say of his actions:

I did multilog Ooodledoodle on Sunday. I have no shame whatsoever.

This community means nothing anymore. I condone multilogging, rebel from the incognito governing body that is known as CPAC. They’re the failures of this community, not those who multilog. They have had the influence of armies for a long time, and have never acted.

Freezie66, DW Legend

Keep in mind, this is the same “leader” currently posting on the Dark Warriors website and calling for our surrender. Some army…

December 6th – AR raids Frosty, originally intended for fun, however it turned into a declaration of war when we were given reason to believe that DW were still cheating, not to mention they were just flat out arrogant. 

At our raid, we noticed someone actively helping and even leading DW’s defense of Frosty. Who could it be? Why of course! It’s the supposedly ‘banished’ Freezie66!

Another strange occurrence took place when Freezie eventually logged onto the battle… their army jumped nearly 5 to 10 soldiers within the minute! What’s more? There were a wide variety of low stamp and suspiciously named soldiers? Gasp… it’s almost like… it all… means something.

So, let me get this straight. Dark Warriors leader Freezie gets exposed for multilogging, then defends and supports his actions only to be re-invited into the Dark Warriors the next day to resume leading and supporting the army yet we are out of line for having reason to believe you guys are likely multilogging at your battles? Yikes, I guess there are some forms of stupid you simply can’t teach.

So now that I have hopefully brought awareness to the ludicrous army that is DW, let us take a moment to bask and even laugh at the post their knight in shining armor has brought them.

By the way, we don’t care if DW is in another ‘Dark Age.’ Wow! That sounds almost as intimidating as the Dragon, Agents, and Tank era! Rawr!

Now please, do yourselves a favor, grab a tissue, wipe the sweat off of your fingers and forehead, and enjoy a fun war with us. M’kay? Awesome!


So AR, will we let these cowards beat us? Or will we continue to support real warfare. Let’s do this.

I have managed to grab a quick interview with Army of the Republic Main Advisor and Legend Burr:


Army of the Republic Main Advisor and Legend Burr


What was the biggest spark that you believed caused the DW to declare war?

We originally planned it for fun since armies never showed up to our practice battles. Then after we raided it they started getting really aggressive so we said screw it and went all in pretty much

How do you feel about the current state of AR leading into the war?

Our current state is pretty good, we are all working hard and just trying to have fun regardless of the outcome so I dont see what much could go wrong

How long do you expect this war to last, and how do you predict it will end?

Hard to say how long it would last. Depends on how long morale keeps up. The war could end with a lot of great battles and fun times, or it could be ruined by constantly spamming invasions to capture the most servers resulting in low morale.

Any last words?



What do YOU think will be the outcome of this war? Which side will result in a victory? Will the Army of the Republic rise? Was the return of two Dark Warriors Legends necessary? YOU decide! Comment right below in the comment section below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


22 Responses

  1. Hashtag Yolo.

    • it’s not 2013 anymore

  2. #yolo

  3. Stop saying “DW declared war” We planned to declare war as a fun war the previous day. Then declared war after the raid. I don’t know where you’re getting this “DW declared war on AR” shit from.

  4. Hashtag Yolo.

  5. And we maxed 26 not 20 lol

  6. Hashtag Yolo.

  7. Also, DW. I don’t know why you are acting so aggressive. The purpose of this war was to engage our recruits, and give them something to do. It benefits both armies. Same thing with the war against RPF. You’re leaders are the definition of 2015 CPA leaders. Cocky and arrogant. Calling people “faggots”, and overall just purely immature. Enjoy your ego while it’s still large Verum.

  8. As a Dark Warrior, i though this battle would be for fun because we were dq’d from Chistmas Chaos AGAIN, after battle i go to ar chat and say good battle but then start asking me questions about why we wanted war. I didnt know why so i go and ask Verum or Perry, from what i heard, they though they were butthurt but they didnt seem like it when i was at ar chat. I also asked Burr if it would be another AR VS RPF war, a fun little thing.

    I dont really know whats happening. Will go ask for more details tomorrow!
    Good luck in war Army Republic and may the best win!

    • Good luck to the Dark Warriors!

  9. I never posted anything on the DW site. I am not involved with the current generation.
    Verum told me on kik he accidentally clicked my name when he made the post and not Tiro’s.

    • I’m not even in DW are you high tax

  10. DW maxed around 24 opposed to AR which maxed 26. This post could have been better, but overall, nice job

    • DW did have better tactics overall, though.

      • Even if so, CPAC said DW maxed 30+ and AR maxed 20+ when AR maxed 25+ and DW got 24.

  11. blacks vs kkk

    • So funny 😂

    • haha ten year old humor XD !

      • i figured you’d find amusement in it


  13. Wait a second. Which one’s the Dark Side?

  14. Well AR have tried to pussy their way out of the war by bringing allies into the equation and calling our invasions invalid.

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