ACP Multilogging Investigation Leads To Authority Crumble

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Army of Club Penguin Nation – Following a CP Army Central Special Report, changes have been made to the Army of Club Penguin. These changes include the retirement of Trader who had been placed on very thin ice following his part in the multilogging and also the firing of Max43810 who also took part in the unwritten crime.

On November 19th, Lord Trader announced to the community via the Army of Club Penguin website that he would be entering a state of retirement from the army who claimed he was leaving “due to not enough time to lead”. An extract from the post can be seen below:

I love everybody in Army of Club Penguin and everybody who supported me while I was leading. I know there are many people who didn’t support the Army of Club Penguin, don’t listen to those people, everybody in the Army of Club Penguin are great people and are legendary to me. I had a great time leading and I wish I could of gone longer and done better during my time. I tried my hardest and did whatever I could for you guys and I will still be helping out whenever I am able and needed. I have become really busy and almost have no time to lead, leaving was very hard for me to do because everybody in this army is so great and i’m sorry I have to leave.

As you can see in the above post, Trader is claiming that taking a leave from the army is a choice that he simply was not forced into. With recent meetings taking place among the ACP ownership and its respected Panel of Guardians following Trader’s multilogging in the army – it’s possible that this indeed isn’t the case.

Several members of the community actually believe that Trader would have been removed in the foreseeable future regardless of whether he took this retirement opportunity – but it’s impossible for us to know that.

One of the defining pictures from Trader's tragic leadership.

One of the defining pictures from Trader’s disappointing leadership.

With Lord Trader now gone from the Army of Club Penguin – it appears the army can now once again take its place in the community as an army that plays fair – a moral goal that was sacrificed under Trader’s leadership. Following several threats from Max and Trader to coup Sidie, it appears that the Panel of Guardians have stood behind Sidie and it’ll be interesting to see who manages to take the leadership spot.

One of Trader’s main allies in the Army of Club Penguin was that of Max43810, the ACP Second in Command. Following the chat reset to remove the main owner position from Trader, Max arrived on chat to get his owner position back in which he was subsequently banished from the army. This of course being the result of the firing of Max. A statement has yet to be released by the Army of Club Penguin about why this took place but one is led to believe that it was the result of the multilogging.

These changes to the army have been referred to as the “ACP Corruption Clean” (ACPCC) which will see the army return to its former position as the army that scandal just didn’t get associated with during 2014 and majority of 2015.


ACP does stand strong, just not with Max.

What do YOU think? Was Trader forced into this retirement? Which army will the ACP Refugee Max try to take up residence in? 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


107 Responses

  1. Been in ACP for years and it is indeed sad what has happened to ACP.

  2. 1 less corrupted army in the community, 1 more step to achieving a clean community.

    • Result watching all chip’s comments: Chip hates every single army

      • Correction: Chip hates armies that multilog (DCP, SWAT and formerly ACP, IW)

        • Iw doesn’t multilog, they don’t even have events lel

      • I hate all the cancerous armies in the community. For now, I completely despise SWAT and DCP. I have nothing against Iw because they’re currently down down down down.

        • TBH chip, Even though IW is in a bad spot, i’m still a proud, hard-working and not multilogging troop. But just as you, I COMPLETELY despise SWAT and DCP, aka The Two Cancers.

      • well, not the Nachos though… :/

      • LMFAO

  3. Max be flipping his shit after this

  4. This is utter bullshit, I haven’t even been on xat yet?

    • I reported what I was told by Ryan, Noka, Gobby and Elsa.

  5. I’m also not banished, hence why I am mod on the chat.

  6. What was the point in this when there was already an investigation?

    • This is a post about Trader retiring from the army… and Max being removed…

      …Try to keep up.

      • Yeah, but you could’ve done it in a less bias way. For example, taking quotes from Trader’s retirement post, writing about his previous experience, etc. As for Max’s removal, that can be a whole another post. I thought CPAC was supposed to be professional?

        • Jodie you’re talking about bias, aren’t you a 4ic in ACP?

          • I’m looking at this from a professional, reporting point of view.

            • Sure.

            • Professional view? Mate, you’re in a CLUB PENGUIN army. You’re not professional and calling yourself professional does not somehow validate your point of view.

              • I’m not your “mate”

                • Colloquial language. You’re not genuinely my mate. Try reading the rest of the comment

                  • I did read it, thank you very much.

        • Oh just fuck off

          • How professional.

            • As professional as your multi-logging skills. I’m kidding i love you

              • To be fair, that’s pretty professional.

                • reading this made my night in the hospital not so bad… anyways pce m8s got more surgery tmrw

  7. Bullshit. Trader has all the time in the world. He’s just pussying away from the fact that his reputation is completely destroyed

    • ^^^^^^^ And because Sidie was ab to coup him anyway. His retirement was a complete cop out. Way to let him off the hook for his actions, I really hope they aren’t letting him call himself an advisor.

      • Advise them to multilog xD

  8. this post is literally just bragging how his post made trader retire, not about trader actually retiring gtfo zing u suck

    • How was this post not about Trader retiring lol? Did you read like 1 line of the post and THEN make that comment?

  9. Quote a line of bias.

    • “Following a CP Army Central Special Report, changes have been made to the Army of Club Penguin.”

      “these changes to the army have been referred to as the “ACP Corruption Clean” (ACPCC) which will see the army return to its former position as the army that scandal just didn’t get associated with during 2014 and majority of 2015.”

      & everything in between

      • Following the CP Army Central Special Report (November 14th) changes have been made. This is the case, it’s not an opinion – It is exactly what’s happened.

        I didn’t call it the ACP Corruption Clean. I’m not trying to get it trending on twitter, I was stating what it got called by owners in the army as well as other people. If memory serves me right, that was a quote from Zoomey.

        ACP was not associated with much scandal in 2014 and the majority of 2015. This isn’t my opinion, it is a fact. And now that the multiloggers are out, that will be the policy that returns – once again; a fact, not opinion.

        Would you like to try again? ❤

        • i didnt mean those two lines exclusively

          hence the “& everything in between”

          they’re the first lines and last lines

          it was my attempt at humor

          thanks for murdering the joke

          u cold hearted bastard

          • Yeah.. it wasn’t funny though 😦

    • Rip zingking to cause of death 1080° switch weapons throw tomahawk snipe. Oh and also geg oot zing.

    • Firstly, it was proven that they multilogged – infact the POG and Sidie actually admitted to the multilogging – what more proof do you need then that. This whole thing is the result of that Multilogging Investigation and that investigation led to the authority of Trader, crumbling. Therefore – what I said was a fact, not a matter of bias.

      I was informed by CP Army Central Vice President, Gobby, as well as Zoomey, Elsa, Noka and Captain Ryan that Max43810 was banned upon coming on chat. I’m sure if you asked Gobby, he can back this statement up as to be true. I report the facts that I get informed of, I was informed of this – therefore once again, it’s not bias. Simply a fact.

      ACP is standing strong, just like Max said that it would be. The only difference is while ACP does stand strong, Max is no longer a part of it. Once again, this is not bias – it is indeed a fact.

      There is nothing “retarded” about that statement (btw you should check out ‘Sponsored Content’ by South Park, quite a good episode). This is due to the fact that Trader had been placed on very thin ice, this is evident due to the fact that the POG issued a warning to him. Once again, not bias – just fact.

      Considering Max and Trader called for a coup of Sidie, and Sidie is still in the army, the Panel of Guardians must have stood behind Sidie, once again – this is not bias as it’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

      I stated what Trader is stating and then informed the reader of what the alternative thing people are saying is. This is not bias, I’ve allowed Trader’s point of view in the story – if I said “Trader lied about retiring on his own free will cause he was gonna get fucked up otherwise” then that would indeed be bias.

      Yes Mustapha. You do need to go on as you’ve yet to quote a line of the post that’s actually demonstrated bias.

      Thanks for your view!

      • actually i was just reiterating what i heard ryan say earlier to get “LOL”s.

    • I agree with you on all points. Asshurt CPAC reporters don’t need to make either hella biased posts or some inaccurate rant. For example, If I made a post about how Badboy and Phin made a sex tape when in reality they didn’t and I posted it for attention and to tarnish their careers. This is what’s wrong with CPAC

      • If you don’t like us, why you reading and commenting on our site lol?

  10. musta u haven’t even read my blog u don’t know the defition of bias until u do (hangs pictures of doritos all over blog) lol jk

  11. Bias is part of the news. I don’t think Zing is being biased when he says “Traders disappointing leadership”. In fact, I think Zing is speaking real shit. In reality, anyone who multi logged or was caught doing something in a cheating way has a disappointing leadership. That includes all armies.

    The worlds bias, irrelevant, retirement, and coup should erase themselves from this community.

    Irrelevant because none of you or me are relevant. We play cp armies.

    Retirement because no one actually retires anymore. Everyone returns a week later and THEN retired again!

    Bias because it’s cp armies. Chill the hell out. Opinionated writing gives prespective. Nothing wrong with it. We all seek bias as a scapegoat when someone of authority here (CPAC) writes something we don’t like.

    Coup because no real coup d’etat’s actually happen. Most people are welcomed back into the army shortly after they’re kicked out.

    Chill. The fuck. Out.
    This is a game where virtual penguins fight each other with crappy word insults and emotes.
    Think about that.

    • ^ Can someone give this man a fucking oreo.

  12. stfu

    • i would say she needs jesus, but even he wasnt able to save her

      he tried to lift her to heaven, but got tired and fumbled her half way up

    • I’m 5’7 and 130 lbs got a prob?

      • i’d put money on it that’d you’ve eaten 130 lbs worth of food in a single sitting multiple times in your life.

        • nope. actually I’ve been in the hospital sooo

          • But I was talking to Cargo and he sad himself that you’re a whale.

            • false

            • pics or it didnt happen

            • btw u fucking moron just bc the name said pikachu DOESNT MEAN IT WAS ME

              • But…it didn’t sa- you know fuck it.

                • lmao

                  • mmk


    • Well I don’t know their capital since you took Breeze.

      • Is the SWAT and ACP war still on or is it just postponed forever?

  14. “one of the defining moments of Trader’s disappointment leadership”

    “ACP does stand strong – just not with Max.”

    When is zing getting CEO, this guy is the best there is

    • I can justify everything I said.

      At the end of the day, that picture is the one that is used to sum up Trader’s run as Leader. When you look back at Trader’s run, you will associate it with multilogging – that’s not my fault. I’m not the one who multilogged am I? This is not my opinion, it’s a fact.

      And I’ve already explained the quote about Max down the post.

      If you don’t want to be called out for multilogging, it’s pretty fucking simple. Don’t multilog!

      • zing intensifies

        • I don’t always expose armies, but when I do – the leader retires.

          • “I don’t always write posts bias, but when its ACP, I’m bias as shit against them” Is what you should be saying

            • I’d like to see if you can actually quote a line of bias in this post – no one else has been able to.

              • I don’t need to because musta already did it. You literally thought up half of your information its like you’re in the Land of Make-believe!

                • Well he didn’t because I discredited everything he claimed to be “bias”.

                  You can feel free to try again.

                  • You yourself discredited it but that doesn’t make it not bias considering you’re the one who made the post

                    • Well actually, it does. I’m the writer, so I know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the post – so I’m the best person to tell you what each line meant lol

                    • But that’s the same thing about your post, I’m in ACP and I can tell whats real from the post and not real :p

                    • Well you can’t. You’re ACP and therefore you are entitled to think that any negative press that ACP gets is “bias”. If you were an uninvolved observer such as Kevin is, *Due to him and Nachos having no affiliation to CPAC, ACP, WV or DCP* you’ll see the post is not bias.

                      Get on my level.

                    • And thats prejudice. You barely know shit about me and most of the time i don’t comment screaming bias on any negative press that acp gets because i usually voice my opinion on the situation. Also thats kevin’s POV there are other people with opposite opinions on the matter-like me.
                      1v1 me on mario kart 8 and then we’ll see who should be on who’s level.

                    • It’s hardly prejudice. It’s a fact that as an ACP member, you want to see ACP glorified – anytime when they’re not – oh it can’t be the ACP’s fault, must be someone else being “bias”.

                      And from what I’ve seen, the only people who believe this post to be bias are on the ACP ranks, or are direct close allies to the ACP.

                    • Lol ok but that can also be used in the opposite direction since you were affiliated with nachos & kevin is too. It would be only right for him to stick up for you and your post.

                    • I’m not affiliated with Nachos in any way, shape or form? I’m not allies with the Nacho Empire, nor am I amongst their ranks. I do not attend their events, and I judge them impartially the same as anyone else.

                    • You seem to forget you were nachos uk leader in the beginning of this year..

                    • I used to be affiliated with Nachos, the Nachos of my time and now are completely different – like today’s leaders, Kevin, Dan and Aka weren’t leaders when I was there..

                      …The entire army has changed so try again sweetheart.

                    • I’ll have you know i aint no sweetheart. I go from 0 to 100 real quick with a flick of the wrist & I’ll split your base in factions since im Mr. Splityourbase.

                    • …Right, and now that I’ve proven your entire argument wrong – You’ve reverted to immaturity and playing around so you no longer look stupid.

                      Carry on, it’s giving me more views and more comments!

                    • You never proved my arguement wrong lmao and i just stopped arguing because i wanted to watch yotube thus, i made that comment to try to end our scuffle. Clearly that didn’t work and idc if its giving you views and comments!!!11

                    • Well I did prove it wrong clearly, and this isn’t a “scuffle”. This is a little boy (meaning you just in case you can’t keep up) being told what bias means.

                    • Little boy? Ok you can call me little boy but I’m 15 and I am easily more mature than you are. At times (like 3 comments ago) I can be immature but most of the time I think its absurd. Think about how you’re the one that replied to my comment to start an arguement on a club penguin site!!!1 thats right little boy. 🙂

          • LOL

            • I don’t think anyone really cared about this bullshit comment war Lol but its funny

  15. I’d write this post better than you and I’m in ACP.

    • I’d like to see you try.

      • I’ll do it

        • Did I miss something? “ACP Corruption Clean” (ACPCC) That is actually the first time I’ve heard that.

          • Well tbh you weren’t on chat when all this was being discussed.

            • I’m pretty confident that they didn’t phrase it as ‘ACPCC’. Seeing as Ryan had no clue what that was but whatever it’s not like I’m complaining.

              • Zoomey said “ACPCC”. Ryan said “Corruption Clean”

                • Fair enough, I guess.

  16. No offence but Max was a nightmare to work with, all he done was multilog, post results and said “NO ONE IN THIS ARMY DOES WORK APART FROM ME”. I’m glad he’s gone…

    • I’d kill myself if Max was in wv

  17. Let the cookie crumble

  18. I think this post had the potential to be at least a little less biased than it is.

    • ffs the only reason you claim this is bias is because I wrote it and you don’t like me for some reason. :/

      • It’s not that I don’t like you.
        It’s that you demonized Trader and Max.

        • Well you don’t like me though, and they did multilog whether you like me or not – and that’s something that needs to be stamped on.

          • I don’t dislike you, and yes – Trader and Max DID multilog. However, that in absolutely no way allows you to create a post which seems so be a method to ruin their careers.

            Sure, they multilogged, but their actions were aimed for the best of the ACP in this dying community, where you must multilog to get in the top 3. I didn’t agree with their actions either, but that isn’t an excuse to make a biased post on the topic.

            for once i actually agree with something mustapha has said (in his earlier comment). this is definitely one of the most bullshit-filled posts i have ever seen.

  19. so is ur mum

  20. Acp Rejoice, for Cpac and you rid a authority of great evil.
    Many are in your debts. now acp can have a normal history like it always been.

  21. Holy

  22. Stop listening to new age rap people because most of its bad for your mental health luls (WARY)

    • Its full of naugthy language key point

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