CPAC Special Report: ACP Caught Green Handed

BREEZE, Army of Club Penguin Empire – With several other armies recently being exposed for the crime of Multilogging, we are once again forced to investigate an army that has seen a rather unprecedented rise into the Top Four of the CP Army Central Top Ten. Read below for more on this investigation.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Army of Club Penguin will go down in history as one of the best armies to ever grace the community with their presence, over the last couple of months however – under the leadership of Trader, the army has been exposed to several claims of multilogging which led to the eventual retirement of Maxy777.

The multilogging claims really first started to appear in the community when Maxy777 leaked several photos of meetings and private chats between ACP owners, including himself about the idea of multilogging.


In the first leaked picture of a Maxy777 + Lord Trader conversation, Maxy asked about the possibility of a multilogging future for the ACP in which Trader openly suggested that the possibility of doing this is there. Upon the conversation getting heated, Trader switched to “ninja mode” which is when discussion is continued on null accounts to try to limit screenshots being taken.


The conversation as you can see above then continued on null accounts in which Maxy and Trader continued talking about multilogging. Knowing that multilogging is wrong and that CPAC investigates it – they spoke about how they would hide it from us, something that they have evidentially failed to accomplish.


It seems apparent that multilogging came out of an act of desperation for the Army of Club Penguin who were seeing smaller and smaller sizes under Trader’s controversial leadership. While it wasn’t seen as the best route to take the army – Multilogging was apparently deemed the only route in which ACP could take to advance on the Top Ten.


Maxy then enquired to Trader whether or not he’d be the only one doing the multilogging due to it not feeling right. Trader responded that while Maxy would be using some accounts to multilog – temporary ACP Leader, Max43810 and himself would also be committing the crime. This further solidifies the claims that it is only Max and Trader who have been multilogging – and not the other ACP owners.

With any mulitlogging investigation, eyes are cast onto an armies recent events. Due to this, owners from both the SWAT and Water Vikings chat have been sitting on the ACP chat – which is perfectly legal for them to do – and have gathered some evidence. Typically in events, you will end up with having a higher chat size than you will attendance rate. This however, was not the case.


Pictured above is an Army of Club Penguin event that saw 28 troops online. The problem? The ACP chat only had 26 people on. While two troops could always been counted as rogues, you then have to take into account the fact that you had people on the chat who were simply there to watch, or away from their keyboards at the time. Due to this, there wouldn’t have been 26 active troops on the chat – but there was a total of 26 people on the chat.


This isn’t the first time this happened however, there are two documented times in which Goldenchippy discovered more troops online the armies chat, then there was on Club Penguin.

Chip and Ryan however decided to test the theory that Max was indeed multilogging due to the fact that there were five strange null accounts on the XAT chat that only appear when Max is online. This test saw Ryan, an ACP second in command give moderator power to “Noob” which allowed him to ban one of the null accounts.

Due to the way that XAT is run, if two accounts or more share the same IP Address, meaning they are in the same house hold, and one account gets banned – so do all other accounts connected to that IP. Upon Chip banning the account, the suspect owner, Max along with four other null accounts went offline.


Above you can see Ryan and Chip discussing the plan and then laughing in a private chat between each other when the results of their test came back positive. As you can clearly see from the above, even an ACP owner bared witness to an owner going off the chat as a result of the five null accounts that he had placed on the chat in order to make the chat size appear bigger – being removed.

That wasn’t the only experiment done to see if multilogs could be detected. While on the Water Viking chat, it was discovered that there was a common theme between the accounts suspected of multilogging – their passwords matched their usernames but with the numbers removed. The accounts were then tested by several members of the community.

Typical Event

Circled above are several accounts that have been expected of multilogging – including that of Lolly 17 who is supposedly the ACP third in command “Elsa” – someone who managed to get an owner position despite not being very well-known at all. The passwords of some of the above counts were tested under the rule that the numbers should be removed – (with a few exceptions) and here is what was found:

  1. Baker1 – Baker < pass
  2. Lolly17 – Lolly < pass
  3. Soccer853 – Soccer < pass
  4. Rookie12345 – Rookie < pass
  5. Butterfree – Pokemon < pass
  6. Ski0842 – Skiski < pass

Six examples of where this rule was true. If these are indeed the accounts of multilogs, it makes complete sense why the passwords were so simplistic. If you have many accounts that you are the owner of – you need simplistic passwords in order to remember the passwords and to log them on fast.

Immediately after learning this information, I went to the Army of Club Penguin chat room in order to speak to Trader. Upon multilogging rumours being made about your army – the natural thing for an innocent party to do is to argue against these allegations. Instead, clearly struggling to meet my questions with plausible answers, Trader decided to change the subject.

1. Password Invasion

Instead of defending himself and the Army of Club Penguin from the multilogging investigations – Trader used all his efforts to desperately divert my attention onto the Special Weapons and Tactics army that was recently exposed for multilogging by Zakster, CP Army Central CEO.

2. Password Invasion

Not willing to let my attention be diverted, I instead made use of tunnel vision to press Trader on the issues at hand. When pressed on the matter of the simplistic passwords of troops only appearing at the events he’s part of – Trader decided to do the only thing that he could do to stop me asking questions.


Clearly attempting to hide the multilogging and get out of answering questions that I put to him and other owners of the Army of Club Penguin – Trader decides to ban me. Trader then exclaimed that the banishment was the sole reason for this post being created – once again failing to address the actual evidence at hand.

As mentioned already in the post, Captain Ryan believes that Max has been multilogging for the Army of Club Penguin in which he decided that an experiment was needed. Ryan however isn’t the only person who has expressed concern that the Army of Club Penguin may have been multilogging under the leadership of Trader.


Even someone held in such high regard that they had been trusted with owner, Zoomey, has reason to believe that multilogging had occurred in the army. As you can see from the above private chat between Chip and Zoomey – Zoomey believes mutlilogging occurred, but didn’t take any responsibility as the person who was doing it.


Following the Army of Club Penguin Champion Cup battle with the Water Vikings, Zoomey felt the need to apologise on behalf of the Army of Club Penguin while expressing the fact that they aren’t sure whether multilogging occurred in their own army. Interestingly enough, Max remained silent throughout this.


Noka also serves as an owner in the Army of Club Penguin who also called the army out for cheating following the chat size investigation completed by Chip. Noka then admitted that someone was multilogging – while he didn’t state a name of a potential multilogger – he knew mutlilogging was indeed happening in the Army of Club Penguin.

Following the accusations made, I approached Fluffyboy who is also an owner in the ACP. Fluffyboy, rather defencelessly, then stated that he had told other owners in the ACP not to multilog – something he would only need to say if the possibility of mutlilogging did indeed exist. He then presented my with a photo from the Army of Club Penguin kik chat which further backed up his claims that he tried to stop the multilogging.



We apologise for the swearing in the above image but felt it was necessary to include in order to present the level of rejection to the idea of multilogging presented by Fluffyboy.

Presented in the article above, you see clear proof of multilogging by the Army of Club Penguin – whether this be confessions from owners, or simply experiments done by both ACP owners and members of the community. It appears apparent that not all owners of the Army of Club Penguin are guilty of multilogging and therefore not owners should be treated as such. The spotlight remains on Trader, Max43810 and the new third in command, Elsa – also known as Lolly.

Just days ago, Zakster asked the question of which army would be next – to which I can now reply, the Army of Club Penguin. Multilogging simply doesn’t seem to be going away – so perhaps it’s time for stricter consequences to be enforced in the community using the Top Ten and Tournaments hosted by us.

What do YOU think? Does Lord Trader need to be removed from the Army of Club Penguin in order to maintain it’s legacy? Who else is guilty of multilogging in the army?


CP Army Central Chief Executive Producer

Zing King To

CP Army Central Executive Producer


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  1. ACP Stands Strong.

    • How is this your idea of strong?

      • Dear Zing,
        your post was very one sided and biased. It was right for Trader to ban you – look at your wording. It’s as if you already assume that ACP did indeed multilog even though the possibility (which is quite probably) that ACP did NOT multilog exists right in front of your face. You have also insulted ACP 3ic Elsa, for “multilogging”. You literally circled random penguins, for the fact that their pass is the same as their username save their numbers. MANY PEOPLE DO THAT. It’s not uncommon and has no relation to multilogging.

        Do your research – from BOTH sides of the story, and tell the FACTS, keeping your opinion at bay. This will let the public create their own opinion and your news source will be much respected.

        • …They did multilog… Read the post lmfao. Who the hell are you? Are you one of the multilogs?

        • A special report post has always been one sided targeting the cheating army. The penguins circled were not random, they were suspected multilogs circled for later analysis. They were proved to have extremely suspicious passwords, which were also found on websites.

          • “They were proved to have extremely suspicious passwords, which were also found on the websites.” Chip, you made a huge mistake, for my club penguin name is NOT Lolly17 its Lolly 17 that you already know and my password ain’t Lolly so why are you saying that. AND that’s a fact, just saying…

            • It’s not Lolly17, it’s Lolly 17?

              …so the Lolly17 account is a multilog?

            • I cried a little. I told you 20 times I know the difference between Lolly17 and Lolly 17. Trader was trying to frame you. I accidentally circled your penguin instead of Lolly 17 in that picture because I was rushing it before ACP logged off. However, lolly17 is a multilog and its password is Lolly

    • So multilogging and cheating is your idea of ‘strong’? You’re liars and cheaters, and that makes you incredibly weak.


      • for once chip becomes useful… aka detective chip…

        • Hey honeypie, don’t forget when I exposed your ass with lroids trdr

          • u never exposed me l0l

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                  • unless your arse can find proof, i never said that

              • so shut the fuck up

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      • LOL

    • Multilogging just proves that ACP is weak.

      • Agreed.

      • ACP is not weak. Max and Trader are.. or whoever the multiloggers are…

        • ACP IS weak.

          • Yes they are

        • But all multiloggers are weak as shit lmao

    • This post is starting to be a joke and the evidence is starting to show as very poor for there are things in it that aren’t good hard facts and the truth is starting to show for some of these lightshots are like noobs talking about multilogging and even though they say it’s Trader and blah blah it could just be noobs or people who don’t like ACP taking the mick but I am rather sure Max and Trader multilogged but we are finding more and more about this post and finding out that a lot of this is a joke and lies in a type of way and the lightshots of people saying they THINK/SAY people multilogged at events is just a stupid theory. It’s just becoming a joke now…

      • You’re in denial

        • LOLS

    • OK I must ask… If the pictures of a Lolly 17 penguin is me in the pictures and that isn’t a multilog and it’s actually my penguin then there isn’t a multilog called Lolly17 is there? because there aren’t ANY pictures of a Lolly17 in an event and if there was I would of noticed it. So basically there isn’t a multilog that Trader owns called Lolly17 so maybe the person who DOES own Lolly17 is probably just a kid who has the penguin with a guessable password and therefore Trader didn’t and doesn’t have a multilog called Lolly17 and therefore he didn’t frame me, right?….


    • That would be first comment



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  5. I’m one of those multiloggs! I got a post!! Am famous!!!

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  8. R.I.P Army Of Cp, May you rest in hell.

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  10. That moment when, none of this is actually proof.
    1. Guessing Penguin Names. Great job.
    2. pictures of a null talking. Great.
    3. Sidie saying “trader brought up a convo” not “OMG LETS MULTILOG”
    Zing is mad because I banned him on ACP chat. Seems the only army who hasn’t been “””EXPOSED””””. Is Water Vikings, which won’t ever happen. Because obviously the CPAC CEOS ARMY IS CLEAR 😀 😀 :D.

    • Plus what CPAC doesn’t seem to understand is that you are linking peoples club penguin accounts on CPAC for everybody to see and use. How is that helping the situation and whats the point? Some people use the same name in the password.

      • If people use the accounts, we know which armies are multilogging lol

        • How are the accounts auto-put as multilogs? Many people use password-username similar. Lol. You went full on retard for a moment thinking all pengs with same pass as user is multi.

          • Sure okay, how do you explain how they are only at events you lead?

            • It’s been 3 days and he hasn’t replied yet, you have him cornered.

    • or maybe cus we don’t need to do it as our leadership doesn’t consist of retards like yourself

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        • Don’t you mean hot potato if you know what I mean *Hello* luls

    • Oh this is proof, proof that you simply haven’t been able to explain. Secondly, if Water Vikings are multilogging – then I don’t give two shits what Zak has to say – I’m posting it…

      The problem is, no one has come to me with any evidence of the Water Vikings multilogging so perhaps Trader you need to stop pointing the finger at other armies, buy a mirror – and look at who the true multilogger really is.

      • I’d buy you a mirror but it’d break.

        • Insult me as much as you’d like – doesn’t change the fact that you multilog and I don’t lol

        • i remember when i used that insult in 2nd grade and i got suspended 😦

        • I used that insult in grade 3 and I almost got suspended!! calm it down big boi!

          • LMFAO

        • Just Shut up. Cpac proved enough. Apparently If ACP does not want to be embarassed in posts. they should remove Trader.

        • i used it in 1st grade and got expelled 😦 😦 😦

      • rekt

    • Picture of a null talking? LOOL. That was Ryan. When xat got hacked, all xat accounts got logged out so that people can get a free day and you had to login and change your pass. In that picture, Ryan was logged out and didn’t login. I’m not that stupid to give a screenshot of a null talking. Also, that “null” modded me on chat so I mean..?

    •  photo 7gr5D2S_zpsgapt20zh.png

      • LMFAO

        • you comment wayyyyy too much

          • This month I certainly have, not much homework, ahead in my classes, caught on a break, needs to relax (WARY)

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    • will be next to be investigated :@

    • The Golds are dead

  12. Oh wells

  13. What if, just WHAT IF, those aren’t multilogs? -mindblown!-

    • Dun Dun Dun!

  14. If elsa is not known much then you havent been on acp chat in the last several months.

    • Kind of surprising how she got owner in such a little time. Maybe she offered to multilog for the position? 😮

      • She’s an autistic 12 or 12 year old dude.. wtf is your problem

        • *13

        • …Elsa’s an autistic 12 year old dude?

          • lol i actually laughed at this one

        • Can we not use autism as an insult because that’s just even more retarded than using retarded as an insult, which includes when you’re on ACP chat to point out (WARY), and seriously though

          • I know I’ve already explained this to you but since a lot of people seem to agree with you I’ll say it here. I didn’t mean autistic as an insult, she literally has autism.

            • Apparently, Zing, you do not know Elsa. Have you ever thought to come up with something more than empirical evidence and inferences based on observations which you took to the far reach of the continuum of plausibility? Please. Elsa is not an autistic 13 year old. She is a valuable member of Army of Club Penguin, who is determined to rise up the ranks. Perhaps, instead of seeing conspiracies and lies everywhere, would you consider that a 3ic who “got owner in such little time” is in fact a model soldier?

              • Thanks Tami for those kind words but actually I am 12 and I am slightly autistic and I am flattered to hear you basically call me a “model soldier” even though I am not quite sure what that means.

                • If a 12 year old autist is the “model soldier” these days, then I guess we know why armies are dying.

                  • You would look down on Elsa because of her age. You would dismiss her for her slight case of autism. Your prejudice runs high, Zing. Know that anyone can do anything if they have set their eyes on it and are determined to achieve it.

                  • Zing, it isn’t a crime to be autistic it’s just something some people are born with and like I’ve said before, I’m not ashamed of being slightly autistic and nobody else should be. You shouldn’t dislike yourself for being born the way you are and instead you should love yourself and realize that no matter what people say you are not hated by everyone just for being autistic. Nobody’s perfect. autistic or not you are just as good as anyone else…

            • Dude this reply was before you told me that on the chat yesterday so why are you thinking that I don’t remember what you said?

            • Did you not see the time I had posted that reply, additionally good grief obviously you already said this to me and so why did you need to reply to this comment from before you told me on chat? LOL

      • Such a short time? i got 3ic in 2 months when i rejoined acp after i was forced to step down she got it in like 7+ montns, if you search up elsa or lolly17 on acp site u can clearly see shes been here for some while now.

        • “rejoined”

          • What about “rejoined”

            • Rejoining and getting owner is a lot different to joining and getting owner.

              • I rejoined as a mod lmao

        • Should i also mention she was soldier of the month in april of this year?

      • Nah, Elsa wouldn’t do that. More likely: trader or max make an account called “Lolly17” (the real Elsa is Lolly_17) to avoid suspicion

        • Guess what. Elsa was not even in ACP that long as the other owners. and shes just a temp uk owner. Trader wants to pin the whole thing on her just so he can get away with it.
          you know the funny part trader thinks to himself ” i want zing to stop asking questions or ACP is toast” so he bans Him” then says lets multilog some more shall we? its not that bad….or is it?

  15. rip acp

    • Rest in Piss 😦

  16. Similar evidence was used by sidie to prove WV multilogs but no one seemed to care then…

    • The evidence wasn’t concrete.

      • … and a list of 5 or so penguins is concrete?

        • sidie just remove trader lmfao

          • Right now, only Trader and Max are in the wrong – should ACP not remove them, the entire ownership will be in the wrong.

            • good point

            • Dang

        • That with everything else, yes.

      • … and a list of 5 or so penguins is concrete?

    • Because CPAC is full of biased assholes like zing here. I don’t know why they let full classified tards work at CPAC.

      • Can you prove any of this bias?

      • Idk why you are bitching so much when Ice Warriors and Doritos are getting the same accusations as ACP on a daily basis

      • And lets not forget SWAT

      • k why do they let multiloggers like trader become the leader of an army? Talk shit get hit m8

        • #TalkShitAndGetWrecked

          • m8

        • Why are you still in this community?

          • because im 10x smarter than most of the community

          • We gotta get our nudes from somewhere, Trader.

    • Oh that time DCP guessed some of our troops passwords? That was all. There’s a HUGE difference in the ‘evidence’ that was put against as and the evidence in this post against ACP. Had the penguins noted in this post been the only evidence against ACP, I probably wouldn’t believe they multi log however it’s a different story when you have more on CP than on chat and there’s pictures of your leader showing high interest in committing such actions.

      • Agreed. The troop’s passwords being exposed was only an add-on to the concrete proof provided in this post; whereas the only “proof” regarding the Water Viking multilogging allegations are 3-4 penguins “exposed” by butthurt DCP after they get called out on CPAC.

      • I’m with you on that. If the penguins was the only evidence, I wouldn’t have gone for it – but there’s just too much evidence.

  17. I would like to thank all the ACP owners that have stood against multilogging and hated on Max and Traders idea. Every single ACP owner is innocent, along with every single ACP troop. The two people who are guilty are Trader and Max. We all know ACP has been an army that has protected the community for ages and stood up against any form of cheating, but it all changed after Trader got leader. Trader has been tarnishing ACP’S name and reputation for a while now, and for this he should be removed. I have much more proof regarding ACP multilogging, however I would like to keep it private because I don’t want anyone else in ACP to get blamed for it. I kept my promise, I kept the private chats.. private. Once again, ACP is a legitimate army when Trader and Max are removed.

  18. Oh right, you can’t expect much more from DCP’S little dog, Trader. Coughhh

    • nothings good enough for u is it? First you say west multilogs so then its all of a sudden brad after west retires. u say musta multilogs and he also retired so why are u even mentioning dcp?

      • Mustapha, Brad, and West, along with Bam all multilogged. I didn’t say one multilogged after the other. They all multilogged. And I’m mentioning dcp because trader sucks up to dcp. what are you on about possum03 cpac legend

        • Why the hell has this become about DCP lmfao

          • This is gonna be a joke that is actually serious

          • Because apparently everything that CPAC and this community talks about “must” always have to do with my beloved DCP, the Light Troops, ACP, Nachos, SWAT, RPF, Ice Warriors, or the Dark Warriors mainly these days lmfao

      • Agree with you possum!,
        Chip, Are you continue to obess about DCP?
        someone and others said about me that i am mulitiog of mustapha, and i said again and again that i am not mulitilog of Mustapha!, that i am girl and more things… Someone and others just decided to ignore from this fact!!

  19. That isnt THE acp kik chat btw but it is an acp kik chat yes, or it was

    • Pfft same thing :$

      • Nope.

        • Yup

          • Nope.

            • Heylo

  20. If you think those penguins that had their passwords exposed weren’t multilogs. Please google “Free club penguin accounts” and you will see that many of the names relate to the ones that are on there. EG: Lolly, and Soccer

    • Proof of elsa’s account (lolly17) being in a free penguin site?

    • I actually did google this, and I found the account names on several sites.

      • when u lie and everyone knows u lied


    And everyone happens to forget about this piece of evidence

    • Wasn’t that about multilogging for BMA?

      • BMA is gonna be next?

      • idk if u read it but it’s obvious they’re talking about acp lol

        • Lmao

  22. Proof of there being Lolly15, lolly16 and many more lolly’s as well as Soocer251, soccer376, soccer652 and many other soccer’s. I don’t feel like it to go and search for the other penguins such as baker etc

  23. Ehh

    • Mercy

  24. Rip armies 2007-2015 is wv the only army who doesnt multilog lol

    • inb4 they’re next

  25. Who will be raped next by the powerful hands of CPAC?

    • Army Republic.

      • Lol xD

    • UMA

  26. Fuck it.

    • ?????

  27. RIP ACP.

    • Rest in Piss

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          • This is why they have asylums.

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              • No you’re a fucking whale.

                • actually, those pics were edited by trader. And the fact Im blonde and live in england proves it wasnt me. besides the person supposedly lives in texas, when I use fucking proxies for wordpress and shit 🙂

                  • You said Chip and WV edited first, then IW, then WV again and now Trader???

                    • I never said iw edited. Get your head out of your arse

                    • Go back into the ocean.

                    • what ocean? I can stay up all night commenting lol

                    • and Im a fucking blonde

                  • You sound like the old, crazy, annoying, idiot, and has been gone me from when I used to comment a lot every damn day “I can comment all night if I wanted” lmfao (I haven’t commented too much on any post since August besides this one or the other scandal posts so haters get off the bandwagon of hatrid) #Rekt

  28. eats popcorn

    • And they say you’re such a bad guy, interesting and even more fascinating

    • Pass some my way

  29. Hope Trader and Max both get couped from the ACP army and they can find leaders who don’t multilog.

    Also can we speak about Mr, Green 2006 in the same spot on two different event posts (right after each other), both on the same server Flurry with ACP getting “40+”

  30. What’s new in this? SWAT then IW then ACP. and now who is next?

    • I wanna nail Water Vikings – but there’s just no proof of them multilogging 😦

      • Oh SHOOT! WV :@ I love those pricks! Lets nail them BROTHER!

  31. lol bye acp

    • Omg the sexiest girl called Emily commented on my post, I’m flattered!

      • no problem, bud. Ill be here all week

        • Think of all the times we tried to kill ACP in wars – We should have just got Trader cuz he’s doing a good job of it.

        • Emily is HAWT, good to see she’s still around!! ;D

          • Yes she is!!!

          • pls dont cyber more ppl

            • uwutm8noldont

              • tinychat vid says so otherwise…

                • Can you fucking not? 😂 What about the tinychat and what does that have to do with my tinychat? Think before you say things to me otherwise – piss off. Sorry.

                  • k canadian ;D

  32. funny thing was when i was still looking for people for the cp government, i asked trader

    “tell me the truth and no one will know, do you or do you not multi-log? i wont take pictures either way, its just between you and me, but you have to tell the truth”
    and of course he responded with he doesn’t multi-log.

    had your one shot to tell the truth with me and things would have been fine, but looks like being a liar was more important.

    • LOL

    • “when i was still looking for people for the cp government, i asked trader”

      so many things wrong with just that sentence alone

      • he was actively working with me so i took the chance.

  33. Can people just not cheat? Like whats the fun in that? (wary)

  34. Whats scary is IW and ACP are stickied for multilogging the same week..

    • so by that logic, the Nacho’s are next.

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  36. The evidence is right there but I am not saying its real or fake but I am neutral about these because I really have nothing to do with them Lols

    • How can you be neutral about it when you say there is clearly evidence?

      That’s like having a murderer holding the weapon, standing over the body screaming “I did it, I did it” and you saying “Hmm, well the evidence is there but I’m not sure if he’s guilty”

      • The evidence is there but it doesn’t really prove unless you get other troops to admit that Trader multilogged or made others do the same

  37. Some of you need Jesus in your life like right now

    • That meaning you?

      • That’s funny because I already did ages ago

  38. But on a good point, how can we be sure the evidence actually isn’t fake?

    • Oh grow up

  39. I used to deny this, but armies are dying. This saddens me that we must resort to multilogging and cheating to get good sizes nowadays. Don’t even act like we aren’t because these last few weeks have been the proof. We can’t get good sizes anymore without cheating. smh…

    • I honestly believe that if you leaked your nudes in my kik, armies would grow once again…

      …should we try it out?

      • I’d rather have armies die…

        • Your penis could save everything, Adden.

        • With all due respect to the whole community, I have to 100% agree with you here Lmfao

  40. Desperate

    • Just like DW when you were hired.

      • Promoted is a lot different than hired

        • The fact they put you as leader is desperate.

        • Ifkr

      • Funks was desperate for troops, so he hired a bunch of weirdos who swear all day

  41. Glad to see CPAC has began to investigate armies, quite a shame how many armies multi log. Now CPAC just needs stricter consequences.

    • Agreed

    • Since the only thing keeping anyone in this community is the possibility of getting legend, CPAC should disqualify anyone found guilty of multi logging for ever getting legend status.

      • I agree. If I got CEO – this is something I’d certainly do.

  42. Do we have any proof “Cuddleboo” and “Agent Ninja” are anyone even in ACP? Unless I missed something, it’s actually laughable that those pictures were even considered to be posted.

    “Upon Chip banning the account, the suspect owner, Max along with four other null accounts went offline.”

    You have a picture of people talking about that happening, not a picture of it actually happening. Not definitive.

    The event and the picture of the chat size should’ve had time stamps on them to prove they were at the same time, even then, not definitive.

    “Upon multilogging rumours being made about your army – the natural thing for an innocent party to do is to argue against these allegations. Instead, clearly struggling to meet my questions with plausible answers, Trader decided to change the subject.”

    lol wtf thats stupid. “Because you didn’t react the way I think you should, you’re guilty.”

    “Clearly attempting to hide the multilogging and get out of answering questions that I put to him and other owners of the Army of Club Penguin – Trader decides to ban me.”

    or u just annoyed him. idk, either/or.

    if different things were phrased better, and it was regarded as allegations instead of a scandal, i could’ve taken this post seriously.

    • Are you of all people seriously talking about taking things seriously?

      • I know when to take things seriously. You making a post that makes CPAC look bad is something I take seriously.

        You making a post like this without it being proofread by Zak, or actually anyone at all, is something I take serious.

        • I am pretty sure this post would have been okay with him lmao

        • This post makes CPAC look bad? Wow if you say so with your 5 minute experience.

          • ooo wow, zing being salty. what a surprise !!!

            • If you say so Gobby, I thought you were getting less like this argumentative little bitch though – guess your back to the way you were.

      • ROFLMAO

  43. Bitches gettin all hard deez dayz n thinkin dey all dat jus cauz dey gettin more penguins online in a mofuxin penguin gayme like common niggas waz da poin of multiloggin like fr r u dat desperate to get higher on a fuckin list on some mediocre new site my niggas like wow lul yall some fuckin corny lil jew cunts fr.

  44. Ok so first off I do respect Zing in a type of way but you’re an idiot to think that I multilog and I have been in this army longer than Zoomey and he’s got an owner rank and I’m just temp owner so don’t you dare tell me that I haven’t been in ACP long enough and I don’t really see the proof of me actually multilogging and for my Club penguin password it isn’t mine and I couldn’t stop laughing at one point when I saw my name and it’s hilarious to hear people talk about me and say that I multilog which is a lie believe it or not. Mr. Zing, my dear idiot if you think that I multilog and don’t seem to have the right proof of me doing such a thing then please just think for a minute in that little mind of yours and actually understand that you are making a fool of yourself saying I multilog and I would love it if you interviewed me and maybe you might understand a bit more about me and realize that I couldn’t of done such a thing as multilogging for I was a noob when I first joined and I never knew what multilogging meant and I still don’t even understand it all myself and you should know that I have always despised multilogs and so I do feel sorry for all you people saying I multilog when it’s a lie and you should know me better than to multlog and if you don’t believe me then give me hard HARD evidence that I can’t even ignore and deny. So there you have it! that’s my little story. Bring On The Haters!.

    • That moment when Trader makes a new WP account named “Elsa/Lolly17”. Yes because, owners in armies nowadays include their club penguin name in their wordpress name. Not sketchy at all. Rate 10

    • This is obviously Trader, you can just tell by the horrible run on sentences, grammar and lack of getting to the point.

      • lol I’ll check the IP Address

      • Badboy, Apollo, Trader didn’t do that comment. I did you morons. And sorry I didn’t quite get to the point and my grammar ain’t that bad dude in fact I don’t see anything wrong with it but maybe I’m blind. But you are both still kinda morons..

    • Well you’re clearly on your period huh?

  45. That moment when ACP multilogs but they’re still small.

  46. Sad to see ACP has lost all its honour

    • Maxy this is for Trader and max. i always believed that trader insisted on multilogging. since trader is a uk leader in acp. they called the post using his armies name which is acp.
      i just wish sidie would remove him

  47. Ok let’s be honest, most of the people commenting here on and on are just as bad as this situation on ACP. Now someone go get me my coffee and bring it to my office.

    • LMFAO

  48. I leave ACP temporarily for only a few days and this happens.

    Good job. 🙂

    • Just to make something perfectly clear Sidie, no one is claiming you did the multilogging – It’s just Trader/Max.

    • you should remove trader lol

      – Buggins will

      • yea lets remove trader then add buggins as leader. GREAT idea..

        • I said this was written by Buggins wll. not me as leader

    • You need to be suspicious of some people in your army before they end up becoming more disliked than Nachos because I am positively sure ACP doesn’t want that crap

    • It’s good to have you back Sidie. 🙂

  49. I leave ACP temporarily for only a few days and this happens.

    Good job. 🙂

  50. Multilogging is homo


    • …Right, first things first – You need to calm down on the coffee. I think it’s turning you into a spaz.

      Secondly, this is a news site – all we did was report the news of multilogging. We haven’t policed anything, we haven’t told the ACP that they have to remove Trader otherwise we’ll punish the army.

      We are a news site… all we’ve done is reported that news.

      • I know,but if you have proof that Trader multilogs, you will punish the army. This is what I mean. You don’t have permission to punish the army. The only thing you can do, it’s to cut some points from acp, or remove them from the top 10

        • it’s their top 10, they have every right to deduct points if an army cheats.

          • i know that they cant deduct points

            • i mean *can

        • CPAC owns the top 10. How do they not have the right to punish the army? They can completely boycott the army if they please.

          • they can’t remove the leader

            • They can force leaders out

              • LOL we can’t be arsed for that.

          • Doing that ruins the integrity of the top ten. TT is supposed to be an unbiased unfiltered glance at the status of armies. It’s not supposed to be used as a weapon against Multilogging.

    • Firstly, learn2grammar

      Secondly, CPAC has full rights over the top ten and therefore they are allowed to make sanctions as they please. The fact that you’re arguing that CPAC is the ‘army police’ because they are removing cheaters from their competitions and top tens just proves that people take CPAC way too seriously.

      • Agreed


  53. Man try say he’s better than WV
    Tell my man shut up
    Mention our name in your tweets
    Oi rudeboy, shut up
    How can you be better than WV?
    Shut up
    Best in the scene?
    Tell my man shut up

    Couple man called me a backup dancer
    Onstage at the CPAC, I’m a backup dancer
    If that makes me a backup dancer
    The man in your vids, backup dancer
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    Big man like me with a beard
    I’m a big man, how the fuck can I backup-?
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    Duh, all of you leaders sound so bitter
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    Shoutout Katie, shoutout Chip-uh
    Best my age, yeah blud, look
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    Two cigarettes and a bottle of water


    ⓒCopyright WaterVikingsCP

    • This blows with ownage Lols


      • -wary- -redface-!!!

      • Don’t worry it shall come I believe Lols

  54. WV and Nachos are the only legit armies

    • LMAO

    • I’m tired of battling intelligence against ignorance, SWAT will just let our actions do the talking.

      • Ohhhh

    • I’d argue against that if Max and Trader weren’t in the ACP.

  55. Trader has tried blaming Elsa for multilogging. It is confirmed that Elsa’s penguin is Lolly 17 with a space whereas the exposed multilog is Lolly17 without a space. Trader has made the names similar so if he ever gets caught he can say it’s Elsa. Elsa is innocent, and is a legit troop.

    • Even I know Elsa was a legit troop LOL

  56. Okay just to point out I know Sidie and Fluffyboy but also Noka of all people would not multilog just to put that out there LOL

  57. What is wrong with armies right now


    • I call Tori’s mom next

  59. isn’t it bad to post someone’s password to their penguin

    • No, because the penguins exposed were penguins all over youtube and google which had their passwords listed. It’s not exactly “someones’ penguin.

      • Then how is it directly related to Elsa? See how irrelevant some of this ‘evidence’ is? ANYONE can use the penguin, why the hell is it on here as evidence?

        • Sorry for the misunderstanding. It is related to Elsa because Elsa’s penguin is Lolly 17 with a space, and the exposed penguin is Lolly17 (without a space). Trader tried framing one of his own beloved owners. This shows how pathetic he is.

          • LMFAO

          • Look I still like Trader in a weird way. He’s a chill dude but he gets annoying and is TERRIBLE LIKE FRICKING TERRIBLE at making decisions and I don’t know what to think of all this gossip about Trader ‘framing’ me I hope it ain’t true but Trader ISN’T making it clear that he DIDN’T multilog so maybe he doesn’t want to lie but doesn’t want to be put in the naughty corner and I have asked him about it but he doesn’t make it clear. He says he doesn’t multilog but it feels like he’s keeping something a secret and sometimes he just acts like an idiot and just is such s chill dude and just acts like this isn’t serious and doesn’t seem to understand that he is being abused of multilogging. sorry about all the “and” also don’t worry I also got tired of writing this and almost died of boredom reading it. You ain’t the only one.. In fact I don’t actually think this comment is good much but whatevs. It isn’t right to the point but.. Ok I’ll shut up now…

            • If he’s trying to frame you for multilogging so he can stay out of trouble (which he did by creating a fake Lolly17 penguin), then he’s using you and manipulating you. How can you call him your friend after that?

              • Maxy, I get what you’re saying but I ain’t sure about what people say about him framing me and I have a feeling people are just saying it because everyone hates him and thinks he’s a multilogger or maybe they think it or just don’t like him but for now Trader is my friend and even if he did frame me I will still be his friend in a crazy way. Like you and me kinda..

            • and just such a chill dude *. Typos suck…

          • So they gave away her password still? That’s the initial point I was making – it’s HER penguin not from some Youtube video??

            • Her password wasn’t Lolly. Lolly17’s password was Lolly.

    • Depends

    • Isn’t it bad to multilog?

      • I think we all know that it’s bad to multilog or better yet bot

  60. Seriously, why bother going on null accounts in order for less ‘screenshots’? If you were sus of the other person wouldn’t you just not talk to them?

    Users on chat really doesn’t help this case. Anyone could login to CP in order for CP size to be larger – yes, the people in this community would go to the lengths to do that.

    • Damn

  61. lol the funny thing is that whatever someone popular comments, he gets likes[HUGE TRUE] E

  62. why the hell I typed: E?

    • Dude I’m starting to think you have autism..

      • Once again can we not fcking use autism as an insult, because it’s stupid

        • >dont use autism as an insult
          >uses stupid

          • Smgdh

      • fuck u chip

        • Lols

          • Rocky – I’m leaving you in charge of getting this post 500 comments, no less.

            • LMFAO

              • 478 Comments, Rocky – You need to get 22 more comments on this post at least.

                • Wary

  63. Morons and your use of the word autism smgdh

  64. Must I have to explain it to you?

    The definition of stupid is a person with less than normal intelligence or a boring situation.

    Other Definitions:
    Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
    Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
    Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
    Dazed, stunned, or stupefied: felt stupid after taking the pain medication.
    Used to express disparagement or exasperation: Take your stupid notebook and go home.

    Lacking in intelligence or exhibiting the quality of having been done by someone lacking in intelligence.

    damn, annoying, darn

    (plural stupids)

    A stupid person; a fool.


    a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

    • Creds To The Oxford Dictionary And Google

    • Idiots

      • @Others And Not Chip Good Grief People Calm

    • You’re a faggot.

      NORTH AMERICAN informal offensive
      a male homosexual.

      • First off Lildouche, who the heck do think you are? Next, nothing gives you the right to tell me what my sexual preference is, which by the way is wrong because I am not gay. Plus, I am about to get on you like a savage ape because one minute you try being my friend and next you act like a prick towards me over a WordPress comment. Also, I swear if you or anyone else uses the word f#ck or f#ggot towards me ever again there will be more problems than there ever was before that will come upon you and I do make myself clear. Furthermore, you’re simply or just being an asshole right now. Importantly, watch the language when you talk to me because I can get you in more trouble than I could have before punk. Fair warning kid, I play by rules and the law bitch. How about you shut the hell up and mind your business because simply talking shit about others for who they are over the internet is arrogant, obnoxious, selfishly self centered, ignorant, and sometimes makes you unaware of true reality, and that is a fact, not an opinion. Truth sucks doesn’t it now! Now if you ever try to get me again then I will make sure that God foresakens you, that you will be ignored, I won’t give you multiple freaking chances to right your wrong doing, I will report your ass, and I will stand up for what I believe and literally own and expose you like I have with other people that get on my nerves even when I left chats and shit and usually check this site 3 days a week, other than this one due to not much work atm. I don’t care what you think but everything you say will either be an opinion or wrong unless you actually manage to show legit scientific or valid evidence, or proof brat. This is your only warning. May the decision be all up to you now. Have a nice day, whatever that may be for you, obviously. Set an example and do what is right. You know why that is of course. There are kids reading this. Get your head out from the fog. Turn on the spark and open you mind and learn something, but also get your facts and opinions straight and corrected please. :O

        • there is not a single person in the history of the world who would read this

          • I doubt that it’s only 19 sentences FFS

        • Where do I begin? I honestly don’t give a fuck who you are nor will I ever. You are irrelevant as Tim Tebow. Do you really want me to go full savage you, you fucking faggot. I can honestly rip your asshole inside out and not give two shits. “Get me in more trouble as it is”? Sorry but who the fuck are you… Because I’ve never heard of you, and wouldn’t allow myself to interact with someone that is as much of a faggot as you. Have fun with your little gay CP armies shit. If you can’t handle the fact you are an uber faggot, then I frankly couldn’t care less. Make my life a living hell, or carry out your threats you little cocklicking son of a bitch, I fucking dare you.

          • Bro I could say the same thing to you ungodly punk bitch I can have you arrested you know

          • I am Rocky and I didn’t have a problem with you until to made that uncalled for comment over something that wasnt even at you in the first place and stop talking like an immature uneducated baboon and maybe we’d get somewhere

          • But if you want to talk like a classes, immature, uncivilized, obnoxious, and disrespect full dipshit amen

          • Classless* oops what I meant

          • But I have more respect than that so I wont say anything like you did

          • It’s not a fact because it’s not scientifically proven you uneducated baboon

          • And if you want to fight me come to the NFL chat because I can easily demote you there too

          • You’re bitching at Rocky and telling him to have fun with his “gay cp armies shit”. If you thought this “shit” was “gay”, then why were you a part of it once? Why are you still here? You’re sitting here bitching on some, according to you, “gay cp army shit”. By the way, the average Uber Driver in one of the most busiest cities in America, Los Angeles, make 20 dollars per hour. In New York, you make 30 dollars behind the wheel of an Uber car. So Uber drivers sit pretty when they get home.
            If you’re trolling Rocky here for just “shits and giggles”, we can already see your future. Oh wait, there is no future.

            • I would think he would remember or still know by now that like I have told the majority of this community of which to whom I know here, I retired in April of this year, left CPA chats after July ended and only visit on the first Sunday of the first full week of every month, and usually only check CPAC 3 days a week excluding the weeks of those few multilogging scandal posts because they were just that relevant for me to read about

            • That guy is a joke and a complete moron who talks like he’s some uneducated thug boy lmfao

            • Lol he bitched out and decided to start shit through FFL wows

        • Salted: (adj.) [Sawl-tid]: Analytic

          • LMFAO

        • “I am not gay.”

          “I am about to get on you like a savage ape”


          • The savage ape part was actually sarcasm but it’s the internet who would know

          • I almost forgot what I meant by get on him like a savage ape was give him a piece of my mind

            • Please get me arrested…. Although I did nothing illegal unless identifying the truth by calling you a faggot over the Internet is unlawful in your eyes

              • I was saying that just because I am of the legal age to do that and calling me such an inappropriate, disrespectful, sinful, evil, and satanic term such as faggot which is the one I can’t stand the very most out of all of them isn’t a fact, but an opinion based off of what you knew about me when I used to give a shit about a stupid Club Penguin game over the internet and have never actually met me in real life to even have valid evidence and you’d be wrong either way and yes it’s definitely unmindful and possibly unlawful of you to even go out of proportion uneccesarily like that over the fact that I commented the difference between Autism and Stupid were because people were using autism as an insult which I find irritating because it’s not cute when there are actually people who are autistic and can’t help that, not saying any of us can’t be mentally challenged but good grief LilD so sensitive over that comment of all things, childish play in my knowledge

      • And that was supposed to be at Chip but not the replies I made to my own comment so you can kindly screw off before I wreck you kthanks no options

        • You’re trying to get me arrested?

          • “Trust no one but yourself, and you’ll get somewhere in life. Trust someone and you lose everything. That’s how my life revolves around. If you are independent, you’re smart. If you’re dependent you might as well give up now.”

            • I don’t know why he thinks I am calling him an idiot when the idiots reply was to others that used to term because I know Chip isn’t stupid

          • Nope the replies werent towards you at all just the comment itself

          • And the arrested part was at LilD this had nothing to do with you other than the actual comment of mine that he replied to by calling me a faggot over

          • You’re cool but that comment was just to make my point to you because I know you aren’t an idiot but the idiots reply was to others such as maybe Waterkid for example

          • I know you aren’t a bad or stupid person Chip and you will make it in life bruh

  65. ACP- Full of retired leaders who think they are the gods of armies when all they are is hypocrite’s

    • Nailed it on the coffin when it comes to some of them although I don’t mind ACP tbh as an army Lol

    • Like Tori’s mom ohhh gotem, just came up with that

    • Alot of the people in ACP although I don’t mind them are hypocrites I do have to agree with

  66. Okay, in the name of God and our founding father Jesus Christ and on the behalf of the people in this community that are actually mature and don’t lack of common sense just shut the hell up you bitchy prickish brats because nobody cares about your offensive and idiotic insults


    • LMFAO your best comment on this post so far

    • “Trust no one but yourself, and you’ll get somewhere in life. Trust someone and you lose everything. That’s how my life revolves around. If you are independent, you’re smart. If you’re dependent you might as well give up now.”
      QUOTE OF 2015 XD

    • Tori can be the mom of the fam Lols

  68. Ok guys you need to stop annoying me saying I am a multilog and I multilog and I am an army hopper ’cause it’s all lies and you might not of noticed but my club penguin name is Lolly 17 not Lolly17 and my password isn’t Lolly and also ACP is the only ONLY army I have been in and I have only visited other armies but never joined them and also I don’t even quite know how to even multlog and by the way the comment I did earlier was actually me and I don’t know if Trader or Max multilog I am sure they do but it’s hard to think after all this they still don’t admit they did it and I am starting to think that it’s possible that nobody in ACP did multilog but after the trick Chip and Ryan did it’s hard to think that Max could of just been messing around with those nulls so it’s also hard to deny that he didn’t multilog but if it’s true about Trader and Max that I’m sure it is then they shouldn’t stay in ACP for the shame and despair they have brought upon us all. ACP will still stand strong!.

    • If he was just messing with the nulls then why did he happen to know some of the multilogs names?

  69. In a way this post is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time and it’s sad to know that idiots actually think I’m a multilog and that I am an army hopper and people are coming back to me and saying ” Oh no we didn’t say you were a multilog we just were THINKING that maybe you were” Even though the post said “The spotlight remains on Trader, Max43810 and the new third in command, Elsa – also known as Lolly.” And also my dear idiot Zing saying “Kind of surprising how she got owner in such a little time. Maybe she offered to multilog for the position?.” And also yes I am a little autistic but it does not affect me that bad at all and I am NOT ashamed of it in any way it’s something I was born with and I can’t help the way I was born and I am 12. don’t be so surprised….

  70. wtf I take a 2 day break and all this happens

    • LMFAO

      • why the fuck would you say “LMFAO” to that when it isn’t even funny?

        • Wasn’t funny in good way

        • Seriously people need to stop criticizing every remark I make and I mean everyone not just Xat people either like calm the hell down please

  71. Apollo, I said “But after the trick Chip and Ryan did it’s hard to think that Max COULD of just been messing around with those nulls so.” ect blah blah…blah….

    • Oh shut the fuck up. We all know your trader so fuck yourself bitch

      • @elsa

      • Different IP addresses, soz mate

        • Honestly, people like Ballypercy sadden me and to think they are literally thinking I am Trader and a multilog still is just ridiculous, hilarious and stupid I mean honestly people should know by now that I DON’T multilog and I am NOT an army hopper and I am NOT Trader so go away and just die somewhere. I am fed up with people talking crap to me about these things and other crap.. And by the way, the comment I did by saying I did the typo etc was for the comment I did for Apollo

      • Ballypercy, my dear second idiot. I am NOT Trader I am Elsa the girl who has been abused of being a multilogger and army hopping and already the proof of me being a multilog is false and many people have said sorry for the mistake and also the gossip about me being an army hopper is just stupid gossip and I do not approve or multilogging or Trader or Max for doing it and if I was Trader I wouldn’t call myself a “chill dude” and I ain’t even a dude so just chill and go cry in a corner for embarrassing yourself here peasant…

  72. etc *. excuse my typo

  73. stop denying it. zing caught acp, trader denys shit. I like how some of you bring IW into this. Then again, Sprite used bots so I cant complain there… I think the proof is legit, and anyone who differs needs to reread the post another 10 times so it sinks in. TraderAndMaxForCoup2K15

    BTW anyone can use a proxy if theyre not retards, and make more wp accounts… you never know with trader xP

    mmk Im gonna end my rant. cba to use apostrophes on iphone so dont fucking complain about grammar 😉

    • Waterkid is the bigger botter even if its true about Sprite or not though

      • I thought he only used bits for recruitng…

      • bots

        • Right but I thought that Light Troops used to lose points for that

          • w/e

            • Good thing ACP doesn’t bot

              • they prob do.. nvm trader is too retarded to use python n shit

                • ROFLMFAO

                  • xP

              • stahp liking every single one of my comments… kthx

                • I do this with everyone

                  • lmao

    • Zing didn’t catch ACP, he caught Trader and Max. The rest of ACP is innocent.

      Don’t say ignorant statements like that.

      • Sorry, I thought I made this clear in the post.

      • -.-

  74. It happened again! We’re doomed! 😦

  75. I check this site every 4 days or so and everytime there is a new multiloogging scandal

    • Affirmative

    • I was only checking 3 days a week lately but this week because of the Ice Warriors and now ACP multilog posts I can’t stop thinking about the commentary or what’s happening right now LOL

  76. This is a rap for Trader, from yours truly.
    I’m coming straight for the benjis eating the cake,
    We all know this pussy boy traders a snake,
    Ignores SWAT for “multilogging” and then does the same thing,
    we’ll take your whole nation set it up for the king,
    even if you showed up,
    i got good loud that i blowed up,
    them 5 bars wont help we dont fuck around,
    take all of your land without u making a sound,
    all you do is constantly run your fucking mouth,
    took a wrong turn and now everything gonna keep going south,
    this week SWATs gonna be at the top of the top,
    not ACP, funks, or any fuck niggas can stop,
    when the whole damn world gotta give us the prop,
    and dont be surprised when ACP’s position drops
    I said wordddd these niggas cant fly with us,
    cant even get by with us,
    they acting like them bitches,
    your one if u comply with snitches,
    came straight up from the ditches,
    ACP gon need some stitches, they cant fuck with the real, deliver the men to their servers with a stamp and a seal, they gonna need an appeal, cause when we done with these pussies we gonna be eatin big mealll, now traders upset whats wrong how you feel, yeah you fishing in the troops with a rod and no reel, we gonna bring the steel, we’re too hard to take down, any army wanna try us we’ll make u look like a clown
    now this one here is based on a true story,
    mammoth swat vs acp this one is gonna get gory,
    them fuckboys know that they cannot hang,
    take out the pistol point it to traders head and let the bitch bang

    • lmfao xD

    • Tori’s mom wouldn’t be proud

  77. Inb4 Tori reads this and has an orgasim much

    • And her mom too Lols #RIPToriAndHerACPLifelihoodCring

  78. you comment like every 5 minutes… chill the fuck out

    • Only on Friday The 13th’s do I comment alot now (WARY)

  79. I won’t deny it, I’m a straight ridah
    You don’t wanna fuck with me
    Got the police bustin’ at me
    But they can’t do nothing to a G

  80. I do not see why the Club Penguin Amy Community is making such a big deal about multi-logging. Frankly, it would seem as though every army has at least has one bugger that multi logs. I have seen multi-loggers even in nachos. You are just presenting the ones exposed to the rest of the community. I think we should start cutting down on multi logging, but not spam up the WHOLE CPAC page up with it. CPAC used to be a diverse news website, now its full of rubbish. Haven’t you let yourself down?

    • …You just admitted Nacho’s multilog. Guess I know which army multilogs.

      • lol, these ppl were there looong back. i do not know, welll atleast to my knowledge, any multiloggers. feel free to make a post about them but u cant use e as ur only proof zingy bae

        • pick up a dictionary and learn some grammar

          • Rekt

          • go get a life tom “riddle”

      • I can say with pride that The Nachos do not multi-log (otherwise we wouldn’t be hovering 7th-14th every other week), and that Zekrom retired in October and has been having issues with the owners. After seeing this outright lie, he has been summarily removed from the site and banned forever on the chat, after open discussion with owner ranks.

        Nachos take pride in being one of the few armies in this community that do not multi-log, even if it means we are smaller because of it.

        • Right well, I investigated these claims further – and Legofan admitted he used to multilog for the army.

          • Then I stand corrected. We will launch our own private investigation into this, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

          • I will take your word on this and conduct a private investigation. However, I CAN guarantee that this is no longer the case and if any multi-logging is caught by any of the ownership the person will be fired from the army.

            • da fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  81. More penguins to bot recruit with 🙂

  82. This post is bullshit we explained who the people who own the penguins are, the pics are taken out of context, this is bull

    • If you say so – but you even admitted that multilogging occurred haha. Deny it as much as you want now – but you’ve dropped yourself in it.

      • 1: I hate multilogging 2: I said I was unsure

        • Why did you apologise on ACP chat for the multilogging that took place then? 🙂

  83. You see, heres what I think, anybody could be those people, soccer is the worlds sport. I wouldve liked to name my penguin soccer. Even with the passwords a lot of people in cp are really young now, so they dont no anything about passwords. When i was 7 my password was my irl name. You cant really ‘prove’ that those penguins are multilogs from just that evidence.

    You cant even prove anything from the pics with nulls in them.

    • In denial, are we?

      • It’s not denial. I’m just saying theres not much clear evidence to make a decision. Its just basically ‘omg 26 on chat 28 on cp omgggg haxors multilogging’ even though we’re on a 5 bar. Pictures of penguins with the same password (which you can’t be prejudice and say their multilogs) and conversations with nulls that god knows who they are.

        • I can also confirm that you were not on a 5 bar when you had more on chat than on CP. Conversations with nulls were because first: Trader and Maxy purposely went on nulls to avoid getting caught if one of them expose each other. Second: Ryan was on a null due to recent xat hackings and xat logged everyone out to give a free/infinite day to people who’ve been complaining about transfer/trade being down.

        • No, it’s denial.

          • Lmao

    • First of all. It is a bit confusing that you guys are now defending Trader and Max after all the hate you’ve thrown at them. Second of all, I know what you mean. But the thing is that, these penguins are posted on sites designed to give out free penguins. The penguin’s passwords exposed is only an add-on piece of proof on top of everything else.

      • Gotem

    • Fluffy, stop sucking up for them and make it right. Can you take a closer look at this post and what the hell happen to the ACP? ACP has lost their honoured of the multi loges, huge one. Their leader should be removed + It is denial. I’m not on either side but I’m proving my point to remove him and take him out so ACO can have peaceful again and make their army a better one instead of multilogging again.

      • The pedo is trying to get people to stop being insulting

        • Don’t disrespect me, don’t even start with pedo again. Hmm, you’re in ice warriors as a noob and l don’t really know you, simple huh? First off, I’m not a pedo- unlike others being jealous of what l did – you’re embarrassing me, you don’t need to repeat what other says. You keep going like a hug dick guy in front of his face talking to someone else like a biggest butt hurt from a horn horse sticking up your ass.

          • That’s right get them like a true person with guts and courage has unlike some of these cowardice pussies Lols

        • Don’t disrespect me, don’t even start with pedo again. Hmm, you’re in ice warriors as a noob and l don’t really know you, simple huh? First off, I’m not a pedo- unlike others being jealous of what l did – you’re embarrassing me, you don’t need to repeat what other says. You keep going like a “hug dick guy” in front of my face talking to someone else like a biggest butt hurt from a horn horse sticking up your ass. You shouldn’t be talking, but what else am l gonna say? Oh FANCY TALK and
          FUCK. YOU. I hope you get destroyed by a gordrilla dick.

          • What, gorilla or gordilla because if you actually didn’t mean gorilla then you might have almost ruined my favorite fast food joint Taco Bell for me ish and that makes me rage and cring IRL and also ILY no homo bruh Lols #Cri4LifeCuzTainted

  84. Everyone’s trying to ‘one up’ me..
    This will never do.

    • Thats what she said, Lols?

  85. If I were to delete all of the comments made by Rocky, Zing, and Phin, this post would have a total of 168.

    • Still a fucking lot!

      • zing, this is your most famous post yet 😀

        • My ACP posts always are.

          • Aren’t most relevant ACP posts?

    • bitch pls. I havent commented NEARLY as much as zing or chippy so stfu

      • im sorry, was it your rolls that commented 27 times?

        • what nulls? in case you didnt notice, this is MY ACCOUNT


            • well SORRY if xbox fonts are too fucking small

              • Oi you’re 12, watch your fucking mouth!

                • im 14 u arse

              • xbox fonts may be small, but you’re not

                • ill be laughing when your parents find that in your digital footprint… WHICH YOU ASSHOLES CANT ERASE

                  • at least my footprints don’t sink six feet under

                    • they barely sink lmao

                  • Aren’t you supposed to have thick skin?

                    • I don’t lmao

            • and im not fat

      • Well tbh it is my post so I’m allowed to comment loads!

        • xP

  86. Naughty,naughty ACP I thought ACP knew better than this!

  87. Stop blaming ACP. we’re just as disappointed at Trader and Max as anyone and I don’t even know what to think about Max and Trader right now ’cause their like such CHILL DUDES but I am sure they did multilog but I can’t be certain that they even have. this post is starting to become a bit of a joke and people are using the comments as a chilling comment thing thingy thingamabob thing.. Oh and also what I mean by CHILL DUDES is like they don’t seem to have much of a mind of their own and they are awful at making decisions and they just seem like air-heads sometimes. No offense. Well, just a bit…

    • Of course we’re going to blame ACP. Trader and Max were selected to lead ACP (presumably with the Guardians or the current owners knowing about their multilogging, but I may be wrong), therefore, Max and Trader are representatives of ACP.

      If the ACP ownership does not do anything about Max and Trader, then the CPA community will ‘blame’ ACP as a whole for multilogging. If ACP is not going to do the honourable thing and take action against the cheating leaders in the army, then the community has every right to assume that ACP advocates and condones cheating.

  88. So are ACP actually going to get punished for this? or…

    • Uncertainty

  89. I am just going to say right now that if anyone has a legit problem with me still with all due respect, but at same time ridiculously, say it simply to my ykw and not through a WordPress comment and see if I really give a damn either way because unlike some of you in this community I know how to focus on my own problems before considering giving a shit about anyone elses and that is a fact because guess what life is a bitch and I am a genuine person except for when somebody does something to torment me pretty much, pronto :O

    • Almost forgot to mention, stop making excuse for yourself and be realistic so you can learn how to act and set a motherfucking example for shit’s sake

  90. The Army of Cerebral Palsy

    • dont make fun of cerbal palsy.. 1 of my bffs has it irl

      • TooInnapropriate4ThisSociety

      • was that before or after you sat on her


          • u dont even know what savage means so stfu

        • I NEVER SAT ON HER… u ppl r annoying

          • See, the joke here is that you look like a fatter version Susan Boyle.

            • ffs that wasnt me. MY EYES ARE FUCKING BLUE DAMMIT. and instead of making fun of other people HOW ABOUT YOU STFU AND MOVE ON WE ALREADY ESTABLISHED IT WASNT ME

              • Well it clearly was you

                • clearly it wasnt

                  • Blonde? BLUE EYES? YOU’RE JUNE SHANNON. :0

                    • stfu

  91. I can’t tolerate arrogance or stupidity that this community brings anymore so I am glad I chose to only visit chats once per month because this community has become half trashed up dipshits and have a nice f#cking day too

  92. Thanks Analytic, have a nice day too! and I kinda get what you’re on about.

    • Thank you I appreciate your respect and common sense

  93. also can you not put “Breeze, ACP empire”, they no longer own Breeze.

    • Don’t they :$

      • nah we invaded it when they ignored all of our invasions

        • Lmao

  94. Yeah cool ACP multilogged. Where’s the top ten?

    • Probably up Trader’s arse now

  95. This is a disgusting loss of morals that ACP has undergone, hardening back to the corruption of the triumvirate. Any and all accomplices of these acts should be demoted in rank and taken out of positions of power. I know better than most the slippery slope that these individuals have gone down and it is almost certain that all other owners are personally involved and taking these actions, if not simply condoning them. People need to understand that standing by and letting these people continue this is just as bad as committing the act itself. This isn’t the ACP that I and every other ACP legend served. Many of us made mistakes, some as heinous as this, but at least we had the decency to admit our wrongs and learn the error of our ways. For shame.

    • Every single achievement ACP earned has been tainted by these two people.

      From the Golden Age of Boomer to the less than great leadership of Purple Slime and Fluffyboy, everything ACP stood for in the past has been ruined.

      Poor Sidie, no matter how much work and dedication he puts in now, his time in ACP will always be remembered for Trader and Max being caught multilogging.

      The fact ACP is so desperate that they keep both Max and Trader in their respective positions, disgusts me.

      Great post Zing,

      • I can agree with that

    • i forgot this kid even existed tbh, whats good luma

      • Not being here, it’s amazing

        • Legit

  96. I only commented a lot that one day because it was Friday The 13th and for the lulz but also to be serious with my comments so take it easy commentary critics your tits are getting big on you, please

  97. Jeepers

  98. Next is gonna be WV

    • Can’t expose something that’s never there fam

      • LMFAO

  99. This post has more comments than swat has actual troops on their ranks.

    • ROFLMFAO best comment on here or at least one of the top five omg

    • That should be a quote

    • This post has more comments than the amount of troops all the Top Ten Armies have combined.

      • Lmfao

  100. […] (Well, not ACP as a whole but Trader, and Max.) You can read the special report by clicking HERE. There have been a few penguins in these two ‘typical’ events that were extremely […]

  101. welcome to the cp army community 40% pointless scandals 10% trolls 20%spammers 20% rude jerkasses that use autism as an insult 10%arguing

    • Wrecked you cowardice selfish piss off punks

  102. LilD is a piss off punk ass moron

  103. Fight me in real life you coward

  104. Ykw things are officially getting serious from now on when somebody tries to insult or disrespet me now to piss me off pronto.

    • Disrespect* god damn it and this post is still funny Lol

  105. People are annoying me today so I don’t need shit over a comment right now so gtfo my shit before I lash you please

  106. this post got fucking 142 comments……

    • Yeah, my posts seem to get a lot of comments these days

      • Lol

  107. lmao this post got 492 comments good job Zing

    • I want 500 at least :p

  108. 497

    • Can we get 500? 😮

      • Ding oh and 500th bitches

  109. Woop woop! 506 Responses!! 😀

  110. 507th

    • 508th

      • 509th

        • 510th

          • 511th

            • 512th

              • 513th

                • 514th

                  • 515th

                    • 516th

  111. 517th

    • 519TH

  112. […] Trader (ACP) – Exposed […]

  113. 521

  114. 522 Comments ❤

  115. […] while also known for his controversial involvement in the ACP scandal – which can be seen HERE – Below is an excerpt of his introduction […]

  116. 524 comments………….

    • WOOT 526th FAM!

  117. […] Click here for the CPAC post. […]

  118. Woah, so damn many comments!

  119. This post was a mockery of what CPAC stands for. None of the so called “proof” was definitive. It was a cheap ploy to garner views. Pseudo-news.

  120. still laughing since cp illuminati

  121. I am ACP’s last best leader

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