Current XAT Problems: A Worry To Our Communication?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Practically every Club Penguin Army that exists in the community today have got an XAT Chatroom, including the CPAC and SMAP News Sites. These XAT chatrooms present us with an opportunity to plan and hype up events as well as communicate with each other. In this post, we will be looking at the problems the recent XAT glitches will cause.

The Club Penguin Army community has become so reliant on the idea of communicating via XAT, that if the event of a multiple day XAT downtime occurred, our armies would decrease in size due to the lost opportunities of such things including that of Chat Recruiting as well as Autotyping.

There used to be a time in Club Penguin Armies – were we used the Miniclip Forums and would spend majority of the day logged into Club Penguin having fun on Mammoth, the historical Army Server. We would not have to worry about such things as an XAT breakdown, as we would have two methods of communication. The first, Club Penguin – the second, the Miniclip Forums.

While we are not ready for a boycott of the XAT Chatrooms as they will hopefully soon be restored to mean that the glitches would be gone – but maybe we should look into the possibility of investing time and effort into the formation of a second means of communication – That of course being a Forum perhaps.


The idea of a forum in which to communicate with troops during the day when not logged into battles.

While the idea of a forum would be helpful for during the day communication, it’s not the best way to conduct a battle – however this could be still done on XAT while XAT Chat Rooms remain up, and perhaps branch of to a site such as Tinychat or Chatzy in the event of an XAT downtime.

If we could sign up our troops to a Club Penguin Forum, we’d be able to make quick announcements on there of XAT downtimes, we could include a catalogue of backup army chats and also just allow for general discussions about the community, Top Ten debates and even General Chat and posting Games!

 Above is a complete example of how much our Club Penguin Armies rely on XAT. CPAC holds several tournaments per year, such as the current Champions Cup tournament. This tournament of course, what Tymatt was referring to. Due to our reliance on XAT as our sole means of communication (not including Kik due to not everyone being able to have it) – if XAT was to stop working during the tournament tonight – the tournament would in essence be ruined.

We’ve taken no steps in combating the downfall of XAT. Due to this, I believe that we should make a Club Penguin Army Forum that is free to register for discussion during the day (not events time) and if XAT does ever go down, army leaders could use the Forum in order to update their troops on what site to go on for orders.

What do YOU think? Should we just ignore the current XAT problems and hope it doesn’t happen again? Or should we develop a second means of communication for day-to-day stuff?

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President 


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    This is an issue that also concerns the SM Armies who use XAT.

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  3. zuhnny4acpcreator

  4. _#ReturnToForumsAfter9YearsConfirmed

  5. Xat is extremely reliable. People may say xat has horrible security, but that is completely false. Xat had nothing to do with the down-time. Xat uses a host, that most of you know, named Godaddy. A person under the alias of Zunnny used something known as a ‘Social Engineering Scam’ in which he tricked people at Godaddy that he is xat admin. They then handed completely access and authority to Zuhnny, and everything got chaotic. If anything, it’s Godaddy’s fault. Don’t get me wrong, a forum would be useful at times, but I believe we don’t have to worry about xat problems when we have the problem of CPA dying.

    • This is completely false. Xat has terrible security. Don’t believe me? Xat uses HTTP by default, which is ancient on websites with ANY sensitive information. Pretty much any site where passwords are entered is expected to use HTTPS now, which means HTTP Secure. It encrypts all data you send to xat (e.g. username, passwords, individual page requests, messages) so the only people who will see it are xat. Without HTTPS, anyone can see it. Your ISP, someone else on your wifi network. Anyone. So yes, xat does have terrible security.

      Xat is also not reliable, at all. There are frequently glitches, security holes which puts chats at the mercy of hackers, screw ups with bots on a chat, loads of things. It’s an unreliable line of communication. And to top it all off, it uses flash – something which is dying out. xat could easily be re-written in HTML5 by a team of developers, so the only reasons xat is still using flash are because a) the developers are too stupid, b) xat is so badly written that it’s practically impossible to re-write or c) the developers are too lazy. It’s likely all three.

      Btw, Godaddy is a domain seller, not a hosting provider. Although it does provide basic web hosting (e.g. click and drop website making and hosting), it does not provide proper hosting that something like xat would use.

      • I’m saying it was not xat’s fault that they got hacked.

      • I agree about the flash problem. I use a google chromebook and half the time shock wave is completely crashing. It us really a pain durn soccer

      • Go ahead PJ. Do better. Look out there, there is no other chat website thats as good as XAT. So unless you can create something better, stop bitching about how bad XAT is when it’s not bad at all.

  6. More information about xat’s current problems can be read by going here

  7. Have to agree..

  8. I think we should ignore this plan in terms of moving to a new chat but we should have a backup plan in terms of a forum.

  9. Or we could use our CAPITAL SERVER to communicate and announce events… Just a thought.

  10. Tbh I really don’t care about Xat or it’s problems besides chatting but at the same time this post was marvelous

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