CPAC Special Report: Don’t Freeze Up

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Only a week after SWAT was exposed for multilogging, another army now has concrete evidence turned against them. This time, however, evidence suggests that this case is relevant to the entire year, as opposed to SWAT’s case of only being recent. Read below for more on this investigation.

One of the powerhouses of the year so far, the Ice Warriors have managed to grab multiple headlines, ranging from their hiring of the infamous “Drew Crew” to their claims that the Doritos were multilogging heavily, some of which were confirmed by CPA Central. In contrast to their willingness to call others out of multilogging, however, it has now been discovered that they are guilty of the act themselves, and in decent capacity.

The report that brought this case back into the light was a post on the Doritos’ website that called Sprite/Sorbet a “letharguc multilogger”. This post has Sprite claiming that “Neo”, an Ice Warriors owner, was actually Xxtoysoldier, and that Toy multilogged for the Ice Warriors on a frequent basis.

Following these pictures, Spikey gave a testimony to Badboy stating that Sprite multilogged in the Ice Warriors himself, also stating that himself and Tax did not multilog. That claim will be addressed later.


Above is a testimony from former Ice Warriors leader, Kingfunks4. He states that the Ice Warriors began multilogging once Andrew24 was given leader, which occurred back in February of 2015. What he also claimed that was not included in the picture is that Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors creator, pushed the Ice Warriors ownership to multilog, which contradicts Iceyfeet’s claimed stance against multilogging. This report has been backed up by Mortico Kale, a former Ice Warriors owner, as well.


Above is the testimony from Mortico Kale, who states that Iceyfeet endorsed multilogging. He even states that he was demoted for not multilogging enough, and states that Andrew24 and Final Chaser were the main culprits of heavy multilogging during a time of dominance for the Ice Warriors. There is far more to the story than this, however.

Aside from testimonies from former members of the army, a large dump of evidence was gathered by the CPA Central team with help from outside sources. This evidence includes pictures of the Ice Warriors leaders/owners talking about multilogging within the army, as well as a list of penguins used by the Ice Warriors with proof of their use. The first of the pictures are below.


Perhaps the most damning evidence is what follows this paragraph, which is a list of Ice Warriors multilog penguins straight from the IW Arsenal website. A couple of my associates and I tested a majority of these penguins out, and while a few did not work, almost every single one of them did. Using the lists I have seen, I looked back at recent Ice Warriors events. I discovered that their UK event, held on October 29th, consisted of multilogged penguins.

In the above picture, every penguin whose name can be seen is included on the list of forty-five multilog penguins that we uncovered. After looking at several other events, we found these same penguins used across all of them. Below are several pictures of events with the multilogs pointed out. Every event shown, including the one above, is from last week, where the Ice Warriors reached 2nd in the Top Ten.


While none of them compare to the twenty-six multilogs from the UK event, they all consist of multilogged penguins. The sheer magnitude of this seems unlikely, yet all evidence supports it being true. Below is the aforementioned list of forty-five accounts that the Ice Warriors use for multilogging, complete with passwords. While not all of them have been tested by us, a good amount have been, and most of the around twenty-five that we’ve checked have worked.


small iw collage

Small collage of pictures of me logged in as a few of the penguins.

If you look back, you’ll see a large majority of the penguins from the first picture used in the event pictures that were shown, especially in the infamous UK event. I’ve personally received reports that these events are not uncommon, and that sometimes the Ice Warriors fabricate entire events for the purpose of boosting their Top Ten score. After the list of the penguins is a dump of pictures from the IW Arsenal Kik group about the multilogs.




Shown above is a large amount of pictures from the IW Arsenal Kik group, each picture revolving around multilogging within the army. One interesting thing that caught my eye is Iceyfeet talking about adding stamps to all of the penguins, as well as talking about adding items to them. When I logged into all of the penguins, most had a fair amount of stamps and a large amount of items, pins, and backgrounds, but one thing I noticed about all of them is that they had not yet completed the three basic tasks given once you create a new penguin (those tasks being to visit the puffle shop, gift shop, and your igloo). While it wasn’t in much doubt to begin with, that fact almost certainly confirms those two statements to be true. For an army with a history of honor and innocence like the Ice Warriors, this has to be considered a crushing blow.

For the third time in five weeks, an army is exposed for multilogging. It’s now at the point where we no longer are surprised to see that another army is multilogging. No, it is now at the point where we read one of these posts and simply wonder one thing:

Who’s next?


CPA Central CEO


104 Responses

  1. No surprise here.

  2. Zak has probably buttraped at least every army in a special report at this point in his career

    • Hopefully it will never happen to AR.

      • It won’t. We wouldn’t cheat.

        • It has happened before. Shaboomboom uncovered AR’s multilogging in late 2013 during their war with RPF if I recall correctly.

    • This community is basically hypnotized with delusion

  3. welp
    wv r next
    wipes sweat drop off forehead

    • lets hope they dont check the frostbite boiler rooms and find the 12 year old Indonesian girls that we have been hiding

      • LOL

      • LMFAO


        Oh my

      • SAMRA NO !!!!

        • LOOOOOOL

        • LMFAO

  4. i laugh

  5. iw has been #exposed #iwexposedoftheyear

    • No man the “exposedoftheyear” award goes to you for rubbing your nipples for little kids online you pedophile.

      you’re a fucking weirdo

      Goblins Edit: I’m sorry, I can’t in good conscience allow this photo to be here. Mainly because it’s too damn funny.

      • First off, you’re creepy and gay to keep pics like that. Second, what does my nipples have to do with this post, are you jealous man? Is there a problem with hat? You’re ducking weirdo m8, and stop being suck a man white and get over it, please stick up dildo up your ass.

        • Fucking* hat* manwhore* fuck this iPad keyboard correcting grammar

        • Savage

      • Says the one who stalked me to the NFL chat just to talk shit at me about my past CPAC comments and other stupid shit, hypocrite

    • Kyle shut the hell up, you were in IW too so don’t tell me you don’t multilog you fucking perv.

      • Oh fancy talk, and l don’t multi log + don’t call me a perv because you’re so fucking old to call me that and all you do is come up here and try to argue with me. But do you know what? l don’t fucking care if you don’t like me or not, fuck off and leave me. ALONE. K thanks. I have enough with you, just stop. 😂😂😂😝😭😂😂

  6. another one bites the dust

    funny how the big excuse for multi-logging is that “everyone else is doing it”, so that means you should do it too?

    all the reputation you’ve built up by being “good leaders” is gone when you multi-log, and its evident that we’re going to find out if you are or not.

    peace tax.

    p.s i think CPAC should have a separate top 10 for the top 10 multi-logging armies

  7. It was pretty obvious that the Ice Warriors multilog, however, I didn’t think CPAC would post about this after they took a good few months to post about DCP.

    • how the fuck do you manage to mention dcp in every single thing
      you’re so fucking obsessed with DCP that it’s starting to be scary, like, i’ve never seen someone so obsessed with an army like you. you’re a fucking creep bro.

      • Agree with you 11!
        CHIP, Why are you obsessed about DCP in your comments?
        I just wonder WHY are you doing this?!

  8. js i made the saying dont freeze up. And It’s sad to see that IW had to stoop so low…

    • so you have time to read CPAC but not be on chat for more then 1 hour a day lmfao

      • I was on chat like all day today and attended both the events???

    • Damn Tes must be hard


    Since when can you add stamps?

    If you’re gonna fake a pic, then please learn how to do it first.

    • Then tell me how a penguin can have 99 stamps yet still have not visited the pet shop.

      • LOL. Iceyfeet killed by Zakster. Ahhh. Don’t Freeze Up Big Boy.
        When you multilog to save the dying corpse.

      • pufflephobia?

  10. There are multiloggers in every army, tbf the multilogs at least mask how fast this community is dying

    • You are a god. I have dedicated my entire life to licking off the crusted semen from the dark side of your scrotum.

  11. i froze up from this post

  12. From what I’ve been gathering. This has been a setup by Sprite.

    • I have an iPhone, you really think I’d go out of my way to do something like this even though I have several friends who are still in IW? Plus, I know who this insider is, what a shame…

      • I have a Nokia

        I don’t see what our cellular devices have to do with this tho…

        • The Kik interface used in the pictures is android or whatever. An iPhone on Kik looks way different than that. That’s how that is relevant.

  13. IW fake a whole UK event and everyone goes shit crazy but when CPAC keep their halloween themed header up for more than a week after halloween no one bats an eye SMH SMH


    • not that deep..

  14. holy shit. This was fuckin unexpected. Tax prob did this cause he didn’t do his taxes.

    • also, not a surprise Jodie is involved in this.

      • This puts Jodie’s Fire Invaders to shame xD

      • Actually, I never multilogged. I disbanded from the Ice Warriors a week or so ago, and I was never active anyway. I believe I attended one event which had Sprite multilogging, but I never helped out.

        • Haha wanna throw me under the bus? I have no reluctance showing pics of you saying how many pengs you got on….

  15. Why am I involved in this when I haven’t even been included in the army community for over two months? I didn’t even know about these accusations until right now.

    • Toy that pic was from a few months ago so don’t give me that crap.

    • wait so were you Neo or not lol

  16. Dating back to when i first joined IW along with Spy and Final we had to do a lot of stuff to not only rise the army but to literally build it up to a powerhouse. We had a lot of stuff going against us, obviously IW was never known to autotype before we joined it. The leadership at that time (Albc and Gtu) wasn’t really strict at all, Albc flirted with all of the girls, Gtu tried multiple times to ban all of the people that were breaking the rules. Once my crew and i joined, we immediately helped Gtu and banned all of the fools that were constantly breaking the rules. Most of them being vets, we gave them fair warnings before we smacked their asses back to wherever the fuck they came from.

    Eventually most of them went to WV and joined or just gave their chat cancer like they once did to the IW chat. Within a few weeks IW was maxing 40 achieving great sizes without the scumbags. Our autotyping was going very great, our leadership bonded and had fun conversations on my chat almost every night. My armies have always been strict (unless you count Golds) but the chats have always been fun and a good place to be. I have always supported troops in my army no matter what, never have back-stabbed or done anything considered cheating.

    You can accuse me of multilogging all you want, but its especially funny coming from people who hate my guts (Mort and Funks). The Ice Warriors in February-March were averaging 45-50 with over 2-3k views each day receiving up to 200 apps a day. This was when you couldn’t log onyo more than one tab on CP. A few months after (Summer) we were achieving almost the same exact amount of penguins online. Our views were almost doubled from Feb along with our apps. So if my crew and i multilogged, wouldn’t you think the max would of been a lot higher than it was? I’ve been with my squad for a long time, every army we’ve led has been very successful. We’ve never multilogged and never will.

    LT maxed 70, CPPA hit 45 during sep-oct, DCP got over 55, Dw got over 55, Golds over 40. All of those were before you could use extra tabs. All of which have either been led under me alone or with my crew. We’ve never had to cheat, we just know how to lead unlike most of this community. I’ve led with great leaders such as Mustapha, Waterkid, Freezie, and Elmikey.. never have i suggested or have they suggested to multilog. We’re just that damn good.

    As for the people who played a part of the multilogging after my gen will either be removed or demoted from IW. I have and will never support cheating, it is something completely unneeded and unwanted in this army, we have tried creating a perfect army to look up to. An aggressive, powerful and fun army. I apologize deeply to every army below IW for the past weeks, i was clueless of this happening. Everyone involved will be dealt with in the next few days.

    A statement will be released on IW site tomorrow.

    • Ironic that this statement comes from the former IW leader that multilogged the most out of any of them. Iceyfeet told me as much, although I didnt admittedly take a picture of him saying so.

      • Ironic that you accuse me of multilogging, yet you were actually caught doing it, yet here you are trying to defame me in any way possible. Please stop, not only are these accusations about me and my friends false.. but you’re so pathetic its unreal. You’re just some kid who called friends to his events during his entire “career”, don’t classify yourself as a leader its an insult to everyone who has actually LED an army. Shew peasant

        • ”caught doing it”
          pretty hard when i never did it LOL

          • “pretty hard when i never did it”

            sounds like ur sex life tbh

      • It’s funny to see how hard they try to cover up something we all know about.

    • tl;dr

  17. Had a suspicion that IW were either completely faking their AUSIAs or doing them during US times after a week of stalking their chat.

    I wonder whether CPAC is going to keep mass multiloggers as legends? It really does give us a role model to look up to.

    • The only mass multilogger who should be a legend is me.

  18. Another amazing post Zak

    • Stop riding dick, guy. He’s Zak not a ride at Great Adventure.

  19. Excuse me? Ok I knew Icey, Sprite multilog but from when PJ and Tax started this? Oh My God. This is heck-tic I feel like raiding every army RN.

    • ur solution to multilogging is botting? fucking genius

  20. Ganger90 lost his legend status for such an act. However Iceyfeey doesn’t?

    lol ok

    • Because Icey and IW were relevant long before multilogging was a common thing… I’m not sure how you could possibly compare ganger to icey.

  21. In April, 2015, Andrew and Icey had both asked me to put extra accounts on the chat. Then at a event in June, 6 penguins logged off at the same time, although we never confirmed who was the culprit. Then I believe a week later- Icey asked us in a owner meeting if we should multilog as every other army does it. I voted against it, but I believe others probably did do it.

    • Because i would totally go to someone as unloyal as you to go out of my way and ask you to put nulls on our chats during events (i assume). Not only are you lying your pathetic teeth out, but you’re actually claiming Iceyfeet1234 set an entire owner meeting in which we had about 11-12 owners and brought multilogging all up to you?

      I’m not some genius (maybe i am among this community, most people tend to be like you) but you don’t actually think anyone would actually be stupid enough to do what you just stated? I guess you can keep saying stuff because again you have no proof and honestly all of the lies you guys are making are complete bullshit and anyone with a brain can see through them.

      pce dw queer

      • “lying your pathetic teeth out” how can a tooth be pathetic? Lol stfu Andrew24 with his big bad wolfs known as the drew crew.

        • lol who are you

          • I was just about to ask you the same thing “spy”

            • It was a serious question no need to get angry!

              • I’m not the one using exclamation marks Spy so it’s obviously you thats angry.

                • Don’t worry about ungodly morons

        • It’s just a saying you retard, but I guess it can just be as pathetic as you?

          • Nobody is more pathetic than Andrew24 and nothing is more pathetic going on a null wordpress account with “lol smh” and on the other side of the computer is Andrew24. Get a life you absolute buffoon.

    • Lol I think that was me, I had to go and then I just closed my Chrome XD

  22. I still have a picture of Icey asking me to multilog while I was 2ic/Leader. As well him saying in order for me to become leader, I needed to multilog. Spikey was confronted about it with Icey and I.

    I still have the kik picture if anyone would like to see me reset my phone back to like august and cry.

    • I would like to see you reset your phone back to like august and cry.

  23. haha

  24. snitch

  25. Isn’t it funny how every army that has been caught multilogging, not saying only recently, has been apart of CPAWM or related towards it?

    Funks in ACP
    Tax in IW
    Verum in SWAT


    • With how armies have been, there has been a smaller pool of people to recruit from not only for armies but for CPAWM. I am not defending the Multiloggers, but some of these people have been very good members of CPAWM either with the internal politics or with the posting. When you got a pool of about 100 people, you need to get the best. If that means a multilogging bastard then that’s what is needed.

    • Since when was i ”caught multilogging” …..

  26. i think andrew and his crew were legit and didnt multilog.

    • Maybe but he ddoses Lol

  27. Good grief do any of you commentators that constantly bitch about each other over Club Penguin Armies ever know how to shut the fuck up, because it’s Club Fucking Penguin not real life get over yourselves already. The fact that many of you start grudges with people over this shit is truly pathetic, weak minded, lowly, immature, and obnoxiously inappropriate of you and you need to learn how to fucking act. Furthermore, let me just say that if you shit talkers don’t get your heads out of the foggy gutter, I will literally do something when I visit the first Sunday of next month because this shit is more annoying right now than me when I used to be a whiny bitch in armies until I retired. Also, for those who keep insulting each other over this bullshit, have more class, act your fucking age, grow up, get a damn life (Some of you at least), and simply think before you speak and act because actions may speak louder than words, but they are both vital. You people get so worked up over this shit it’s no wonder people still choose to army hop, in some cases, just to point out, obviously. You’re simply acting like either simpletons, nimrods, morons, jackasses, or literal douche bags because of all this nonsense. Every army or just about all of them have probably multilogged so let it go you sensitive whining pricks because enough is motherfucking enough, for fuck’s sake. Many of you are simply or just acting like a bunch of scatter brained dingbats. Repeatedly, its fucking Club Penguin. You people can be so childish and that is a fact, too. I understand that nobody wants to hear onion talk obivously but clearly its not avoidable. But that doesn’t mean you follow the Egotistic Express Way, gosh. You can argue with me outside of CPArmy chats if you want to confront me but you will still be embarrassing yourselves if you try, warning. Talking shit at each other and cyber bullying gets us nowhere. Guess what, life’s not fair and that should be clear to everyone here. I don’t care if you offended by this because I don’t care and because I speak the truth. I do apologize to the staff of CPAC for all these curse words, which I normally wouldn’t use unless irritated about something worth swearing about but this bullshit has to stop with many people in this half decent community for good.I do not lie ever since June of 2013 thank you very much. I know this from experience and nothing you can say will be rational or have enough leverage to prove me wrong otherwise.

    • Butch you’re a savage. More savage than what the leaders did to the dw and iw.

      • Bitch** 😑😑

        • Thats exactly what Red said and Meta too and what I was going for

  28. Bitchers

  29. Like every sentence starts out with “lol” or “your argument is invalid”. Im sorry but its kinda true 😛

    • Same

  30. whats a collage

    • Did you mean college or actually mean collage Lol?

      • No I mean collage, like in the picture caption when it said “a collage”

  31. Multi-Logging whether it be just small evidence or a huge scandal ruins careers. ZingKing2 did it to me. Even though I will forever know I didn’t that guy trapped all my troops through dirty tricks to get uneducated troops to admit to something they know nothing about.

    • Ever since 2012 armies have been screwed over with greed most of them and accept CPACC invite again Lols

  32. […] more real evidence first (stampbooks alone are absolutely nothing) such as the kind of stuff in THIS post but good luck finding it, you’ll have a hard time as WV do not multi […]

  33. Reblogged this on CP Vikings.

  34. […] Sprite (IW) – Exposed […]

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