CP Army Central Spooky Story Contest Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – After an impressive 18 story entries, a panel of three judges have chosen a winner for the CP Army Central Spooky Story Contest! Click read more to find out who won the contest:

How Was It Judged?

Goblin, Max43810 and Zing King To each voted on five categories for each story. They voted out of 5 on Originality, Scariness, Plot, Characters and Grammar. These scores were then added together to form a total. Each judge had a maximum 25 points to give to a story – once all three judges had voted – there was a total of 75 points that each story could receive.

Each story was marked out of 75 in total, and each category was marked out of 15. These five categories were then added together to make the grand total. Due to this being the combined scores of three judges, the winning entry wasn’t necessarily the favourite entry of each judge.

In Third Place… DOCTOR MINE TURTLE (55 Points)
In Second Place… MILA88521 (56 Points)



Congratulations to everyone who took part in the CP Army World Media Spooky Story Competition. We hope you all had as much fun reading the stories as we did reading them. The scores of the Top Ten entries can be seen below:


The Winning Entry

I woke up covered in blood…
“What the hell happened…..” I groaned

2 nights before

I bit my lip a day before halloween, I was sitting next to Change in the Water Vikings head quarters. Me and a couple of friends were talking about halloween night tomorrow for what we are going to do, a weird feeling came on me like something bad was going to happen tomorrow night but I just brushed it off.

We kept talking about random things until Zing walked in and said “CPAC is hosting a Halloween party tomorrow at 8:00 PM! There will be food, drinks, movies, also were hosting an annual CPAC costume contest!” Chip laughed “Stupid, but i’m still going because I have nothing to do.” Most people agreed with Chip, “I guess i’ll go…” I sighed “That’s the spirit!” Zing chimed.

Halloween Night

I was sitting on my bed doing my halloween makeup a text came on my phone it was from Icey “You going to the Halloween party?” the text read. “Yea, I’m going how ‘bout you?” I texted back a minute later he texted back “Sure, why not.” He replied “Yay! See you there.” I turned off my phone and put it in purse…

I walked over to the CPAC headquarters which was around 2 blocks away from my house. When I reached there it was around 8:45 PM I was surprised because many people were there, like half of the CPAC army community. I entered the place it was packed with people I saw legends and ordinary troops at the party I spotted Katie and walked over to her, she was talking to Strom, Chip and Mort. “Katie!” I said smiled “Ah Maid!” Katie said enthusiastically. I hugged everyone in the group and greeted them.

We were talking until we were stopped Zing walked up to the microphone “Now since everyone is here let’s start the party!” Everyone cheered, but I didn’t something seemed off this feeling was worse I was sick to my stomach, I felt weezy “Maid are you ok?” Apollo asked “Yeah yeah I’m fine, I just need a drink.” I managed to choke out, Apollo shrugged “Alright.” He said. I walked over to the bar “I’ll just have some ice tea.” I said the person turned around, it was 11 “Sure.” He poured me out some ice tea and put a lemon wedge next to it then gave it to me, I took a sip of my drink and sighed “Anything wrong Maid?” 11 asked “Yea it’s just-” then I heard a scream

The scream was loud enough to explode a dog’s ear drum, I stood up 11 stopped me by putting a gun against my forehead “Don’t move.” He hissed I stayed silent and nodded I reached my hand to my purse and tried to look for my pocket knife my breathing was getting more shallow I was surely having a panic attack. I found my pocket knife and took it out. I clicked a button to the blade would come out while 11 was not paying attention I took my knife and jabbed it in his stomach he let out an ear piercing scream I twisted the knife and pulled it right out he fell down to the ground and blood pooled around him. I dropped my knife and dropped my knees to the ground into the blood I covered my face with my hands “What the hell did I do, what did I do, what did I do…” those words kept repeating in my head over and over then all I just felt was a huge pain on my head until I blacked out.

I woke up in a warehouse with Icey,Apollo,Change,Chip, and other people but I was the only one awake Zak walked up to me and smiled “Oh you’re awake, good.” I was confused my head was pounding I was drowsy “Oh dear you look tired.” Zak said and shook his head “I guess we will have to do something, Zing get the..thing” He smirked.

I was spacing out until Zing came back and walked up to me “What the hell is that…” I mumbled, Zing had a smirk on his face “Oh just something.” He stated I was too dead inside to do anything, it was like I was drugged or something…I noticed Zing put my finger on the trap and it locked it in place my finger nail was on a little clamp thing…lord please don’t tell me it’s…

Zak went down to my level “This may hurt…a little.” He said with a chuckle “What..the..fuck…is…this.” I said in a stern voice “Nothing~” he said after he hit the lever, my whole fingernail ripped off. I screamed in agony, tears streamed down my face the pain was everywhere. TyMaTt woke up because of my scream “What the hell was that..” he rubbed his temples of his forehead.

Zing took out his gun and aimed it at TyMaTt “I did not give you the permission to speak.” Zing said he shot TyMaTt’s left arm he screamed in pain “Now shut up.” Zak said I was honestly getting sick and tired of this bullshit so with all the energy I had left I stood up and fought, I ripped off the fingernail peeler which took off some skin, Zing noticed I stood up and he shot me in the arm 3 times blood oozed out of me I went up to Zak and wrapped my hands around his neck and threw him down to the ground, then grabbed his gun and knife I was just so sick of being thrown around I just shot Zak in the head around 5 times.

I could feel insanity reaching me I laughed like a maniac and walked up to Zing and stabbed his hand, he screamed “How does that feel, huh? HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT FEEL?!” Zing backed up I pushed him down and went on top of him, I kept on laughing and stabbed him in the left eye. “Ah I love this!” I cheered I took the gun and shot him 18 times then stabbed him, over and over I licked off the blood from my knife and stood up then walked outside.

The moon illuminated, I was covered in blood

Then I just fell asleep.

Congratulations to Earl and the two runners up! 

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President 


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  3. most grammar points tho 😎

  4. I love these contests.

  5. Just saying phin with a dick fucking a guy with a donald trump costume is pretty scary

  6. My story didn’t make it! Zing’s Nudes is pretty scary guys 😦

  7. O look i won

  8. How the fuck did i never even come close sammyclassicsonicfan is gonna screech at you, you fricken fricks!!!1!

    • I always dick want to fuck him with a plunger.

      • did* 😶

        • 😂😂😂

  9. Christopher showing nudes to waterkid101- The spooky story

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