Thankfulness in Armies

KLONDIKE, CP Army World Media Headquarters, Zing’s Office – This week marks one of great historical importance in American tradition, this week marks Thanksgiving – a time in which we should all reflect on what it is in life that we are indeed thankful for. In spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to look at what we should be thankful for in armies.

1. Education In Armies

Once you’ve taken away all the stupidity and immaturity, there are some good things that can actually be learnt from Club Penguin Armies. We are all smarter for our roles in Armies than we were before we joined. This includes a variety of subjects including English Language, History and general studies.

Club Penguin Armies not only offers information on the way in which armies work, such as ranks and battles – but it offers us life lessons that we can retrieve from things such our mistakes. It offers us lessons on how people move up in the world among other things. Not only do we learn about how wars are conducted, we learn how to prevent them.

English can also be classed as considerably better especially if you have a position on an Army Website or News Site. With the amount of Grammar Nazi’s running around Club Penguin chats, we improve simple things in our everyday grammar and our basic vocabulary from reading a Bluesockwa1 post improves.

2. The Community

You aren’t going to like everyone you meet. Due to this, you don’t like everyone in the community. Some of the most annoying and rude people on this earth currently serve as members of the Club Penguin Community, but on the other hand – it’s this community that keeps us all here. It’s the community that majority of us actually hang onto.

In Club Penguin Armies, you will make some great friends in armies that you are in, armies that you help out and armies that you just generally spend time on their chat. These friends will keep you wanting to come back to XAT day in and day out. While not everyone will always be kind on XAT, there are people in this community who are generally just great people.

To some, there is a family friendly feeling towards people in the community. The older members of the community grew up with people in this community. We spend so much time, dedicating hours and hours a week towards armies. The people in the community are the people we spend that time with.

3. A New Outlook On Club Penguin

Club Penguin gets more boring as one grows up. Club Penguin simply fails to meet the needs of the teenage players due to it now being heavily marketed to pre-pubescent teens as a result of the Disneyfication of the site. Club Penguin Armies however are different to the way Club Penguin intends us to play the game.

The way in which Club Penguin Armies work is a unique perspective and outlook on the way we are meant to play Club Penguin. The bored teens who are fed up of playing on Club Penguin can join Club Penguin Armies and as a result of that, they can explore an entire brand new section of Club Penguin.

Before I returned to the community in 2013, I was planning to give Club Penguin up. I was 14 years old, and I was bored with playing Club Penguin. I then got a message from Puckley on XAT, who spoke to me about Club Penguin Armies and reminded me of that section of the community. Due to this, I then rejoined the community as a solider of the Nacho Army – and my enjoyment for Club Penguin was renewed.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CP Army World Media. Those are just some of the things in armies that I’m thankful for. What are you thankful for in Armies?

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President (CVP)


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  1. Reblogged this on SM Army Press and commented:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the entire SM Army Community from all of us here at CP Army World Media. We hope your week is blessful and you enjoy giving thanks for what you have.

  2. Thanksgiving isn’t until November….

    • “This week marks one of great historical importance in American tradition”

      • Canada is America smf

    • Canada

  3. im canadian its thanksgiving also my bday

  4. rip max
    little did he know that zing was serious about the ‘who can post the most in 1 week’ competition

    • 😛

  5. This isn’t even Thanksgiving….

  6. You screwed up. Thanksgiving for Americans is in November since they are south of Canada, their growing season is longer so therefore they have it later in November.

    • …Well then, I’m celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!!

  7. Thanksgiving huh, not till November.
    *reads above comments*

    • Canada celebrating it today

  8. Please fix to Canadian

  9. What I`m thankful in CP Armies is being able to meet social network people and talk with them and it gives me something to do to attend battles so I Don`t be bored besides having a youtube channel. I may meet some people I don`t like but in the long run they turn out to be ok once you get to know them for a bit.

    • deep

      • like josh in her ass

        • you just made my joke from the last DCP post 10x better

        • LOL

      • Not as deep as pussyfuck

  10. Gj small turkey.

  11. i am thankful for all the wonderful people i have met in cp armies and the great experiences i have been through!

    • True

  12. Kys

  13. I’ll be thankful when DCP no longer multilogs.

    • LMFAO

  14. Excellent post by the way

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