Community Voice: CPAC Legends 2007


As of this writing, Club Penguin Army Central have awarded 52 different people the status of legend in our community. In this post, we are going to look at the people who have been inducted into the 2007 class and debate on whether or not you believe they deserve to be Legend and who you feel should join them.

2007 was where armies truly began to take shape, and we saw Pink Mafias’s UMA take on Oagal’s ACP in what became known was World War III; Db Penguin’s CP Air Force became an early ally of ACP during this time. As the Romans fizzled out, new armies came to power, such as the Dark Warriors, created by Ambrosha. Elitesof, evolving from his role in the Color Wars, founded both Fort Ghost Recon and the Elites. CollinZFresh, considered one of armies’ greatest political minds, brought the People’s Republic Army to power. Watex, an essential CP Blogger, brought an extreme amount of recruits to armies by featuring us on site. During this time, Gu Gu Pengu also became known as Club Penguin warfare’s first real antagonist as the figurehead of the first fully UK army, the Gugu Pengu Romans. Finally, Commando717 rebelled from the UMA to create the Rebel Penguin Federation, which would go on to become a superpower, and Zippy500 led the Nachos to power with his no-quit attitude, following on from Tom Wolf’s creation of the modern day Nachos.

2007 has currently got nine legends associated to the year. Those nine people are Commando717, Tom Wolf, DB Penguin, Collinzfresh, Watex, Elitesof, Zippy500, Ambrosha and Gu Gu Pengu. These four people were nominated and voted into legend by a panel of people from CP Armies including CPAWM Staff and respected legends in the community.

Now however, it’s your turn. We want to know if you feel that they are truly deserving of legend. Each of the legends names will be commented below, if you believe that they are worthy of staying on the Legend Page, thumbs up. If you don’t think they deserve legend, thumbs down.

The comments will be open for you to debate about each of the people and whether or not you feel as if they should indeed be legend in the CP Army Community. The comments will also be open for you to tell us who you think we should nominate for 2007 legend to join these men in the December elections.

Commando717 created and led the RPF through the biggest rebellion in army history. In RPF’s Golden Age under Commando, they were one of two major superpowers, alongside ACP. Commando is forever remembered as not only one of the most brilliant leaders and politicians of armies, but also as the face of the Rebel Penguin Federation. What began as a small rebellion inside the Underground Mafias Army spawned into one of the most politically smart and legendary armies this community his seen, and Commando, as RPF’s founder and figurehead, is forever remembered for that.

Known as the creator of the modern day Nachos, Tom Wolf established the Nachos’ first website in February of 2007, officially establishing them as a formal army. He held high positions in the Nachos’ rogue days until he took over as leader following the retirement of Jamesbond1. He established the Nachos’ reputation as a legitimate army, as well as leading them through WWII and WWIII. He retired in August of 2007, handing over the reins to Zippy500, but his impact would be felt for many years to come.

Db Penguin was the first significant female in a Club Penguin army. She created the Club Penguin Air Force (CPAF) in February 2007 and it grew into a solid medium army. When ACP found itself facing off against the massive UMA army led by Pink Mafias in May 2007, Db Penguin and CPAF was the first to ACP’s aid. Together with ACP and RPF, she helped take down UMA in WWIII, arguably the most important war in Club Penguin army history. Db Penguin continued to lead CPAF until it merged to create the United Penguin Army (UPA), where she was elected Leader in a landslide and helped them achieve Top Ten status. Without her and CPAF, it is quite possible that UMA would have defeated both ACP and RPF and completely changed the landscape of armies as we know them today.

CollinZfresh was the founder of the People’s Republic Army (PRA) in October 2007. Known as one of the greatest minds in Club Penguin Armies at the time, he led PRA to near-major army status while operating one of the most complex and well-organized governments in history. Referred to by Oagalthorp as a “military mastermind” and a genius of army philosophy, CollinZ’s ideas benefited wide range of other legends, including Oagalthorp, Mr Deedledoo, and Boomer 20.

Watex, owner of one of the most popular Club Penguin cheats websites of all time, created the army the Watex Warriors using his personal power as a blogger and fans from his site. Not only did this bring hundreds of new recruits to Club Penguin Armies  and create a series of excellent wars, but it demonstrated the idea that Club Penguin armies and other websites, such as cheat sites and forums, can be intertwined. The idea that recruits could enter Club Penguin Armies from cheat sites brought new hope for the size this community could reach. This idea later influenced much expansion among Club Penguin Armies.

Given credit for the existence of the FGR and the Elites, two of the most legendary armies of all time. Elitesof created Fort Ghost Recon, a very early army in the community who greatly influenced it. Elitesof was a veteran of World War I, and is attributed as Korn, the leader of the Red Clan during the Color Wars.

Zippy took over the Nachos following the retirement of Tom Wolf in 2007. He was one of the greatest Nacho Leaders to date, leading the army through both World War II and World War III, taking major victories home for his army. One of Zippy’s most famous qualities was that he did not take crap from anyone, even when other armies attempted to put the Nachos on the backburner during major World Wars. Because of this, Zippy500 transformed the Nachos from a sort of “club” into a competitor for the number one spot.

Ambrosha founded the Dark Warriors, an army who frequented the Top Five throughout many years following their creation. Outside of the Dark Warriors, which he both founded and led to success, Ambrosha had careers in the Warriors Army — an army created from a super merge between the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Fire Warriors, and Aqua Warriors — along with the Golds. In all of four of these armies, Ambrosha was a major player, but will forever be remembered as the founder and leader of the Dark Warriors, who still live on today.


Gu Gu Pengu was one of Club Penguin Armies’ first major antagonists. He created Gugu Pengu’s Romans (GPR) in May 2007, making them the first significant UK army in history. Early in their history, they were in frequent conflict with the Vikings, who they defeated in a prolonged war. After they showed intense aggression toward ACP and American armies in general, Oagalthorp declared war on GPR in late September 2007, rallying the majority of the major armies against the controversial army. During the war, GPR nearly matched ACP soldier-for-soldier before being eventually overwhelmed and defeated. Gu Gu Pengu retired shortly after the war, and GPR continued to live on, though never with anywhere near the same level of success as it had under its creator.

What do YOU think? Did CPAC make the right choice about inducting the above as 2007 legends? Who should join them?

Zing King To

CP Army World Media Chief Vice President 


18 Responses

  1. Commando717

  2. Tom Wolf

    • Ever since I joined armies in early 2011, I was fascinated with army history — specifically the Nachos. I never understood why Tom Wolf wasn’t legend, it baffled me.

      Come 2014, I managed to convince my friend Bluesockwa1 to make a case for Tom Wolf at the next Legends Council, and lo and behold, it worked! After two legends cycle and a close vote on the first one, Tom was inducted. I was so proud, having been responsible for this push.

      This little anecdote isn’t entirely relevant, but I figured if there’s a place to put it, it’s here! If anyone has any questions, I can draw on my nerdy memory of army history and Tom Wolf! 🙂

  3. DB Penguin

  4. Collinzfresh

    • Collinzfresh 😀

  5. Watex

  6. Elitesof

  7. Zippy 500

  8. Ambrosha

  9. Gu Gu Penguin

  10. Unlike half of those people I was actually known as a legend during 2007.

    • Oh, honey, no … no, no …

  11. Johanwillfir or Dreamguitar would’ve been here or for 2008 tbh.



    • Stop your salt is getting in my eyes 😦 lol xD

  13. Isn’t Elitesof in jail for child abuse or sum.

    • Drugs

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